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Is Bitcoin what we DON’T want?

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Thank you for posting this and for your insightful commentary. Tho I personally feel that with Brand at least it was more that was how far his own thinking and evolution had taken him when he got to speak out and be heard. Socialism is the band aid for the gaping head wound that is capitalism; it isn’t a solution but a stopgap to slow the bleeding/suffering and dying while we implement the real solutions.
I’ve been called a reformist for disagreeing with those who feel that we should allow things lije capitalism to play out to their inevitable nasty conclusions thus forcing the clueless and recalcitrant to accept the need for change. I am more interested in alleviating suffering while implementing the deep radical changes than in propping up any form of the hierarchical model but perhaps I am too hopeful about human nature.
Even Marx himself considered socialism a step toward full anarchism and freedom not an end goal but we can see how well others adhered to his directions:-/
I have been suspicious of bitcoin from the first I heard of it because I am personally suspicious of money as a system. The worldview and mindset required to engage with such systems is the problem in my opinion.
Value should not be rooted in tokens of any kind but in love, compassion, community and overall wellbeing of all living beings.
I know that idea/opinion is likely to be incomprehensible to those who are deeply entrenched in the money based worldview but perhaps enough have transcended that level that it will make sense to some of you:-)

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