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The Oracle Report Thursday, January 2, 2014

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New Moon Phase: begin, intend, initiate, set a wish or intention

Moon: Capricorn/Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

AUDIO RECORDING 12/31/2013 – Gregorian New Year – New Ruling Mahavidya – KALI (copy and paste the link)


Hours after yesterday’s New Moon, the Sun released another flare, this one registering M9-class. This flare was released the minute it made the conjunction with Pluto. And I don’t just mean an astrological minute.

Take a minute to let this fact sink in. The awarness is a bit mind-blowing. It shows us, once again, that this is not random. The Sun (the divine being Sabaoth) and the Earth (the aeon Gaia-Sophia) are engaged in a plan.

The awareness brings us into closer huddle with Sabaoth and Sophia. It means we are participating on a deeper level. We are “in” on the plan, so to speak. Working with Sabaoth and Sophia, our mission is to free the minds of our fellow beings and restore sanity to our experience of life. We are embedded inside the operation.

The solar flare highlights and re-emphasizes the Plutonian energy for the month. This entire month is bringing massive transformation to all levels of life, particularly relationships because Venus is retrograde.

As things transform, they are in flux, which causes disruption, disturbance, and disequilibrium. It can cause us great anxiety and discomfort. But the thing to remember is that this is all for the good because the structure and form of things needs to change.

This is a job for Kali, this month’s ruling Mahavidya. For those unfamiliar, the Madavidyas are a group of ten wisdom goddesses created by Gaia-Sophia and are aspects of her. Their purpose is to interface with and instruct humanity as we deal with the Archon situation. The Mahavidyas are real, not archetypal, though each does carry archetypal themes. They exist at a higher level of consciousness. Kali is the primary Mahavidya. The other nine goddesses are aspects of her. This month, Kali is devouring systems of power and control that enslave and deceive us.

Plasma has been electrically super-charged by the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto. Everything reacts to this, especially tectonic systems, weather systems, and the nervous systems of all creatures. The New Moon is also a super-moon, meaning it is closer to the Earth. You could say the huddle is tight! But this type of energetic is strong. Pluto goes to the core, so things get deep. They can also turn very, very ugly. We can’t forget about the other planets aspecting this New Moon – Mercury, Mars, and Uranus – each of which brings another element. With these, we need to be mindful of what we are saying and communicating (keep it respectful), facilitate solutions and alternatives instead of inciting disharmony, and present and attentive in the moment to prevent accidents. We also should remember that things are happening swiftly (like lightning) and we are processing feelings and events at light speed. This takes a toll on our energy and our bodies, so take special care. Insomnia is common with these energetics. The best thing to do is get up do something like jot down all of the thoughts swirling in your head. The energy must be “moved” so stretching, walking, yoga, etc. is essential. Burn out is easily found today. Getting things out appropriately is the goal – not taking things out on others.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? How many people are aware of what’s actually happening? Perhaps by the end of this month, we as students of nature, will be able to reveal more about the little-known aspects of life (the Sabian symbol for this New Moon).


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