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Daily Kos :: Why Cold Weather Does Not Disprove Global Warming

Why Cold Weather Does Not Disprove Global Warmingby alexforgue Jan 05, 2014 7:00am PST

One of the things that I hate most about snow storms and ice-cold weather besides shoveling snow or scraping ice off my windshield is that conservatives use it as a talking-point to disprove climate change.

Most people who watch Fox News will think that cold weather disproves global warming because they think “oh hey, it’s not warm outside so therefore the globe can’t be getting warmer.” This logic however is flawed.

Now, I can’t blame people because most people don’t have any background or education in any type of atmospheric science, and they get tricked into thinking that their flawed logic is correct.

Now, the atmosphere and global climate systems are very complex subjects to learn and understand, but as a college student majoring in physics with a minor in meteorology (atmospheric physics), let me explain some science that will hopefully change the way people view cold weather and global warming.

First, we must distinguish the difference between weather and climate:

Climate is the average weather conditions over a long-period of time in a more generalize area.
Weather is the current state of the atmosphere in the short-period of time in a more specified area.

Just because we have winter, it does not mean that global warming doesn’t exists. Winter is a season, and seasons are related to the Earth’s position relative to the sun. Seasons exists because the Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees, and as the Earth revolves around the sun, the angle of sunlight changes in certain areas. If the Earth wasn’t tilted, we wouldn’t have any seasons.

Since the angle is less direct and the
heat is being spread over a greater area, the ground isn’t going to be as warm, and the sun isn’t going to stay up as long which means that there is less heat coming in than there is in the summer. (Yeah for physics!)
Now, let’s talk about winter weather. So we know why it gets cold in general, but there are other factors that affect the weather. The weather that we are about to experience with temperatures below zero will be caused by an air mass chilled by the artic that has made its way down to the United States and Canada; this happens sometimes, and therefore does not disprove global warming.

Fun fact: the warming of the stratosphere of the arctic results in a high pressure system which can weaken the polar Jetstream while the midlatitude Jetstream strengthens which causes air to move from the arctic to the mid-latitudes. Long story short, air moves from high pressure to low pressure. If you want to get a higher understanding of how that works, you can read thisarticle here . Yes, global warming can caused stronger winter storms. Storms are fueled by heat, and more heat will result in more energy that needs to be distributed by the storm. But let’s talk about global warming in general.

Global warming is caused by an increase of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. However, one of the things that I feel that climate change activists have done wrong is that they have labeled the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gasses as a bad thing, but rather in a natural state we need the greenhouse effect to live on this planet, it’s too much greenhouse gases that is the problem. This is known as the “enhanced greenhouse effect.”

Greenhouse effect = Good
Enhanced Greenhouse effect = Bad.
The greenhouse effect (to keep it simple) works like this: The sun emits visible light (radiation) which reaches the ground and heats the ground; the ground, once heated, begins to release this heat back into the atmosphere as infrared radiation. Now without the atmosphere and greenhouse gasses, the heat would immediately come in and go out, but greenhouse gasses slows the process by trapping the heat and reemitting it back to the ground thus the energy coming in is faster than the energy coming out.

However, if we have too much of this, the globe will get very hot very quick. A very simple argument that is never used by climate change activists is the comparison of Earth’s atmosphere to the atmosphere of Venus. First you must understand that Venus and Earth are almost the same size and have the same amount of CO2. The difference is that most of Earth’s CO2 is stuck in rocks while most the CO2 of Venus is in its atmosphere.

Earth’s atmosphere contains .004% of CO2 while the atmosphere of Venus is made up of 96.5% of C02. The average temperature of Earth is 15 degrees centigrade (or 59 degrees Fahrenheit.) While the average temperature of Venus is 467 degrees centigrade (or 872 degrees Fahrenheit)

You see, as you increase greenhouse gasses like CO2, the temperature increases. (See graph below)

Given that direct correlation of the amount of CO2 and temperature, conservatives who deny climate change somehow can’t look at Venus and think “hey maybe we shouldn’t take the rocks filled with CO2 in the ground and burn them so the CO2 gets in Earth’s atmosphere.”
For some reasons, some people can’t understand why polluting CO2 into the atmosphere is bad idea even looking at a planet right next to us that has an atmosphere with 96.5% CO2 makeup with a 872 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

This isn’t a complex idea, its simple physics and math. The more CO2 and greenhouse gasses there are in the atmosphere, the warmer the temperature.

Lastly if all else fails, and the person you are debating still isn’t phased by facts, you can always pull a Zack Kopplin and say “Well, you’re not a scientist.”

“I find it funny that people who know nothing about the atmosphere try to tell me that climate change isn’t real” – My former weather and climate professor. Follow @alexforgue
Do You Believe in Global Warming?

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No 6%
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First X-Class CME of 2014

Wow-husband and I both experiencing nausea and vertigo.We always feel the flares before we read about them too but this one feels dislocation. Laura from Oracle Report says the flares are part of a team effort between the sun Sabaoth and Gaia-Sophia our Earth and they are all purposefully timed and carrying information.

I don’t know what the meaning may be but I agree with Denise that it is something new.


Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation

Thank you Laura. This is wonderful. So much wisdom and ideas to ponder and meditate with. I feel your intuition is very wise and true on this. I also noticed while reading that tho my illness is not primarily radiation related ( tho I did live near a nuclear trigger plant leaching radioactive waste for years) that I am experiencing another angle if this energetic effect.
I have always worked to give back, to give to others to do healing and help others whenever and wherever I could. I have not yet been successful in healing myself tho-in clearing the blockages of traumatic experiences and feeling the joy and goodness within myself that others tell me I give to them. It’s something I’ve become aware of and have been working to change but your post showed me how it is part of a continuum of energy not just a unique failing but a piece of a larger pattern. Balance comes with flow, and health comes with balance. Blocking the flow of energy is what creates illness not the radiation or whatever. The radiation, toxics, bacteria etc are merely triggers of our own imbalance. When we restore the free flow of energy thru the whole system-which includes us and our environment-then balance returns and healing occurs.
Rather than being disconnected from the land, I have been so immersed in connection that I lack boundaries. I am the land. Each poisoned bird, murdered tree and paved forest added to the weight of sorrow (blockage) in my internal system.
When others reconnect to the land and begin taking responsibility the weight rebalances, the circle becomes complete and all-land and humans-can heal.
I could not seem to find a solution because I perceive myself as integrally part of the systems not separate. I see now the solution is only possible as all within the systems return to balance.
I am so grateful for everyone who is engaged in returning to their deep connection with the land and one another. Not only will the people and the land be healthier including me, now I can also make sense of my reality:-)

Laura Bruno's Blog

This post has been rolling around in my brain for quite sometime, and I’ve now had several requests to write about it, including in the comments section of “Amazing Orgone.” The paragraphs that prompted the questions were:

“… I was inspired to check for the effects of orgone after listening to some dire reports about Fukushima’s effects on all foods grown in the Northern Hemisphere.

“I track radiation via my own internal Geiger counter, and Leuren Moret’s assessments jive with mine. She recommends using a BioMat, following a macrobiotic diet and many of the things I listed in an earlier article about radiation and diet. From a Medical Intuitive perspective, I’ve also noticed that clients and friends who embody and pass along the most positive healing energies are actually thriving on the Fukushima radiation, whereas ones who refuse to share their spiritual and creative gifts are noticeably…

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North Idaho elk hunters form co-op to pay wolf trappers for kills

Thank you for posting this. You are so right on all levels. The deepest impulse of colonization is destruction. Imho it is a sickness of the spirit that is spread by violence and imposing control of land and living beings.
Any wild creature capable of resistance-whether human or other must be killed or else the whole process of colonization will collapse.

So they practice genocide of indigenous peoples and all higher predators from wolves and jaguar to lions, tigers and bears.

The deepest fear of the colonizer/hierarchy is freedom. They know any example of freedom will inspire resistance.

So Mayan peasant children are shot in the back, wolves are trapped or hunted with helicopters, Jewish intellectuals are loaded onto cattle cars bound for gas chambers and white college students who question the colonized systems have giant sequoias dropped on them or bulldozers driven over them.

The only good thing is their rabid fear and mass murder shows they are losing. Even one free being terrifies them.

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To All Who Care About Our Earth and Our Future: Say NO to #Fracking, YES to #Renewables!

Thank you for posting this. I live in Florida where despite our karst ( limestone permeated with our drinking water) geology our Republican governor and legislature are determined to allow fracking.

This goes beyond insane into actively seeking to harm citizens. I pray we can avert this and that all of you in New York and other states are successful in protecting your land and waters from fracking as well.

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Stop Doubting Your Amazing Inner Powers

I love you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this. I’ve been doing that all my life and it gives my heart wings every time I see others doing it too. We are building moment by moment, tiny action by tiny action a Golden Age, a revolution of love and beauty to utterly erase the culture of greed and cruelty that has so dominated our beautiful planet for too long.

Even when the immediate result is not visible these actions always work. The good you put out is real energy and has effects even when you don’t get direct feedback on those effects.

Thank you for making our better world! 🙂

Silent Winds of Change


This post is as a reminder that WE, all of us, have amazing power that we rarely or NEVER use.

I was sitting waiting for my tires to be put on my truck. There was a guy sitting near me that clearly was having somewhat labored breathing. I felt a tinge of annoyance and it caught my attention. The ting or the breathing? Both I guess. I stopped the attitude quickly. The HigherSelf voice laughed at my awareness of the whole situation and said “fix it”. I said “oh right”. So I closed my eyes, got quiet, focused my energy and pushed it towards him. Literally within 10 seconds it stopped and I had to look at him to make sure he was still breathing. He was and with no clue his breathing had changed. I was with him in that waiting area for another 45 minutes and never…

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Heaven indeed does have feet and hands, but they are in your shoes and gloves, dear ones. – channeled by Ron Head

I love this! Thank you for posting it. I have been trying to convey exactly this for so many years. It is the reason for the name of my blog-Spirit IN Action. We are the Spirit incarnate to take the actions needed to bring about the Golden Age.

It is only overwhelming or apparently difficult if we think we personally or a few of us are responsible for the whole planet. But we have billions of capable, creative, amazing beings who are taking the needed actions from their own hearts and inspiration in towns and villages all across Mother Earth.

All any of us need to do us simply join in-find our personal contribution and make it to the best of our ability.

God, Goddess and the rest of Creation will easily take care of the rest. 🙂

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Ward Churchill: I Am Indigenist – Notes on the Ideology of the Fourth World

Thank you for posting this. I was so influenced by this essay when it first appeared. I have long felt that returning the land to traditional integrated cultural governance everywhere was a positive goal because the intellectual separation
from the systems of which we are all a part is both the primary tool of colonization and the primary source of ecological destruction (as well as cultural and personal destruction). Churchill’s essay gave me an intellectual and
political structure to place my ideas in which then guided my trajectory in
academia. ( to its
inevitable demise at the Republican/corporate/
colonizer controlled university I attended:-/
I very much appreciate and agree with your introduction to this essay as well. I have been influenced by many brilliant scholars like Churchill but that does not mean that I blindly worship or follow any of them. Creating division among resistance and protest movements is standard practice for colonizers and governments everywhere. We should be aware of this and not allow ourselves to be so divided. Everyone has faults and flaws-even Ghandi was a jerk to his wife! But those personal failings do not automatically invalidate the individual’s contributions. If we all waited until we were perfect before trying to improve the world it would never change. So we work on ourselves and our societies at the same time. Ideas are like bricks-we each build something different and we don’t have to care what the brickmaker ate for breakfast:-)

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The Oracle Report


First Quarter Moon Phase: take action, step out, expression, growth

Moon: Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

AUDIO RECORDING 12/31/2013 – Gregorian New Year – New Ruling Mahavidya – KALI (copy and paste the link)


Our band of travelers continues the journey through the realm of the Black Moon, a land where there are wildfires of emotions. If you don’t understand where you are and what’s really happening, it can feel like hell. But it isn’t hell at all. It’s a domain of transformation. It refreshes us by purging whatever is no longer needed and whatever is not in alignment with our true course.

Many things come to a head today with Mercury making opposition to the Black Moon. The tendency is to say things before we think. It is natural under this energy to call out injustices, to call things like they are. In fact, it often comes out before we know it. The conjunction of the Moon and Uranus, both in Aries, adds to the impulsivity and shock factors. Most likely what’s said needs to be said and will be a catalyst for transformation. There really aren’t any accidents under this energy. What happens, no matter what it looks like now, ultimately serves to get us someplace else.

With this, there is also a tendency to judge ourselves harshly today. We can be hyper-critical and even obsessed with self-blame. Take personal responsibility, not personal persecution and prosecution. Taking personal responsibility is empowering; personally persecuting is disempowering. Taking personal responsibility requires us to be honest enough and strong enough to meet ourselves where we are and take it from there.

Whatever transpires today does so under the fires of transformation. When we are receptive to this, we make life a lot easier on ourselves. This is one of the little known aspects of life that we as students of nature are learning this month.

(Special thanks to wise owl James for sending this “sun henge” picture. It’s a bright light to guide us through the transformation.)