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Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation


Thank you Laura. This is wonderful. So much wisdom and ideas to ponder and meditate with. I feel your intuition is very wise and true on this. I also noticed while reading that tho my illness is not primarily radiation related ( tho I did live near a nuclear trigger plant leaching radioactive waste for years) that I am experiencing another angle if this energetic effect.
I have always worked to give back, to give to others to do healing and help others whenever and wherever I could. I have not yet been successful in healing myself tho-in clearing the blockages of traumatic experiences and feeling the joy and goodness within myself that others tell me I give to them. It’s something I’ve become aware of and have been working to change but your post showed me how it is part of a continuum of energy not just a unique failing but a piece of a larger pattern. Balance comes with flow, and health comes with balance. Blocking the flow of energy is what creates illness not the radiation or whatever. The radiation, toxics, bacteria etc are merely triggers of our own imbalance. When we restore the free flow of energy thru the whole system-which includes us and our environment-then balance returns and healing occurs.
Rather than being disconnected from the land, I have been so immersed in connection that I lack boundaries. I am the land. Each poisoned bird, murdered tree and paved forest added to the weight of sorrow (blockage) in my internal system.
When others reconnect to the land and begin taking responsibility the weight rebalances, the circle becomes complete and all-land and humans-can heal.
I could not seem to find a solution because I perceive myself as integrally part of the systems not separate. I see now the solution is only possible as all within the systems return to balance.
I am so grateful for everyone who is engaged in returning to their deep connection with the land and one another. Not only will the people and the land be healthier including me, now I can also make sense of my reality:-)

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This post has been rolling around in my brain for quite sometime, and I’ve now had several requests to write about it, including in the comments section of “Amazing Orgone.” The paragraphs that prompted the questions were:

“… I was inspired to check for the effects of orgone after listening to some dire reports about Fukushima’s effects on all foods grown in the Northern Hemisphere.

“I track radiation via my own internal Geiger counter, and Leuren Moret’s assessments jive with mine. She recommends using a BioMat, following a macrobiotic diet and many of the things I listed in an earlier article about radiation and diet. From a Medical Intuitive perspective, I’ve also noticed that clients and friends who embody and pass along the most positive healing energies are actually thriving on the Fukushima radiation, whereas ones who refuse to share their spiritual and creative gifts are noticeably…

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2 thoughts on “Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation

  1. You might want to check out RJ Stewart’s book “The UnderWorld Initiation,” as it really gets into the link between humans and the land, including illness. It’s out of print, but worth acquiring, imho. 🙂

    • Thank you for the recommendation. I am still searching for a copy I can afford as my library does not have it but it looks very interesting. I have had one of his books for years but for some reason never realized he was so prolific on topics I normally read. Almost as tho I was not meant to discover some things until now- which makes much sense as my personality and perspective on the world have been transformed by the illness forcing me to be still and learn new ways to solve problems. Thank you for sharing this author with me!

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