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North Idaho elk hunters form co-op to pay wolf trappers for kills

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Thank you for posting this. You are so right on all levels. The deepest impulse of colonization is destruction. Imho it is a sickness of the spirit that is spread by violence and imposing control of land and living beings.
Any wild creature capable of resistance-whether human or other must be killed or else the whole process of colonization will collapse.

So they practice genocide of indigenous peoples and all higher predators from wolves and jaguar to lions, tigers and bears.

The deepest fear of the colonizer/hierarchy is freedom. They know any example of freedom will inspire resistance.

So Mayan peasant children are shot in the back, wolves are trapped or hunted with helicopters, Jewish intellectuals are loaded onto cattle cars bound for gas chambers and white college students who question the colonized systems have giant sequoias dropped on them or bulldozers driven over them.

The only good thing is their rabid fear and mass murder shows they are losing. Even one free being terrifies them.

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