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Ward Churchill: I Am Indigenist – Notes on the Ideology of the Fourth World

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Thank you for posting this. I was so influenced by this essay when it first appeared. I have long felt that returning the land to traditional integrated cultural governance everywhere was a positive goal because the intellectual separation
from the systems of which we are all a part is both the primary tool of colonization and the primary source of ecological destruction (as well as cultural and personal destruction). Churchill’s essay gave me an intellectual and
political structure to place my ideas in which then guided my trajectory in
academia. ( to its
inevitable demise at the Republican/corporate/
colonizer controlled university I attended:-/
I very much appreciate and agree with your introduction to this essay as well. I have been influenced by many brilliant scholars like Churchill but that does not mean that I blindly worship or follow any of them. Creating division among resistance and protest movements is standard practice for colonizers and governments everywhere. We should be aware of this and not allow ourselves to be so divided. Everyone has faults and flaws-even Ghandi was a jerk to his wife! But those personal failings do not automatically invalidate the individual’s contributions. If we all waited until we were perfect before trying to improve the world it would never change. So we work on ourselves and our societies at the same time. Ideas are like bricks-we each build something different and we don’t have to care what the brickmaker ate for breakfast:-)

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