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The Oracle Report Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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First Quarter Moon Phase: take action, step out, expression, growth

Moon: Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Grand transformations are happening right before our eyes as we continue this month’s metaphorical journey with the band of brothers. But Pluto’s prediction that good fortune was at hand was correct. Unbeknownst to us, a powerful wizard from a far-away land has enchanted us. Judging our worthiness as warriors of the heart, this kind wizard bestowed us with strength and left a map with markings. We learn that he has also disenchanted the war party that follows on our heels with a fog of confusion.

We need this boost of strength and the map because we continue to travel through the domain of the Black Moon. It is a menagerie. We are walking around an area of quicksand. If we walk too fast or take on too much, we will become burdened and start to sink. So we are careful to balance everything we are carrying today, discarding whatever is dragging us down. We give it to our companion this month, Kali, for her to do with it as she will.

The Sun (“the powerful wizard from a far-away land”) released an X1-class flare yesterday around 2:54 pm EDT/ 7:54 pm UTC. The buildup and release occurred over a few hours. A coronal mass was also ejected. The sunspot that released the flare is huge – at times as large as three Earths. The energetic occurred during the opposition of the Moon to Mars. The Moon became the fourth point in a Grand Cross between Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun. Grand crosses strongly imprint energy. It’s like a branding. And they are much misunderstood, but that is a story for another day. This energetic branding reinforced the power of the sacred masculine.

The key today is to not become burdened. Along the natural course of living, all month long we are taking personal responsibility for where we are, what we are doing, and where we plan to go. We can take it too far and take on too much responsibility. This doesn’t just mean tasks or commitments of time. It also means what we mentally take responsibility for. We need to view this from a perspective of aiming for balance.

We also need to view this as a time of transformation. Situations may seem to be repeating and we may find ourselves feeling back at the same old place, or doing the same thing again and again. We are not going in circles. We are going in spirals. But if you feel stuck or paralyzed, recognize that this is because you are still rooted to something from the past.

Kali is our instructor this month, teaching us little-known aspects of life. We are transformed by this. Her brilliance and sometimes her pressure forms multi-facets to things – things like gems. She also unearths things, enabling new things to be discovered – things like gems. Stay out of the quicksand today and watch for the sparkles of gems.


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