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Is Dinarland LalaLand? by Ines Radman, January 9, 2014

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Thank you Jean! It seems the new age movement and the internet in general are both overflowing with things designed to enrich some at the expense of others spending years waiting for some promised reward that is eventually proven to be utterly illusory.
I believe that there are many people working to bring about the end of the global tyranny created and maintained by the 1%. I understand that some if them are using the courts as we see with Neil Keenan and company. Others are using hands on grassroots local solutions like the Transition Towns movement, permaculture, local exchange currency systems, microlending like the Graemeen bank and thousands of other hands on actions. Many are connecting across borders socially and politically to create change thru horizontalism movements like Occupy and Indignados, Amnesty international, Avaaz, Earthjustice and thousands of other social and political movements. From alternative farming and finance to alternative medical solutions, from fighting fracking and other resource extraction industries that poison the Earth and people and enrich the 1% to resisting GMO foods and working to end slavery humanity is rising from its long slumber and retaking control of itself and the proper care of our home environment.
It is tempting for every one of us to buy into promises of easy money or easy solutions to global problems but we really are the change we need. It comes from within us. We bring the changes with our actions, our prayers and our intention and attitude.
If you have purchased dinar please don’t be disheartened and discouraged by the scam. Realize your heart and intentions are good and you are capable of placing your faith, hope and energy anywhere you choose.
One path is a dead end-look around you and see you are surrounded by thousands of other paths that intersect and flow on to eternity.
Money is just one way to meet our needs-imagine how your needs could be met more beautifully, satisfyingly and directly without money. When you can see that vision-congratulations! Welcome to the Golden Age! 🙂

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Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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