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Pity or Respect?

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Thank you Laura! I’m crying from awe, relief and joy. Your town and your attitude is exactly what we need to return us all to living sacred lives on all the sacred land-that is every inch of this beautiful Earth. When we can come together in our communities across perceived differences to help one another and all living beings then we make one another sacred, and every moment sacred. Life as it was for the ancestors, becomes a prayer.
Im not afraid of radiation
or even the toxics that
have already harmed me
and continue to do so, as
much as I worry about the
disconnection of all life or
at least the disconnect of humans from one another and all living beings.

Laura Bruno's Blog

More Fukushima article fall-out, but thank you, “Nine,” for opening this line of discussion:

Nine says:
January 9, 2014 at 3:48 am

Dearest Jean and dearest Laura….

Is not fear maybe the best “gieger counter”……as it were….

I would think that one would explore what dear Goldwing had to say…..

All I can say is that where I live….and so shh…it is a secret and all I can say is that where I live and all of that land around me is a spiritual place and I will not leave it…..no matter….

The thought of not going outside to commune with such power and beauty is well….not an option for me….

This is the feminine side of things….

The masculine side is saying…..we need to take up arms….to fight…..to protect……..

And so it is a war of the unseen….

Dearest Laura….

Might I quote you?

“I do, however, also occasionally…

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