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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, It Has Been Said

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One of the myriad arguments in favor of wilderness conservation is that we do not know what we are losing when wild places are lost to development. Case in point with this story and image via National Geographic newswatch service:

Six months ago, visitors to the Peruvian Amazon discovered a mysterious picket fence structure nicknamed Silkhenge. Despite watching the structure for several days, naturalists at the Tambopata Research Center couldn’t figure out what type of animal (or fungus) was building it.

When scientist Troy Alexander first announced his find, all he had to show for his discovery was a series of intriguing photographs. He had no idea what Amazonian critter could have created the circular hideaway with a spoke-like outer wall.

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Veronica Keen responds to comments here on my blog. . . let’s give her a helping hand, shall we? ~J

Thank you for sharing this, Jean. It is a sad trend that people have become so entrained to hierarchy that almost everyone is now helpless without a parent, teacher, guru or boss to give instructions.

Often people like me who just go off on our own and start things as we see a need are either ignored or considered weird, crazy or attention seeking which is disheartening and serves to discourage the attempts.

Horizontalism means we are all leaders. Every one of us has the mind and creativity to contribute and make a difference instead of demanding others do it for us.

Please let Veronica know that her efforts are appreciated. And everyone who is taking action no matter how small-you are all appreciated! We are greater than the sum of our individual parts when we work together.

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The Oracle Report Saturday, January 11 – Sunday, January 12, 2014


Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, prepare, digest, magic

Moon: Gemini
Mahavidya: Kali

As the Gibbous phase waxes, high magic descends in the land of the Black Moon. From a cliff overlooking a valley, our motley crew of travelers watches the war party that has been trailing us. They have arrived at the convent of Venus’ destination earlier in the week. But it wasn’t a convent at all. A “convent” in the land of the Black Moon is a grove. Amid smoke and shadow, the king’s magicians are performing a ritual to Venus and her sister Eris. Perched on a pyre, the body of the old hero-king lies cold. A sickening wave of nostalgia, filled with pain, suffering, and death, wafts through the war party and off to far-away lands. Venus and Eris turn their heads in disgust.

Kali,our guide, has no reaction at all. She sees farther away and points to a rainbow on the horizon.

We have a massive confluence of astrological energies in play this weekend, each of them playing out in two ways. Our knowledge of the two sides enables us to walk confidently through the space where the two merge. This is the space of sanity. It is also a place of power because understanding the two realities allows us to mold our experience according to our wishes. The highest values of the energy evoke freedom and healing.

These are the two major astrological confluences with their two realities:

1) Venus-Sun conjunction square the Eris Point (and opposing the Black Moon!) at the degree of “a general accepting defeat gracefully.” The Eris Point is the degree of the feminine energy of death, rebirth, freedom, bondage, slavery, war, war heroes, and special forces. Eris is the matron of warriors. The Illuminati magician-minions always use this degree (and strong aspects to this degree) for hijinks, trickery, and spells. The Gibbous Moon phase is a time of magic. The magician-minions’ spell infuses the themes of bondage, slavery, and war into the collective. It brings up all of the magic that has been worked into past wars. Memories and shadows are already abundant while the Sun opposes the Black Moon; we’ve been traveling through her underworld all week. One of one Israel’s war hero-leaders, after lingering in coma lo these eight years, suddenly dies during this energetic? We are wise to this.

The other side of the ritual is what will become the bottom line: Brought back into their faces through this ritual-spell, the unintended consequence is that the pain and suffering of war become less palatable to the human collective. The spell backfires. The sacrifice of the king is in vain. (In the narrative I’ve been writing this week, the wizard disempowered the war party following on our heels with a fog of confusion. The magician-minions do not realize that their spell will not work as they planned. None of them will from now on.)

2) The Moon’s Nodes have moved to the Chiron Point (by conjunction and opposition; Neptune is also in sextile, adding a metaspiritual nuance). This aspect of the Moon’s Nodes only happens once every nine years. The Chiron Point activates our wounds, but it also heals them. The Moon’s Nodes involve our past and our destiny. Wounds from the past come up for healing, releasing us from pain and suffering, and freeing us to proceed with our future – a future aligned with our highest purposes and potentials. This energy is a major contributor to this month’s transformation.

Wise owls see the underlying beauty in the happenings of life. We release ourselves from whatever binds us and move toward the actualization of our uniqueness. We see that as the old structures crumble and dissolve, a beautiful, shining structure remains. The life’s work of all wise owls, past and present, has constructed a brilliant framework that will lead the course of humanity during the final years of the Kali Yuga. We stand witness.

As I write this last sentence, outside the underworld of Washington, DC in the dead of winter, lightning strikes and thunder rolls.