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Doctors Slam Proposed Food Stamp Cuts: ‘The Dumbest Thing You Can Do Is Cut Nutrition’

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Thank you for posting this. I live on foodstamps and fruits from my garden. I spent years with serious malnutrition when Florida had republican government that made food stamps unavailable. I am now completely disabled due to autoimmune disease tho if I had access to sufficient nutrition and medical care when was younger I would very likely now be working for UN or something similar actually solving the problems like what led to me not doing so….its a waste of PEOPLE. A waste of intelligence, creativity, and lives.
I don’t want to pay taxes to build drones that blow up toddlers but paying taxes to provide food, medical care, shelter, education and infrastructure is the definition of society.

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Think Progress

Doctors have a message for congressional lawmakers inching toward a compromise farm bill that would cut food stamps by nine billion dollars: It’s a terrible idea.

“If you’re interested in saving health care costs, the dumbest thing you can do is cut nutrition,” Dr. Deborah Frank of Boston Medical Center explained in an interview with the Associated Press. “People don’t make the hunger-health connection.”

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) offers benefits to over 47 million Americans. But the benefit level has fallen to the point that recipients only get about $1.40 per person per meal, even though food stamps often constitute the entirety of a family’s food budget. Doctors and researchers say that additional cuts on the horizon could increase the incidence of medical problems stemming in part from food insecurity, particularly diabetes and its related conditions.

For instance, a 2013 study by Robert Wood…

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One thought on “Doctors Slam Proposed Food Stamp Cuts: ‘The Dumbest Thing You Can Do Is Cut Nutrition’

  1. Thank you for re-posting some of my articles. I’m truly in awe of your site and I’ll be visiting often.

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