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Flower of the Sea Faeries – Sea Anemone Wisdom For Entering New Doorways

Thank you! This is beautiful both images and wisdom in words.

Tania Marie

sea-anemone6You might have noticed that I spend a lot of time by the ocean and walking along the beach just receiving its gifts and exploring the magick she has to offer. Why? Some of that has to do with it being native to the Pisces in me and the rest is because of its ability to rebalance, inspire, and renew.

I love feeling the sand between my toes and find the beach to be an Earthly mirror of the starry night skies, as each sand crystal glimmers in the reflection of the sun. So when I am walking upon these “Earth Stars” and feeling the watery liquid love of the ocean, from which all things in the Universe are comprised of, come from, and will return to, I am reminded of the miracle of life and what a gift every great and small thing is.

sea-anemone5I so enjoy exploring the…

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Squats and self-managed social centers in Spain and Turkey occupy the commons in pushback to neo-liberal real estate developers

Thank you Ann! I am so grateful for all these serendipitous illustrations you and a few others keep finding to remind us all that the oppressive hierarchy that is collapsing around and on top of us all is not all there is.
If the future can be envisioned as a lush rainforest, so many of these people and groups can be seen as the seeds bravely sprouting in the burned out clear cut fields that seem too desolate for life.

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The Dalai Lama

Thank you for posting this! The Dalai Lama is one of my greatest role models and heroes. It saddens me that the Chinese government feel the need to control the land and feel threatened by the Dalai Lama refusing to work with him.
I understand that Tibet far from having no resources is actually an extremely mineral rich zone which the Chinese government feel unable to relinquish as far as their “national security”.
I pray that a miracle will occur to resolve the problems peacefully for all the people living there now.
The only good thing is that the Tibetan diaspora brought Tibetan Buddhism to the rest of the world which will surely help us all move toward Unity and Compassion and hopefully an end to all wars.

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Jon Rappoport: Creation is magic, oceanic, and the revolution is inside us: “Not because we wished it were so, but because we made it happen.”

Thank you for posting this. What an inspiring vision of returning to authentic living thru art. I’ve always loved playing sports over watching, creating over viewing, playing music, singing and dancing to being in the audience. I believe as Rapport does that we are all designed to dance rather than sit and watch and that our doing so will indeed bring down the walls of our modern Jericho

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In the ’40s and ’50s, nuclear scientist Galen Winsor (who died of natural causes at age 85) swam and drank from a cooling pool for spent nuclear fuel rods.

Thank you for posting this. Even if it is not all true ut is interesting to note that we have for most of our lives made decisions based on information from experts. When experts disagree we can take sides and choose what to believe-even tho for most of these things we have no direct experience to use in our evaluation. As a child I had no fear of anything and told my parents that we could do “like Godzilla” and use radiation to our benefit personally as energy (direct energy source mot using power plants).
As I read this I noted tension and fear in my stomach even tho I have no attachment to either perspective at the moment.
I do wonder if the idea that physics was going to change appreciably post 12-21-12 has anything to do with all these different reactions?
What if physics has always been changeable and reactive to individuals energy fields and ideas?
The “observer effect” from quantum mechanics writ large.
The fact is the radiation is already in the environment in multiple areas so fear is rather pointless.
It may also be true that different people have different energy structures even tho we all appear “human” and one species we may have vastly different reactions at the physical level because the physical is derivative from another level we do not have good technology for measuring as discussed in The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock.
If we actually follow the scientific method instead of using the word science to describe”received wisdom” that is static and possibly not relevant, then we can investigate and discover what the larger picture may be.

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The Oracle Report Monday, January 13, 2014


Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, prepare, digest, magic

Moon: Gemini/Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Upon seeing us high on the cliff overlooking their ritual, the war party and its magicians scurry in all directions. Peace and harmony return to Venus’ grove. She quietly calls to us. The band of brothers, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto, step aside. Venus has words for us alone.

We follow her deep inside the open woods of her temple. She stops under a massive oak and turns to us. With a wave, the image of a roaring fire appears in her hand. It flickers as she rolls her fingers through it. She tells us the flame is an entity called The Transformer Flame and it is a gift from the Great Goddess Gaia-Sophia. We turn to Kali and she nods in approval.

The Transformer Flame is encoded to magnetically pull out whatever binds and enslaves us, whatever holds us back, and whatever we fear. Venus demonstrates how those types of things are drawn out and fly into the fire. They are transformed into raw energy that returns fresh and ready to be devoted to whatever we desire. We feel a strange stirring in our hearts as she asks us what needs to go.

Today’s energy has a solitary quality that lends for introspection, contemplation, and instruction about where we are in life and what we needs to change. The inner conversation is compelled through Kali. She holds in front of us what we need to see. And then she annihilates whatever stands in our way. Today the focus is how we stand in our own way. We see this in the ways we self-sabotage and critically self-judge. They are the ways we follow the program to limit ourselves. Most of it is rooted in fear.

But today those things are drawing out (and can create dramatic events in our lives as they do, particularly in romantic relationships and issues related to money). The chains that we impose to bind and hold ourselves back are being pulled off. Our mission is to free ourselves to the process. We open our hearts to the healing that the Transformer Flame offers.

Transformation is underway here at the Oracle Report as well. The site is being moved to a wordpress platform, which should help people find the site if they search any of the terms used here, as well as offer the ability to put up more content (like explaining who the Mahavidyas are). There may be a delay when the site is moved over, so please be patient. I am also told that to make some of the changes, the site will have to be live, so whatever it looks like at first is most likely not how it will remain (the “look” will not change much, just the structure behind it). Change is hard, but this is a lesson in how to follow along with transformation. One thing we always forget about transformation: it’s exciting. Imagine the possibilities!