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In the ’40s and ’50s, nuclear scientist Galen Winsor (who died of natural causes at age 85) swam and drank from a cooling pool for spent nuclear fuel rods.

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Thank you for posting this. Even if it is not all true ut is interesting to note that we have for most of our lives made decisions based on information from experts. When experts disagree we can take sides and choose what to believe-even tho for most of these things we have no direct experience to use in our evaluation. As a child I had no fear of anything and told my parents that we could do “like Godzilla” and use radiation to our benefit personally as energy (direct energy source mot using power plants).
As I read this I noted tension and fear in my stomach even tho I have no attachment to either perspective at the moment.
I do wonder if the idea that physics was going to change appreciably post 12-21-12 has anything to do with all these different reactions?
What if physics has always been changeable and reactive to individuals energy fields and ideas?
The “observer effect” from quantum mechanics writ large.
The fact is the radiation is already in the environment in multiple areas so fear is rather pointless.
It may also be true that different people have different energy structures even tho we all appear “human” and one species we may have vastly different reactions at the physical level because the physical is derivative from another level we do not have good technology for measuring as discussed in The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock.
If we actually follow the scientific method instead of using the word science to describe”received wisdom” that is static and possibly not relevant, then we can investigate and discover what the larger picture may be.

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