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SaLuSa Mike Quinsey January 17, 2014

salusa1SaLuSa 17 January 2014

From our vantage point your Earth shines out like a jewel in the firmament, and makes it known to all observers that the Light is once again returning. With your input and our assistance it will continue to do so, and no outside influence will be able to stop or hinder it. It has been decreed that this cycle will end in victory for the Light, and this was planned eons of time ago.

You can therefore leave the old behind that has served its purpose, and indeed eventually only the higher vibrations will exist. Hitherto, the cycles have ended with massive Earth changes, so much so that little evidence has remained of earlier civilizations. However, now that necessary lessons have been learnt, the experiences have brought about the desired upliftment in the levels of consciousness. This was required to bring those souls who were ready to ascend, to a level where they could do so and complete their experiences in the lower vibrations. This is normal when a cycle reaches a stage of completion.

Now Dear Ones you can focus on the future, and know that there are many changes to come that will prepare you for even higher levels of existence. It is only natural that you will wonder about the future of family and friends, and many of your groups will stay together for some time to come. If a member should go in a different direction it will be right for them, and they should be released with your love and blessings. However, as was pointed out in a previous message – the love link is a powerful bond between souls, that remains regardless of the distance that may separate you.

In fact, the energy of Love is the glue of the Universe and it is indestructible. Indeed, in the final reckoning Love is all there is. Some of you who are recognizing the power of love. are beginning to realize that it is the energy behind what you call “miracles”. An example is what you call a “Mothers Love” for her children and why she carries so much power with her to heal when the necessity arises. All of you to some degree have such abilities but they lay dormant until you awaken to them.

As time progresses you will find that your energies have much more influence upon people around you than you imagined. It can of course be for better or worse, and soon you will learn to take full responsibility for them. If a collective of people take part in a healing meditation and have a single focus in mind, their power is increased many times. It is probably already known to you, but it has to be said that where healing is unsuccessful, it is not normally due to a failure of the Healers. It is other factors such as the karma of the soul who is receiving healing, so do not be dismayed if you are unsuccessful.

As you learn of the way in which you have been controlled, you will understand why for many lives you have lived an illusion. Whilst it is true that you have created what is happening on a daily basis, at the same time you have not done so whilst being aware of the Truth. For eons of time you have been led by souls with their own agenda, who have literally kept you in the dark. You have also been fed lies and misinformation making it extremely difficult for you to know what is true. However, do not despair as soon the dark forces will lose their influence and power over you.

Keep an open mind as the revelations come out, and intuitively you should be able to discard information that does not “feel right”. Trust your tried and tested sources of information and be wary of those that create fear, as that is not the way of the higher ones working for the Light. As you must be aware, the dark Ones have a large degree of freedom to carry out their agenda, as they also have freewill. However, they cannot successfully prevent the Light from permeating all levels, and this is why their success will always be limited.

Many souls lead their lives without the slightest inkling that they are being manipulated. The dark Ones are very clever in hiding their influence behind respectability or acting through lesser Beings. However, it is too late for them to stop the onward march of the Light, and they are fighting a lost cause. Already they can see their power ebbing away and there is no way in which they can recover. So do not fear the dark Ones as they are about to lose control of their power structure.

Keep looking ahead knowing that your future is assured in the Light. As time passes holding your place in it will become easier, as you will slowly cut your ties to any links that are not connected to the Light. Many carry undesirable baggage from many lifetimes, but inwardly you will know what it is and it will surface for cleansing. It is a fact that anything of the lower vibrations will hold less attraction for you, and you will soon deal with it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, pleased to give of myself for your upliftment, and leave you with Love from the Galactic Federation.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.


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The Oracle Report Friday, January 17, 2014


Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, illumination, realization, shadow, experience

Moon: Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

This month’s journey with the band of brothers turns into a strange trip today. We find that instead of walking across the bridge, the bridge is transporting us. We are passengers, seated on a glowing floor around our teacher, Kali. In another place, the energetic fields of our physical and emotional bodies are being filtered through the prism, sorted into three categories: keep, transform, undecided. Our consciousness is here attending class.

“Each of you is a rainbow bridge, a bridge to the flowering of humanity. Your efforts are important. But there is one thing that undermines your course – distraction by illusion. Humanity, with its inherent code of sweetness, is easily fooled. Fear is continually projected to keep you in the shadows, detached from your greatness, and distracted from manifesting and actualizing that greatness.

“Together, we are bringing down this illusion, this tyranny over the mind of humanity. Systems based in power and control are dissolving all around. It is a spectacle from which it is hard to turn away. Destruction is mesmerizing. This is where most people are getting stuck. But look beyond to what’s underneath. The strength of thousands has upheld the truths of nature that were mostly eradicated. These truths have resonated from your heart and your deep connection with nature herself. They have formed the structure of the world that is emerging.

“At this point in time, where do you place your focus? On what is dissolving or what is emerging? Do you wish to live in fear of the transformation or do you choose to look deeper into it?”

The energies of this Full Moon phase continue to be complex. Situations in our lives and in the world at large are re-arranging and we are along for the ride. We are sorting out our thoughts and feelings trying to come to new understandings. It’s a healing process. The Sun moves to the degree of Venus’ retrograde, revisiting relationship issues and issues related to value/values. The forces of love and attraction are strong today, even to the point of recklessness. There is an element to the energy where we are inclined to throw off all restrictions, limitations and inhibitions. This is a wonderful thing if we maintain it within the principles of respect.

As good students of nature, Mother Nature, the Goddess Gaia Sophia, we are taking instruction from her emissary Kali today. She is pointing out what lies beneath, calling forth the seeds of our souls that crave expression. We are unique beings engaged in a process of transformation from the inside out and restoring a world from the inside out. For this we are deeply loved and appreciated.


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A Word From OUR First Lady Michelle Obama: Meet Mr,. Troy Simon

Thank you Jueseppi! I wanted to post this when I received it in email today but doing things on a phone is so slow I had not accomplished it yet:-)

I am so grateful to see so many people recognize the value of each individual especially children. When we put effort into helping children achieve their potential, it benefits everyone.

I often try to reach out to children in my neighborhood but the combination of ineptitude in dealing with people and the forces of poverty, neglect (parents on drugs) and the inherent systems of privilege in our society have made my successes far more rare than I would wish.

I hope that President and Mrs Obama have great influence on our country with these ideas and goals so that the situation changes.

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Rape | A World Pandemic

I live in Florida in the US and I have met very few women who have not experienced rape, molestation or other sexual violence.

Derrick Jensen explains very clearly why this is so in his book A Language Older Than Words.

Colonization and patriarchy are violence based hierarchical systems that are holographic-meaning that the microcosm is replicated in the microcosm. Ie, war between nations is mirrored in family violence, rape and child molestation.

The process of enculturation in such a system requires and produces traumatization which is repeated frequently thru the lifespan of each individual in various ways.

Until we transform the system, the results of the system such as rape, human trafficking, child abuse and molestation, factory farming, environmental degradation, poverty and other forms of oppression will be intransigent as well.

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A Composition of Excerpts

Thank you! I love this post! As an animist I believe that god is everything that is so all the action that happens is god. Definitely more a verb than noun:-)

When I was younger I would answer the question “what is your religion?” with E=mc2 because tgat is the briefest way to say it:-)

At another turn of the spiral now, I reply “Feed the Soil” tho perhaps I should include both to be completely truthful.


Beyond God the Father (excerpt)

Why indeed must “God” be a noun? Why not a verb—the most active and dynamic of all? Hasn’t the naming of “God” as a noun been an act of murdering that dynamic Verb? And isn’t the Verb infinitely more personal than a mere static pronoun?  The anthropomorphic symbols for God may be intended to convey personality, but they fail to convey that God is Be-ing. Women now who are experiencing the shock of non-being and the surge of self-affirmation against this are included to perceive transcendence as the Verb in which we particapate—live, move, and have our being.   —Mary Daly


The Divine Spiral  (excerpt)

The importance of the Goddess symbol for women cannot be overstressed. The image of the Goddess,  inspires women to see ourselves as divine, our bodies as sacred, the changing phases of our lives as holy, our aggression as…

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