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The manuscript of survival – part 388

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Thank you Aisha and CC’s! I really needed this message today! I’ve been working for a long time to overcome and transcend a negative situation. Lately began wondering with all the news of positive change arriving why I seem to be facing the same thing over and over? I realize after reading this that we are not just healing our own experiences. We are attempting to rewrite the collective unconscious! I have been experiencing a situation that seems at odds with my own understanding of reality and is thus both painful and confusing. I see now my goaln is not to escape or endure but to reframe and rewrite the reality. To literally manifest my higher self’s reality over this negative pattern that is all too common in the current experience of humanity. Thus helping to healing and eliminate this shadow aspect from the collective unconscious of our species. Wow. No wonder it’s been so awful and difficult! The Cc’s are reminding us all with this that we already do have access to our higher self and the wings and strength we all so painfully miss. The pain fear frustration and difficulty we are experiencing now are smoke screens of distraction “team dark” is using to try to prevent our inevitable evolution beyond their power to harm or influence! Thank you with all my heart Aisha! I am sorry to say I was feeling the possibility of giving up:-/ but now I realize that is exactly what the negative polarity is aiming for-if we succeed it takes power and control of the majority of humanity decisively away from them. It is no wonder they put so much into dragging this out and making things harder for us. But we support one another and the angels and other unseen loving beings send us help like the CC’s. So its like trying to prevent a child from growing up-it simply can’t be done no matter how much you aggravate the child in the attempt( short of murder of course but team dark does not have that level of power any more!)

aisha north

By now, the incoming waves of energetic transformation have been lapping at your heels, but now, you will find yourself swimming in a veritable ocean of it.This may sound ominous to some, but trust us when we say that you will all feel buoyed by these energies, not drowned in them. And why is that? Simply the fact that you have managed to un-manacle yourself from the old inhibitors that you have been dragging behind you, seemingly forever. We know these words will sound repetitious to some, but bear with us, for we do see the need for countless repetitions of the same message. Do not take this as any form of criticism, rather, it is simply a statement to signify that we are all aware that this process of total liberation from the old is not one that is accomplished seemingly overnight. In many aspects, it will be so…

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