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What Are You Doing For Others?

This is beautiful! Thank you for posting it. When we return our societies to being rooted in our Love for one another and all living beings instead of our fear of lack, or need/desire for money then peace will come about as naturally as we breathe in after breathing out.
For now I am unable to get out anywhere and volunteer but I look forward to a time when I will again be able to do so. I love reading about how many people are taking such positive steps toward creating a better world for all. Thank you for all that you do-the light ripples out into the world colliding with others shining to create amazing rainbows around us all:-)

Petchary's Blog

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

Today was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States. Fifty years ago, Dr. King received the Nobel Peace Prize. Peace was on the minds of many today, as the United States (like many countries in this hemisphere, including Jamaica) struggles with the problem of crime and violence. But I want to focus on Dr. King’s strong emphasis on service to others – something that might just be an important component in fostering peace. The focus of the U.S. holiday now is “A Day On, Not a Day Off.” In other words, to recognize the day not by sleeping in, watching TV on the couch or hanging out with friends  – all pleasant occupations, of course. The idea is to honor Dr. King through service to one’s community of fellow human beings. To quote the U.S. Corporation for National…

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Synchronicity the Magic Carpet Ride-Lance White January 20,2014


Synchronicity: The Magic Carpet Ride


Lance White
I was awakened suddenly, after doing a lot in lucid dreamtime; mostly “007 dreams”, I call them where a team of us are doing light work in future and present places.

What came to me today is more important, and I’d like to share it now. The “message” that’s coming through loud and clear is that there is an enormous battle going on; not just between the Multi-D’s and the factions, but with splinter groups that are off the hook. They all agree on one thing: the continued enslavement of humanity. The goal is multi-dimensional: keep us dumbed down, and “take us out”. At the lower levels of consciousness where the dirty work occurs, we see frequency control, nanotech implants, demonic and luciferian attacks, psychic and etheric controls. At the higher, “false light matrix” levels, we see various individuals rising to the top to take their seats at the “round table”, where they will overturn existing paradigms and usher in new technologies and introduce us to “them”. This is the most insidious level to be aware of: the unconscious levels where this is taking place.

This is being called various things: the 3 waves, the event, rapture and in the new age arena: bliss, ecstasy and joy. George K. is going to be talking about the next wave, third wave, where we’ll be farting rainbows and burping butterflies. Andrew brought through a vast amount of information that foreshadows this, but he was kept “in the dark”, since everything is corded at some level to both light and dark matrices, the light being organic and the dark being technological. They can APPEAR very similar. This is one of the near-time energies that will be rolled out. From horrific wars, that capture souls and use them at the soul level, to archons that recycle souls in generic pools, the next step involves the total capture (in their mind’s eye) of the human race.

On the Authentic Light side, it cannot happen. So, there’s a pulling and pushing and shoving and fighting going on at every level. The chemtrails have not stopped yet, and HAARP still is singing a dark tune. Then, you have directed energy weapons that were developed “privately” with help, which are essentially “free energy devices” reversed. That’s, in part, what created the “dustification” of the Twin Towers. We could go down the rabbit hole, but the point of this post now is to alert us in this group to something that is insidious. There is a diversionary tactic being used at the level of “mind control”, to keep us from taking action, thus rendering us less effective. We’re not totally IN effective, because that is not permitted. But we can be diverted. Here’s one way:

We can be caught up in the maze of our minds, for one. Endless questions and the desire to find out “this and that” will take one on an endless loop. Personal identifications, such as “relationship issues”, twin flame obsessions, “why am I here” or “who am I” mind games are all ways we get hooked. The most draining of our energies are “negative emotions”. There are hooks in all of us that trigger anger, hate and fear. Since this holodeck is set up to CREATE these lower forms of consciousness, and the negative multi-d’s FEED off of it, it’s to THEIR advantage to stimulate it “en masse”. Hence, all the 3 letter agencies have been co-opted, and even they don’t know what’s going on, due to compartmentalization. It’s so bad that rogue operations are fighting their own people on the same playing field and rendering both ineffective.

What I see on the horizon is the draining of our energy so that when the next waves roll out, which may include “feel good” energies, higher consciousness, etc., that we are led to the slaughter – AGAIN. It’s happened so many times, for those who can remember it, that if we had our full consciousness right now, in this instant, we’d have awareness of the many lives that are running concurrently. It is both a blessing and a curse that we’re not fully conscious, since to be instantly aware of all our “other selves” would be overwhelming and crash our already over-stimulated “hard drives”…minds! The mind isn’t able to grasp the unthinkable, so we can move into the heart and into our own expanded consciousness. By being aware of rabbit holes, and asking ourselves, “Do I need to have this information or is it stopping me from Taking Action?”, our own conscience will guide us effortlessly.

It’s a GAME: we’re in the Master Game and those who understand it know how tricky it is. This is why many are turning away from the new age, even “new agers”. At its heart, it’s right on – in a perfect world. But here, right now, with the game at Full TILT, we are each needed “on the ground” running. That begs the question, “what to do”. Each has a Team to guide, including a Higher Self. We are talking to each others Higher Selves, while our extensions, these magnificent “meat puppets”, are here as placemarkers in time and space. Some chose this moment to awaken and to assist the larger collective, the human collective, make it through perilous waters. If these aren’t perilous waters, then I’d hate to see “the other guys”. Ha.

The way we can throw the fleas off the dog is through Unity Consciousness. By uniting all light aspects of ourselves and not focusing too much on the daily machinations of the dark t-shirts, we empower the collective to raise its vibration, awareness and consciousness. Each time we shift within, that shift ripples into the collective. So the easiest way to “change the world” is to be present, raise our own awareness and consciousness, remain connected to nature and nature spirits, empower one another and ourselves, love love love all sentience, from bacteria to solar systems, be IN LOVE with life here, grounded, earthing and sun gazing, if called to do that, and share our experience, strength and hope with each other. Above all, remember that “running programs” exist at all levels, and that we spend our inner bank account of conscious energies whenever we get attached to things here, or when we express negativity of any kind.

It’s like having a daily deposit in our energetic bank accounts for raising our own consciousness. Most are UN conscious and we see the results of living unconscious lives. We are attempting the most difficult task on earth: to become fully conscious beings, sovereign and free, walking the earth. The desire to leave is an implant. It keeps us unbalanced and longing for “home”, when home has to be where our heart and feet are! I did this for quite a few years and almost got taken out. Another way we can be rendered ineffective is depression and apathy. Been there. Done that. I felt as if a cocoon had been spun around me, and was literally unable to do anything for months. A close friend was “called to intervene” and I began smudging and salting myself in the shower daily. It pulled me out of a walking coma!

Some may still be struggling with various addictions: alcohol, pills, pot, meth, heroine, sex, masturbation, fantasies, etc. These are all portals for dark energies. Cell phones and computers are portals also. We have portals in our homes where we travel in dream time, and our spirit/soul/essence is busy 24/7, with or without our awareness. At times, our H.S. might prompt us to suddenly “go to the store” where we meet someone with wonderful energy, that was “perfect”. Our energy can shift those around us. Another incredible tool that comes online is SYNCHRONICITY! When we’re truly in the flow, aligned with our Self and Being, flowing, synchronicity starts to light our path. Soon, there are so many of them that they can no longer be denied: we are forced to confront the fact that there is no way on earth so many synchronicities could happen in one period; be it an hour, a day or all week!

Synchronicity is the natural state that our H.S. experience. When we are in tune, everything aligns and the “below becomes the above”, for brief periods, giving us a taste of higher harmonics and how things really work. The message I’m being pulled to bring out today is to be present and aware, knowing that this is a maze we must navigate – not alone, but together in Unity Consciousness. We will meet in dream time and shift this whole realm off the charts soon! Our own lives are the magic carpet ride that we search for “outside of ourselves”. Each nanosecond reveals the magic that only you can comprehend. As these interconnected moments begin to weave together, anything is possible. Being present reveals the magic of the moment!

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One World of Nations: US Finances and the GS / RV’s | The Simple, Brutal Truth

I just saw this link in the comments at Ben Fulford’s page. I hope everyone invested in dinar will check out this blog.

I feel this blogger writes very clearly about a lot that is going on as far as deceiving us all, and he is the only one I have yet seen who addressed my concerns about how this recall affects the victims of these awful wars.

He has a more in depth understanding of these investments than I do and a readily apparent concern for investors.

Link to the full article is below this excerpt from it-
This ever burgeoning Military Complex and its Contractor Empire, is draining America’s finances, creating needless Global wars, and unleashing hoards of uncontrolled, low IQ Contractors with weapons, effecting genocide, and crippling domestic US industries. A total Lose / Lose for America. That is also deeply impacting on current Global Private Placements, RV dialog and trust. America is a Bust Flush. All spent out. But with its hand out again. No one will play, or pay. Truth is buried under propaganda lies.


We do understand how sensitive this Dinar issue is for many genuine, well-meaning parties, who mainly invested innocently in good faith for fabulous projected returns. But truth is key to help you plan in reality, not naïve Guru empty promises. Many Dinarians both want to stabilize their families, and contribute towards society as a magnanimous gesture, but funded by who? Grandiose gestures can’t be based on hype. America alone cannot do it from On Balance Sheet funds. The Treasury has no money and they have only just driven through deal for c$1T to save Americas own Budget shortfall.

It’s not Won’t do, it’s Can’t do. No money exists without a major reset. Even then – Who pays?

The sheer scale of deeply flawed wrong reporting by Guru site’s and Bible belt Bloggers, is building many desperate peoples hopes and false feeding cruel delusions, which become more shattered dreams when they keep on failing to materialize. Why repeat read so many false dawns and even worse quote them? It’s dysfunctional thinking.

The key problem deeply affecting this is the sheer scale of colossal Dinar overprinting which took place. $60T plus printed when $5T is sufficient. What a mess. Fools dream and fantasize. How do the Military explain such vast Counterfeit holdings apart from Bribery rewards as War Loot from their disgusting, Illegal War, which destroyed a nation and has murdered over a million + Souls now for their shameless and immoral complicity? A million + dead, more hate! But don’t tell it this way in the brainwashed Disneyland Republic. We are “Special”. Dumbing down created this. The world looks on and in, part amused at the antics of the 21 st century versions of Beverly Hillbillies, and part concerned at the dereliction of duty of joint community citizens of planet earth.

(Read this whole article at the link below)


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The Oracle Report Monday, January 20, 2014


Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share, introspect, teach, learn

Moon: Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

We find ourselves at the Disseminating phase of the Moon, far from where we started the journey back at the New Moon. With our comrades, the band of brothers, we’ve met wise teachers and received lessons about the transformation of life, witnessed dark magicians setting up events, traveled through the shadowy underland of the Black Moon, fought off emotional whirlwinds with a Moon goddess, and now we find ourselves transporting over chasms while the light subtly shifts between the colors of the rainbow. We have a panarama view of the landcape and we can see very far into the horizon.

Mars and Uranus are off to themselves, huddled around a point in the landscape. They seem to be engaged in communication with someone remote.

The “colors” of energy shift today with the Sun’s movement out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. This is a dramatic change because Capricorn energy is heavy and restrictive, while Aquarius energy is airy and free.

Things “break loose” today. They become unstuck; they move forward instead of being mired. If there is resistance to changes (transformation from things/us being one way to things/us being another way), pressure builds until released. The release has potential to be aggressive because the core issue is the feeling of losing control. Nothing thrives in a control environment.

Over the next four days (the duration of the Disseminating Moon phase), transformation is facilitated by sharing and communicating with others. We’ve been under the influence of mass intensity this month, courtesy of the conjunction of Pluto and the New Moon on January 1. The Sun’s transit opposite the Black Moon has added a shadowy element. Now, the Sun’s movement into Aquarius shifts us out of that somewhat, helping us flow more fluidly with the changes that are underway in ourselves, our lives, and our world. Talking with others and receiving/giving feedback is the primary mission during Disseminating phases. Input from others helps clear our thinking. A crucial part of this is accepting and respecting where others are in their own process, not trying to control the process.

Watch the changing of the light as the day grows. It teaches us that things change according to perspective.


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A Grand Experiment

Thank you Laura! I appreciate seeing not only your experiences but also the various needs and steps to meeting them laid out so clearly.

I have been involved with similar things, including Transition, but a huge challenge-how to participate in and contribute to these community activities when I am unable to physically get to my community?

I know how to grow food, I know how to do lots of things-and even came up with ideas and helped get many things started over the years but every time, after the start, I myself did not get to participate or interact with most of them.

Unlike most disabled people I’ve met I am not the chatty Cathy, the “cheerful cripple” that everyone knows.

Even after decades of activism and involvement in my local community very few people even know who I am and exactly none of them interact with or visit me.

I’m not a jerk-I’m just an Asperger so-no matter how good my intentions I seem to be either invisible, off putting or just not easy for most to relate to or connect with.

For a long time I thought it’s just me so it really doesn’t matter,but I’ve started to notice that the population of both physically and mentally/emotionally disabled people and those who are not disabled but simply very introverted is not exactly small.

So despite my interest, involvement and promotion of the many good ideas listed in your post and others-if the free fish is cancelled I am extremely likely to starve.

I used to think well that’s Darwin for ya-time to become fertilizer for more functional creatures!

But now that I see the situation is more common and not just a personal failing I can’t recommend that as a standard solution:-)

I know that in traditional cultures people like me are not forgotten or left behind but are integrated usually thru family connections into the larger community.

But here in St Petersburg the number of homeless mentally ill and otherwise disabled folks without family to help them is staggering.

If we truly cannot expect to rely on government ( tho I still hold hope for clearing corruption and returning government to being the structure of community it was meant to be in a democracy) then we have to find ways for people like me to be part of it.

I’ve wracked my brains and used all sorts of tools to try and resolve this aspect for myself over the last 20 years without significant success. I hope that there is a more compassionate solution than eugenics by default and I just can’t see it for whatever reason.

I’m not concerned for me because for me death is just a door not a fear but I feel that even if that were true of everyone like me abandoning the misfit toys won’t be very healthy for the rest of Santa’s elves either.

please excuse if this is not worded well everyone but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and this wonderful post of good stuff that is happening, problems that are being solved made me want to bring this one out for a chance at many hands making light work.

But I’m rotten ill and on the phone I can’t read over what I wrote to determine if it is Asperger-irritating-neurotypicals-speak or not ( sometimes I can’t tell even when I can read it over but I try!:-/

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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday January 19,2014

“If the Risk Is Low, Let Them Go”: Efforts to Resolve the Growing Numbers of Aging Behind Bars

Victoria Law, Truthout: Imagine your grandparents and great-grandparents in shackles or dying behind bars. By 2030, the prison population age 55 and over is predicted to be 4,400 percent more than what it was in 1981. Some state and federal prison systems look at alternatives.

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US Involvement in Iraq Never Ended

Michael Z. Youhana, Truthout: After decades of war, Iraq is a divided and shattered country that seems as far away from peace as ever. Neither the Iraq War nor US involvement in it has ever really ended.

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The Greek “Success Story” of a Crushing Economy and a Failed State

C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout: Contrary to the official story, Greece’s economy is not recovering, and the continuation of the Troika’s neoliberal austerity medicine assures the country a bleak economic and social future.

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Truthout Interviews: Richard Smith on the Failure of Green Solutions to Solve Environmental Problems

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Richard Smith says no amount of recycling, buying environmentally friendly goods or market-based carbon reduction schemes can change corporate capitalism’s rapacious depletion of natural resources in the production of consumable goods.

Watch the Interview

Spotlight on Worldwide Inequality

Graham Peebles, Redress Online: The disparity between the wealthy minority and the billions living in suffocating poverty is greater than it has ever been.

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Shame on Congress for Its Criminal Neglect of the Jobless

Isaiah J. Poole, Campaign for America’s Future: The same Republicans who complained that people should be getting jobs instead of unemployment checks also boxed Congress into passing a budget that will essentially guarantee that the long-term unemployed will continue struggling to find work.

Read the Article and Watch the Video

A Mexican State Armed to the Teeth

Daniela Pastrana, Inter Press Service: Michoacán is one of Mexico’s most lawless states, and decades ago the population learned to live with – and in many cases, live off – the drug trade.

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As Abortion Restrictions Soar, Abortion Coverage Dwindles

Julie Hollar, FAIR Blog: Over the past decade, it has gotten much more difficult for women in the US to access safe and legal abortion services. How have national media kept up with this dramatically changing landscape? Not so well.

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And So They Fall – Unions and Workers

Rowan Wolf, Cyrano’s Journal Today: The goal in the pushback against unions has been to create a borderless world for goods and finance while building fences with razor wire to keep workers in place.

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Facing the Truth in China

Gail Pellett, Moyers & Company: Coming to terms with what really happened during the Cultural Revolution is still controversial because ultimately it leads to questioning the culpability of not only Mao but the Communist Party.

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Three Ways North Carolina Is Screwing Over Its Less Fortunate

Kevin Mathews, Care2: What’s the matter with North Carolina? Just a couple of weeks into 2014, the state has already taken some drastic, anti-progressive steps designed to harm its least fortunate citizens.

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This week in Speakout:

Cynthia Franklin deconstructs “fairness” in news media; Johanna Fernandez recounts her harrowing experience with Fox News; CWA President Larry Cohen makes a statement in response to a “fast track” authorization bill for the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Jesse Hagopian remembers the Haitian earthquake and sheds light on US exploitation of that country; James Marc Leas discusses the importance of freedom of information; Dennis Trainor Jr. stresses the ramifications of a top-secret trade deal; and more.

Read the Article


The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Unlike Everyone Else, Some Big Political Donors Know What’s in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Read the Article at MapLight

Obama Says Pot Is No “More Dangerous Than Alcohol” and Other Revelations: Portrait of a President

Read the Article at The New Yorker

Solving the Net Neutrality Problem Is Actually Simple

Read the Article at Bloomberg Businessweek

Intelligence Chair: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden May Have Had Russian Help

Read the Article at The Guardian

Rating Obama’s NSA Reform Plan: EFF Scorecard Explained

Read the Article at the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Most of You Have No Idea What Martin Luther King Actually Did

Read the Article at Daily Kos

What I Learned From a Week on Food Stamps: Paul Ryan Couldn’t Be More Wrong

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The Martin Luther King You Don’t See on TV — FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

Thank you for posting this! They tried to co-opt Martin Luther King’s spirit and legacy with a holiday and statues, changing street names and such-to make him safe and iconic like Washington or Jefferson but too many who fought the same battles with him were still alive to keep telling the truth. And of course as you prove with this post, recordings and the internet make hiding the truth a whole lot harder to do:-)

Modern AfroIndio Times

Almost all of those speeches were filmed or taped. But they\’re not shown today on TV.Why?It\’s because national news media have never come to terms with what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for during his final years.In the early 1960s, when King focused his challenge on legalized racial discrimination in the South, most major media were his allies. Network TV and national publications graphically showed the police dogs and bullwhips and cattle prods used against Southern blacks who sought the right to vote or to eat at a public lunch counter.But after passage of civil rights acts in 1964 and 1965, King began challenging the nation\’s fundamental priorities. He maintained that civil rights laws were empty without \”human rights\” — including economic rights. For people too poor to eat at a restaurant or afford a decent home, King said, anti-discrimination laws were hollow.

via The Martin Luther King You Don’t…

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