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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday January 19,2014

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“If the Risk Is Low, Let Them Go”: Efforts to Resolve the Growing Numbers of Aging Behind Bars

Victoria Law, Truthout: Imagine your grandparents and great-grandparents in shackles or dying behind bars. By 2030, the prison population age 55 and over is predicted to be 4,400 percent more than what it was in 1981. Some state and federal prison systems look at alternatives.

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US Involvement in Iraq Never Ended

Michael Z. Youhana, Truthout: After decades of war, Iraq is a divided and shattered country that seems as far away from peace as ever. Neither the Iraq War nor US involvement in it has ever really ended.

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The Greek “Success Story” of a Crushing Economy and a Failed State

C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout: Contrary to the official story, Greece’s economy is not recovering, and the continuation of the Troika’s neoliberal austerity medicine assures the country a bleak economic and social future.

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Truthout Interviews: Richard Smith on the Failure of Green Solutions to Solve Environmental Problems

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Richard Smith says no amount of recycling, buying environmentally friendly goods or market-based carbon reduction schemes can change corporate capitalism’s rapacious depletion of natural resources in the production of consumable goods.

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Spotlight on Worldwide Inequality

Graham Peebles, Redress Online: The disparity between the wealthy minority and the billions living in suffocating poverty is greater than it has ever been.

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Shame on Congress for Its Criminal Neglect of the Jobless

Isaiah J. Poole, Campaign for America’s Future: The same Republicans who complained that people should be getting jobs instead of unemployment checks also boxed Congress into passing a budget that will essentially guarantee that the long-term unemployed will continue struggling to find work.

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A Mexican State Armed to the Teeth

Daniela Pastrana, Inter Press Service: Michoacán is one of Mexico’s most lawless states, and decades ago the population learned to live with – and in many cases, live off – the drug trade.

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As Abortion Restrictions Soar, Abortion Coverage Dwindles

Julie Hollar, FAIR Blog: Over the past decade, it has gotten much more difficult for women in the US to access safe and legal abortion services. How have national media kept up with this dramatically changing landscape? Not so well.

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And So They Fall – Unions and Workers

Rowan Wolf, Cyrano’s Journal Today: The goal in the pushback against unions has been to create a borderless world for goods and finance while building fences with razor wire to keep workers in place.

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Facing the Truth in China

Gail Pellett, Moyers & Company: Coming to terms with what really happened during the Cultural Revolution is still controversial because ultimately it leads to questioning the culpability of not only Mao but the Communist Party.

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Three Ways North Carolina Is Screwing Over Its Less Fortunate

Kevin Mathews, Care2: What’s the matter with North Carolina? Just a couple of weeks into 2014, the state has already taken some drastic, anti-progressive steps designed to harm its least fortunate citizens.

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This week in Speakout:

Cynthia Franklin deconstructs “fairness” in news media; Johanna Fernandez recounts her harrowing experience with Fox News; CWA President Larry Cohen makes a statement in response to a “fast track” authorization bill for the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Jesse Hagopian remembers the Haitian earthquake and sheds light on US exploitation of that country; James Marc Leas discusses the importance of freedom of information; Dennis Trainor Jr. stresses the ramifications of a top-secret trade deal; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Unlike Everyone Else, Some Big Political Donors Know What’s in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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Obama Says Pot Is No “More Dangerous Than Alcohol” and Other Revelations: Portrait of a President

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Solving the Net Neutrality Problem Is Actually Simple

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Intelligence Chair: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden May Have Had Russian Help

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Rating Obama’s NSA Reform Plan: EFF Scorecard Explained

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Most of You Have No Idea What Martin Luther King Actually Did

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What I Learned From a Week on Food Stamps: Paul Ryan Couldn’t Be More Wrong

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