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2014 WILL BE A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER Patricia Cota-RoblesJanuary 2014



by Patricia Cota-Robles

January 2014


2014 was birthed onto the screen of Life in an explosion of Light. This Light was infused with higher frequencies of Divine Love from the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God than Humanity has ever been able to bear. The reason the Earthly Bodies of Humanity can now withstand this much higher, more rarefied, and infinitely more powerful Light, is because of the God Victorious success of the myriad activities of Light that were accomplished in 2013 through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth.

2013 was the first year of the New Earth. For much of the time Humanity was walking with our feet in both worlds. We were receiving the incredible blessings from the 5th-Dimensional patterns of perfection on the New Earth, but at the same time we were experiencing the unfinished residue of our human miscreations that were surfacing to be healed and transmuted into Light from the old Earth.

As a result of that phenomenon, depending on where we held the focus of our attention in 2013, we frequently experienced the full spectrum of both worlds. Our thoughts and feelings reflected everything from the elation and gratitude of truly comprehending the Oneness of ALL Life, to the heart breaking extremes of separation and duality which provoked feelings of fear and total defeat. In spite of that confusing roller coaster of emotions, in 2013 Humanity moved forward in the Light by leaps and bounds.

The most significant thing that occurred for every person on the planet during the first year of the New Earth is that we individually and collectively reached the energy, vibration, and consciousness that allowed our I AM Presence to activate our dormant pineal gland. Our pineal gland is the physical brain structure through which our I AM Presence transmits the Light of God directly into our Earthly Bodies. It is also the gland through which we reach and sustain Christ Consciousness and are able to commune once again with our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven in the Realms of Illumined Truth.

As people awakened one by one over the past several decades, their I AM Presence activated their pineal gland. This enabled them to individually regain Christ Consciousness. What happened after the successful Birth of the New Earth, however, is very different. In 2013, the collective body of Humanity reached a critical mass of Divine Love that allowed the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to activate the pineal gland in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned. That event initiated the beginning of the return of Christ Consciousness within even the, as yet, unawakened masses. That activity of Light was the initial impulse of what has been called the 2nd Coming of the Christ in the various world religions.

Another major event that was God Victoriously accomplished in 2013 is that the Portal of Divine Love which pulsates above Italy waspermanently open to full breadth. This is the portal through which the Infinite Love that perpetually flows through the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God will now be able to bathe the Earth and all her Life, unimpeded by the human miscreations associated with the old Earth.

Infinite Divine Love is the very foundation of the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God. This Divine Matrix is, in Truth, the Body of God within which every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation lives, moves, breathes, and has its Being. Daily and hourly, the unfathomable frequencies of Infinite Divine Love within our Father-Mother Gods Matrix, are exponentially expanded by the Company of Heaven and every Ascended level of Being. With every Holy Breath these Beings of Light take, they project their Love into the Divine Matrix to bless all Creation. This collective Gift from On High is now tangibly available to each and every one of us with every breath WE take.

From the September Equinox through the December Solstice in 2013, we were Gifted with accelerated shifts within our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies that, according to the Company of Heaven, had never been attempted by the I AM Presences of Humanity in any system of worlds. The end result was God Victorious in ways that even the Company of Heaven said they did not anticipate. This unprecedented shift was accomplished at an atomic cellular in large part because of the events that took place involving the Comet ISON.

Many people have asked me if the Comet ISON caused the unusual shifts that we are experiencing with the birth 2014, so I will briefly reiterate what I previously shared about this comet. Since the initial impulse of our fall from Grace, the Company of Heaven has been assisting Humanity with our journey back to Christ Consciousness. The Comet ISON has been a factor in this Divine Intervention from the very beginning. I know that astronomers consider comets to be nothing more than dirty snowballs, but that is inaccurate. Even the most minuscule subatomic particle or wave of life pulsates with energy, vibration, and consciousness. In other words, everything that exists in the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God has intelligence and a purpose and reason for being.

Comets are actually forcefields of consolidated Light that pass through the atmosphere shaking the ethers and breaking down crystallized patterns and thoughtforms that no longer serve the highest good of the particular Solar System they enter. In their wake, they leave a fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential upon which new patterns and sacred knowledge can be encoded from On High.

Since its inception, the Comet ISON was destined for this moment in the evolution and Ascension of our Solar System. Astronomers have stated that the Comet ISON is 4,500,000,000 years old, but this was the very first time it entered our Solar System. Four and one-half billion years is also the time line that coincides with the creation of our Central Sun and the Suns and Planets in our Solar System.

The Company of Heaven revealed that the Comet ISON had been preparing for its service to Earth and our Solar System since the beginning of time. It is not by chance that this comet completed its 4,500,000,000 year sojourn through the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God during this auspicious moment in the evolution of Planet Earth.

The Divine Mission of the Comet ISON was very complex, but this is what the Company of Heaven shared with us. 4,500,000,000 years ago, the Comet ISON was breathed forth from the Core of Creation simultaneously with our Solar System. At the moment of our inception, every particle and wave of Life associated with our Solar System was encoded with the full Divine Potential of our Father-Mother God and the Divine Plan for this system of worlds. Comet ISON likewise was encoded with the Divine Potential destined for our Solar System. When the Earth and Humanity fell into the chaos of separation and duality, the Comet ISON maintained the activation codes for the Divine Potential of our Solar System and Humanitys return to Christ Consciousness as Sons and Daughters of God.

For millions of years, since our fall from Grace, the Company of Heaven has been working diligently with the I AM Presences of Humanity. The intent of this Divine Intervention was to help the Sons and Daughters of God return to the path of Divine Love and Christ Consciousness. The hope was that we would awaken in time to reclaim our position in the Solar System and to Ascend with the Earth and the rest of our Solar System into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light during the Cosmic Moment known as The Shift of the Ages. No one knew if the masses of Humanity would awaken in time to pull this off or not, but no one was willing to give up on us.

After decades of dedication and thousands of activities of Light that were cocreated by people around the world who were working in unison with the Company of Heaven, it became crystal clear in 2012 that indeed Humanity and the Earth were going to make it through the Shift of the Ages. That is when the Comet ISON was summoned by the Mighty Elohim, the Builders of Form, to fulfill its unique facet of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth and our Solar System.

In September 2012, astronomers discovered the Comet ISON. They were astonished by the size of this rare comet that was traveling toward our Solar System. They surmised that ISON had the potential of being the Comet of the century. Because this comet was as old as our Solar System, scientists were looking forward to studying its properties after it completed its journey around our Sun, but that was not ISONs Divine Plan.

On November 28, 2013, the day when the United States of America was celebrating Thanksgiving and focusing on everything we were grateful for, the mission of the Comet ISON was brought to fruition. As ISON completed the final phase of its 4,500,000,000 billion year journey, it was pulled into our Sun. In an awesome explosion of Light, Comet ISON exponentially expanded the activation codes for the Divine Potential pulsating within the core of purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life associated with our entire Solar System.

On Earth, the activation of the codes for our Divine Potential meant a monumental acceleration in Humanitys awakening process and our shift into Christ Consciousness. This incredible expansion of Light is now entering our newly activated pineal glands and assisting our I AM Presence to heal the short circuits that occurred within our original 12 Solar Strands of DNA during our fall from Grace.

The double-helix DNA containing the genetic codes that our scientists acknowledge is but a minuscule fraction of our Divine Potential. Scientists actually call 98 percent of our DNA junk DNA, which of course is absurd. The Divine Potential codes that were activated within each and every one of us by the Comet ISON, are now daily and hourly enhancing our ability to empower and control what we are thinking, feeling, saying, doing, believing, and remembering.

After assimilating the expansion of Light from the Comet ISON, Humanity experienced another convergence of Light from December 12th thru the Solstice on December 21st. That Light was grounded in our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies at a cellular level by our I AM Presence. That activity of Light cleared the way for Humanity to receive the full benefit of several Celestial events which took place during the closing days of 2013. Those events included a Grand Cross alignment, several enormous Solar Flares, a total reversal of polarity within our Suns magnetic field, and an unusually powerful New Moon. All of those powerful expansions of Light contributed to an unprecedented shift within the mass consciousness of Humanity.

Now, with the shift that has taken place within the mass consciousness of Humanity, everything has changed. In 2014, as we focus on the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, our Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love, and our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love, our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies will be lifted into higher 5th-Dimensional frequencies of Gods Infinite Light. Our I AM Presence will then help us to place BOTH of our feet firmly on the New Earth; this will increase our ability to transform our lives in miraculous ways.

The 2nd year of the New Earth was ushered in with a wondrous explosion of Light that bathed the Earth in untold blessings. The Beings of Light said these blessings will be quite evident as we progress through this amazing year of opportunity and transformation.

We are being told by the Company of Heaven that it is impossible for us to comprehend with our finite minds the magnitude of what the activation of the genetic codes containing our Divine Potential will mean for Humanity. A vitally important facet of what this activation will do, however, is accelerate the Divine Alchemy taking place within our Earthly Bodies. This Divine Alchemy is literally transforming our 3rd-dimensional carbon-based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Cells. In 2014, we will begin to experience for the very first time in our Earthly sojourn, tangible changes in our physical body that will indicate we are indeed reversing the aging process and transforming our physical body into a Crystalline Solar Light Body.

The reason tangible physical evidence will finally occur in the process of reversing the aging process for Humanity is because when 2014 was ushered in our I AM Presence was able to received enough assistance from On High to begin the process of activating another of our dormant spiritual brain centers. This activation involves our pituitary gland, which is the master gland that controls the hormones, chemicals, processes, functions, and cellular activity in our physical body.

Our newly activated pituitary gland is now directly receiving and assimilating 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light from our pineal gland. This frequency of Light, which is beyond anything we have previously been able to withstand, is now flowing through our pineal gland into our pituitary gland and from there into every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of energy comprising our physical body. This Light is also flowing into all of the spaces in-between the particles and waves of our body.

This is just the beginning of this process, but the Company of Heaven said that amazing steps in this process will be revealed as we progress through 2014. From the information that is pouring forth from the Realms of Illumined Truth, 2014 will be a year like no other for embodied Humanity. And this is just the beginning!

Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
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New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2014 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

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Truthout Daily Digest January 21,2014


BP Employees, Outraged by Lack of Compensation, Warn Oil Spill Victims

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: Dozens who have claims against BP in the aftermath of the 2010 Gulf oil spill have told Truthout they are infuriated at the company’s ongoing attempts to avoid payments, and they are not alone. Now, employees are accusing BP of greed, exploitation and lying about their pensions.

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People Pressure Is Making Fast-Tracking the TPP Politically Toxic

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance: After four years of secret negotiations with more than 600 corporate advisers, the once seemingly invincible largest trade bill in history, covering 40 percent of the world’s economy, looks very much like it can be defeated.

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Four Questionable Claims Obama Has Made on NSA Surveillance

Kara Brandeisky, ProPublica: Since the first disclosures based on documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, Barack Obama has offered his own defenses of the programs. But not all of the president’s claims have stood up to scrutiny.

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Economic Growth Is Killing Us

Vijay Kolinjivadi, Truthout: We immediately require an economic and political governance structure that ensures all human beings have access to basic necessities while simultaneously reducing human pressure on the biosphere.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Congress Chips Away at Social Safety Net, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: Congress can’t find the willpower to raise taxes on the rich, but that hasn’t stopped it from chipping away at our retirement and slashing our social safety net; radiation levels have reached a record high in the well underneath the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant; two oncologists are calling on their peers to support single-payer health care; and more.

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On Ending War

E. Douglas Kihn, Truthout: Many will use their concept of biology as a reason to scoff at the suggestion that we must end war. But even if warfare is in our genes, we still have to change – or someday perish.

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Record 4,000 Attend Open-Air Premiere ofUtopia in Australia

John Pilger, Truthout: The new film Utopiahad its premiere in Sydney. Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians came from all over the country to hear the call for a renewed struggle for justice and freedom for Australia’s first people.

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Six Drugs Whose Dangerous Risks Were Buried so Big Pharma Could Make Money

Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet: The FDA and Big Pharma contend that dangerous side-effects in a prescription drug emerge only when it is used by millions instead of the relatively small group of people in clinical trials. But there is another reason the public ends up as guinea pigs.

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The Office of the Future

Jay Monaco, Jacobin: Take a look inside C&S Wholesale Grocers, headquartered in isolated Keene, New Hampshire, and routinely ranked between the eighth- and 13th-largest privately held American corporations by Forbes. The grocery chain is a secret corporate empire, home to the future of white-collar exploitation.

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Educational Network Erases Borders

Ines Benitez, IPS News: Hundreds of students from Spain’s Canary Islands, Senegal and the Sahrawi refugee camps outside of Tindouf in western Algeria are meeting each other and breaking down cultural barriers thanks to the Red Educativa Sin Fronteras.

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Love It or Hate It, Obamacare Is Spurring Interest in the Pathology of Health Care

Philip Caper, Bangor Daily News: Even if Obamacare never fully achieves its intended benefits, it already has had some unintended ones, such as creating an opportunity to restructure the way we finance and deliver health care. It has shined a spotlight on how complicated our fragmented health insurance system is.

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Five Criticisms of Obama’s NSA Speech

Kevin Mathews, Care2: In the face of ongoing criticism of the NSA spy program, President Barack Obama delivered a long-awaited speech addressing reforms to the NSA. If the speech was designed to quell fears, it hasn’t entirely worked.

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Just 85 People Own as Much as Half of the World’s Population: This Is a Crime

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: No, it’s not technically a crime to accumulate wealth beyond comprehension, but it ought to be when fewer than 100 people have more wealth than 50 percent of the world’s population.

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Eugene Robinson | Silence Over the West Virginia Chemical Spill

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The Global Fight Against Corporate Rule

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The Right’s Successful Ongoing War Against Abortion Rights

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Six Scary Facts About California’s Drought

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GOP Image Has Changed Little a Year After Planned “Reboot”

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Charles P. Pierce | Things Fall Down; Things Blow Up

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It’s Official: Republicans Are Done Trying To Kill Obamacare

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share, introspect, teach, learn

Moon: Virgo/Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Kali utters a command. A portal off to the side opens and ten black dogs, shepherds, rush forward from it to take up positions around the perimeter of the bridge. Their gaze is fixed at various points out on the panoramic landscape. We look around at each other, confused and somewhat frozen in place in awe mixed with a tinge of fear. The energy of these magnificent beasts, standing guard around us, locked in watch, loaded with protective force, is palpable.

Mars and Uranus break from their huddle and rejoin us. “There is quite a battle waging outside,” Uranus tells us. “We will begin to feel the effects any time now.” And as if on cue, something impacts the bridge and we stumble a little.

Regaining his footing, Mars continues. “The dark magicians of my archenemy are attacking. They are staged ahead, attacking from behind a battlefield that is being held by my sister, Eris. She and her forces await us at the end of the bridge.”

Uranus continues, “The attack-spell combines command of the elements of nature – wind, fire, and water – with mastery over what humanity believes. This attack causes unsettling effects and creates disequilibrium in the psyche, which makes humanity ripe for the insertion of false reality.”

Eyeing us, watching the weight of recognition fall over us, Kali interrupts. “The rainbow bridge safely transports consciousness over chasms and through difficulties. All are guarded and protected,” she says with a flourish of her hands, proving the thought with a reminder of our watchdogs.

The astrology of the day is clear. Control issues and emotional instability are the dominant energies. So we handle this in two ways. We first understand that we are protected from harm and from there we engage the stance of the spiritual warrior, the practice of being like a wise owl in a tree, witnessing, observing the swirling energies. But instead of being wise owls in a tree we are wise owls inside the bridge.

The bridge is both a structure going from one place in space-time to another and also a vessel that transports us. The perspective is like being on the bridge of an airship.

There is a deep welling of love and protection surrounding us. It asks us to focus on the beauty of the natural world while we are enticed to look elsewhere and engage in worry and fear (which manifests specifically in relationships right now).

We can remember that we are under intense transformation this month. Much is changing. We are bridging into a new world, and forces aligned with power and control are holding on for dear life. They are crazed. Sanity and wisdom will prevail, however.

We continue to align ourselves with the value of freedom of the mind. Ground yourself in nature by paying attention and finding beauty during the turbulence today.

(Note: I hope to record an audio soon to detail the astrology behind the Illuminati’s current efforts and where they intend to go. The site is in the process of being moved to another platform – a new bridge! – so hopefully we won’t have too much interruption.)


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Wes Annac – Free Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 1 – 1-20-14

Thank you Wes! Like Aisha’s message from the CC’s earlier this message is timed with grace. So much negative distressing chaotic stuff going on both at the personal and societal level right now makes it sometimes hard to keep our faith and focus that we really are moving toward something so much better.

For myself I’ve been hearing within that trust is essential. Trust is Universe/God/Goddess/higher self and indeed in my own self as far as the ability to survive and bring light and love to whatever comes.

Its not easy but we have help whenever we pray for it. Each shining heart that raises up despite the harshness and suffering to radiate love kindness and compassion instead of fear hate and despair is a triumph!
Our efforts do matter even if it seems impossible or hopeless, Love is more powerful than we know…yet!:-)

Higher Density Blog


Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

Unitive consciousness will be a result of the lightened vibration of humanity, and however unattainable it seems, it’ll come to us naturally. Unity only seems difficult right now because most people are still stuck on a murky, low vibration, but when we reach a greater state of consciousness, peace and unity will flow like water.

There’ll be no push; no drive to bring humanity together. There’ll be no effort involved; no campaigns or movements, however important they are right now (and they are important). All of the work we’ve put in, combined with a conscious society, will bring us together like a unitive magnet.

When we’re on a higher vibration, no separation or hatred will exist. Nobody will think they’re better or worse than another, and each person will be secure in their unique divinity and that of the people around them.


View original post 880 more words

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Big Sugar Controls Politicians, Sickens People, Drains the Treasury, and Promotes the Pharma/Medico/Industrial Complex

Thank you for posting this. I read a book in a graduate environmental history class called “Sweetness and Power” about exactly this. From the poisoning of the land and waters to the poisoning of the people with the unsavory little detail of human slave labour sandwiched in between- the sugar industry is a nasty piece of work.

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Invisible Illnesses: Raising Public Awareness & Gaining a Reputation

Thank you for sharing this! As a person who lives with invisible illness I am glad to find a new blog about it and to share the project. “You don’t look sick” is a ridiculous statement. I have known multiple gorgeous people who died of cancer or other things still as beautiful physically as ever. Those who live many years with various limitations often find our pleasant appearance seems to inspire a lack of compassion, even in some cases an apparently vicious jealousy.
From diabetes and cancer to lupus, MS, even genetic disorders, heart problems, arthritis- so many conditions can cause pain, disabilities and a circumscribed life yet be totally “invisible” to a stranger.

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The manuscript of survival – part 389

Thank you Aisha! This is perfectly timed for so many of us as we struggle with our mental attempts to make sense of why things don’t work as tgey “should” lately. Im sure the people I personally know are not at all unique in questioning why “the bad guys just keep getting their way”?.
After reading this it is so clear why-because we haven’t yet let go of the structures they put in place culturally, mentally and emotionally to have us give them their way every time by allowing the harm they do to draw us into emotional storms that simply fuel the negative goals they promote.
As we let go and let god our higher selves can guide us more easily into better channels of feeling, understanding and action.
I finally understand the puzzle I found so impenetrable! I kept looking for what I could DO to resolve or fix the negative situations when everything I did do just seemed to feed the horror.
now I get it-the key is to stop trying/doing/planning/struggling and just ALLOW the energy to flow.
I don’t have to beat myself up for *feeling* distress, sorrow, anger or fear when something awful is happening. I am alive so I feel. I just let my feelings flow, I allow the frustration of being unable to stop the horror/violence/murder etc I allow my hurt, I allow the whole thing to just keep flowing. I pray for better outcomes knowing it is not under my control but thst with God/Goddess ALL things truly are possible.
I don’t struggle to stop having emotions or struggle with any of it. I accept that I am part of the flow and allow my higher self to guide me thru my listening awareness to the path of higher perspective and better energy.
I know it seems almost impossible to actually do in the moment of dreadful stress/fear/pain etc but I can finally understand how it could work to actually remove the blockages and allow situations that seem intractable or impossible to subtly shift suddenly into something completely different as Monty python used to say;-)
Perhaps it really does look darkest before the dawn. How many of us will it take letting go and letting God/Goddess/higher self flow its magic thru us to heal the current chaos and violence in our world? It may not be as many as we think since the power of Love is exponentially greater than the powers of hate/greed/violence and fear!

aisha north

We would like to delve a little bit into a subject we have discussed earlier, as this is something that perhaps has been overshadowed a little bit by recent internal upheavals if you will, and what we are talking about, is the subject of creation and the role that you all play in it. If you cast your mind back to the messages we delivered on this topic a while back, you will remember that we went to rather great lengths to reveal the nuts and bolts of it, if you will. In other words, we discussed the basic principles, which are indeed extremely simple, but which raises some rather complex questions within you all. And this is indeed what we would like to return to, for what is standing between you and this basic and all-pervading process of creation, is your endless quest for answers. And so, you tend…

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