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The Oracle Report Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share, introspect, teach, learn

Moon: Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Mars continues his story. “My archenemy is the archenemy of all but I hunt him for one reason: to avenge my sister, Eris. He stalks her, incessantly waiting for the right moment to tap into her energy and distort it, reigning down chaos and destruction on humanity. She is a goddess of death and rebirth, the natural order of life, but she also holds fury, which makes her very powerful; and because she is a keeper of ancient magic, dark magicians try to capture her. But Eris is the queen of the battlefield, and when we are united no force can defeat us.”

The Moon will conjunct Mars today, and Mars is very close to exact opposition with Eris. This tends to bring up conflicts for resolution. Restrictions and limitations, particularly those involving disrespect, come down. We can become quite impulsive under these influences, so we want to be mindful and think before speaking or reacting.

The themes of today’s energy involve unmasking or revealing the true nature of something. This can involve anything – people, motivations, agendas, facades, persona and image, relationships, plans, intentions, etc. We see the reality of something, possibly for the first time.

This energy tries to shed doubt, confusion, conformity, and self-judgment so that we are able to see through to the heart of matters. Part of this is likely to involve seeing yourself face-to-face, and having to face a truth about yourself. Remember that the Sabian symbol for this month tells us that we are students of nature. Today we are students of our own nature as well as human nature. If we get stuck in critical self-judgment, we interrupt the process that’s underway this month. Things are changing – transforming – and matters are rectifying, revising, and revamping. Shame and judgment stops spiritual warriors cold. Through media, the matrix is the prime generator of feelings of shame and judgment. It’s an effective tool that keeps us neutralized. So we will “keep it real” by remembering that the changes are for our highest and best.

The real truth, the truth that extraordinary measures have been enacted to conceal, is the truth of human uniqueness. The goal of Sophia’s vision is to facilitate humanity’s expression of its uniqueness. The potential for this expression is so beautiful and so fabulous that it drew her out of her home in the Galactic Center! It would have to look pretty good for an aeon to be taken so. Worth remembering and certainly worth the aim.


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The manuscript of survival – part 390

Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

By now, you will all have had your moments of “what is happening to me? And what is the next step I must take?” Or “why is nothing happening at all, I must be doing something wrong.” Well, let us answer all of these questions with one simple answer; you are not doing anything wrong, in fact, you are right where you are supposed to be. And even if you feel almost like being pushed into a corner, that is also exactly where you are supposed to be. And no, if you do find yourself as if between a rock and a hard place, it is not because you are meant to be stuck there, suffering, while you see others floating by on a cloud of bliss. Remember, this process is indeed a very individual one, and bit by bit, pace by pace, you are all following YOUR path towards…

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Ley Lines explained by Paul Champoux author of Gaia Matrix

This is the new blog I recently started as a resource for everyone who is working on healing the ley lines, Earth chakras and other energy based Earth systems. I hope some of you will find it interesting and useful! 🙂

Healing the Dragon Lines


To split a Granite block in two, a quarryman first chisels a line where the split is to occur. This scoring of the surface gives the stone ‘memory’. The next step in this process is to drill small holes along this line to accept the wedges that exert internal pressure on the stone, then it will split along the line of ‘memory’. Ley lines are pathways for memories around and throughout our earth. These memories are seen in relationship to a series of like elements or with a combination of such relationship qualities: mountains, lakes, bays, fault lines, plutons, composition of earth minerals, holy places, cities, conflicts, etc., … .

Augmenting these series are natural and or cultural events, that coalesce to create a ley. These events drill karma or memory deep into Ley Lines. A contemporary example of a karmic hole drilled into a ley is the destruction of…

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