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Thank you for sharing this. This story broke my heart when I read it.

The issue overall has been lodged like a large chunk of fractured glass in my heart for decades.

My brother is Native rather than African-American but the same sort of blind injustice seemed to apply the night he was almost murdered by police in front of/on top of me.

I live in daily gratitude that our story turned out differently but every time I see one of these horrors reported I feel an invisible vice constrict my heart.

I took permanent injuries that night but my scars are a glowing angelic presence compared to the emptiness those mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers whose stories ended differently live with every day.

Until this country can truly demonstrate equality and fairness for ALL her citizens we must admit America is a land of barbarism with wealth and privilege for some built on the blood and suffering of others.

I pray every day for us all to heal and this insanity to end.

I hope all my readers will at least share a prayer that this will end even if you cannot share and discuss this with others.

Author: ohnwentsya

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