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The Inner Sun: The Hathors thru Tom Kenyon 27 January, 2014

The Inner Sun

Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon


According to the Hathors, our life force (or sekhem) is “birthed” in the solar plexus (the Third Chakra), and from here this subtle life force radiates throughout the body while simultaneously descending into the First and Second Chakras where it becomes a primal power for the ascent of consciousness as well as “sexual” energy.

This sound meditation energizes your solar plexus and gently elevates the quality of your own life force, which has a direct bearing on your consciousness.

Shortly after hearing that NASA had confirmed the magnetic pole reversal of our Sun, the Hathors encouraged me to visit the sound archives and listen to a sound meditation they had given during a Hathor Intensive in 2009.

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They guided me to edit out the beginning and end of this meditation, leaving the middle section saying that these particular tonal patterns would be of great benefit when working with the solar plexus especially now that the Sun has shifted its magnetic poles.

The idea that the Sun is pivotal to the transformation of our human consciousness has been promulgated by the Hathors from the very beginning of my interactions with them.

They are of the opinion that this particular solar shift has vast implications for our future, and it is an ideal time to work with our own Inner Sun (the solar plexus).

This sound meditation is a potent ally for those of us wishing to amplify our life force and to explore the interface between body/mind and spirit.

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The Inner Sun Meditation

There are a few steps to this meditation.

1. Place your focus of attention in the region of your solar plexus, which is located below your sternum, back behind your stomach and in the vicinity of your diaphragm. This is a major nerve plexus and also the location of the third chakra.
2. Imagine a ball of gold light in this area, like a miniature Sun. Sense this ball of golden fire in whatever ways that seem natural to you. There is no need to “see” anything.
3. As you focus your attention on this ball of light, enter a coherent emotional state such as appreciation or gratitude. When you join your focused attention on the ball of golden light with feelings of appreciation or gratitude, you will greatly amplify the effectiveness of this meditation.
4. Begin listening to the sound piece, which is 4:40 minutes long. When your mind wanders from either the ball of light or the feelings of appreciation/gratitude, bring your focus back to your Inner Sun and the coherent emotion(s) you chose to work with.
5. Allow the sound patterns to acoustically “massage” your Inner Sun—the ball of golden light that is in your solar plexus. As you allow this to occur, you may notice all types of phenomena taking place, including intense flows of golden light throughout your body and a morphing of the ball into various shapes and sizes. Your Inner Sun might also expand and engulf your entire body. When this happens, every cell of your body will be bathed in the golden light of your Inner Sun, which has unique healing and transformative properties.
6. When you finish the meditation, take a few moments to be with yourself before rushing into outer activities. If you had a particularly powerful experience with the meditation, it would be a good idea to allow some time to rest. This would be especially the case if your Inner Sun, the ball of golden light, expanded to engulf your entire body.

Click The Inner Sun for the sound meditation. Please note that this sound may not be posted on other web sites

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Monday January 27,2014 | The Oracle Report

Monday January 27,2014

Posted on: January 27, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase
Ruling Mahavidya – KaliHappy Flowers

There is a degree in the sky that holds so much power, anything that is obsessed with power is cannot resist it. This degree is 21 Aries, the Eris Point or the degree in the sky where the planet Eris was located when it was discovered. The Eris Point is the degree that encapsulates fury over injustice, tyranny, slavery, and control. Indeed, ancient myths claim Eris was the mother of the Furies.

Eris is also the sister of Aries, god of war, also known as Mars, and the two are often depicted together on the battlefield. In astrological terms, right now Mars is preparing to go retrograde, moving like a very, very slow hurricane out on the ocean, churning up the depths, bringing up anger, aggression, and conflict.

Mars makes the exact opposition to Eris today, unleashing fury that has been building in various cycles of time, but for the purpose of this daily report, the energy has been building since Friday. And anything that’s put in place or imprinted into this energy will be extremely powerful through mid-July 2014.

This astrological aspect between Mars and Eris is special because, at its core, it not just symbolizes, it sanctifies the unification of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine on the field of consciousness, which on some levels is akin to a battlefield.

Fury wells up most for anyone who has a planet located between 20-23 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, but the twinges are felt by everyone. We are easily annoyed, prone to say things before thinking (sometimes hurtful things but usually things rooted in truth), and generally reach a state where we refuse to abide by something any longer. Enough becomes enough. Because the Eris energy defies control, it is hard to control ourselves. Fiery Mars is fueling the fury.

I am going to have to unleash my fury about the Illuminati magician-minions’ ritual with masses of children via Katy Perry (a la Eris) using the energy of the Eris Point-Mars opposition at last night’s Grammy awards show. But for now, we go for the wisdom of the energy.

The wisdom of the energy (and the thing that guides us to the highest



OSHO – Love is Authentic only when it gives Freedom

Thank you for sharing this. It is beautiful. Colonized society is based on hierarchy, control, power over and greed. Societies based on love do not have the problems that plague our world today.
Osho has described the simplest method of decolonization-let go of all that is not love.

Higher Density Blog

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Love is my message, my whole gospel, the very core of what I have been teaching and doing.

As far as I am concerned humanity is suffering from lack of love. All other problems arise out of this problem.

Poverty can disappear within minutes; poverty is not really a problem — it is just that love is missing! We have the technology to make the whole Earth a paradise but nobody has that heart that can share, that can make an effort to make the Earth a paradise. On the contrary the whole scientific growth and technology is being used to destroy.

Seventy percent of every nation’s income is being is being used to destroy. Seventy percent of every nation’s income is being wasted on the army, defense. Although the governments call their armies defense, it is a false name: they are all meant to be aggressive and attacking. The…

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A Message From an Artist

Thank you for sharing this. You have such a knack for creating posts that inform, inspire and touch the heart.


Between November of 1881 and July of 1890, Vincent van Gogh painted almost 900 paintings. Since his death, he has become one of the most famous painters in the world. Van Gogh’s paintings have captured the minds and

hearts of millions of art lovers and have made art lovers of those new to world of art. The following excerpts are from letters that Van Gogh wrote expressing how he evolved as a painter. There are also links to pages describing some of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings,Starry NightSunflowersIrises,PoppiesThe Bedroom,Blossoming Almond TreeThe Mulberry TreeThe Night Café, and The Potato Eaters, in great detail.

In December of 1881, at the age of 28 just as he began his first paintings Vincent wrote to his brother Theo about becoming a painter,

“Theo, I am so…

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Enchantment Tree

Thank you for sharing this beauty both words and image. For me your lovely words apply to every tree as each one has its own magic and beauty. This tree in the painting is very inspiring. It reminds me of Avatar.


Enchantment Tree

O Enchantment Tree
Of a Thousand Dreams,
The Longer I Gaze
The More I See;
O Enchantment Tree
Captivating Me,
Stir my Imagination

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Ucchiey -Danbooru at Deviantart.com

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Dark skin, blue eyes: Genes paint a picture of 7,000-year-old European – NBC News.com

Thank you for sharing this! Just like now people fell in love and mated with people who appealed to their hearts and spirits not people with the same genetic makeup. The only odd thing is that modern scientists might find that in any way surprising.

Modern AfroIndio Times

The remains of the Mesolithic male, dubbed La Braña 1, were found in 2006 in the La Braña-Arintero cave complex in northwest Spain. In the Nature paper, the researchers describe how they isolated the ancient DNA, sequenced the genome and looked at key regions linked to physical traits — including lactose intolerance, starch digestion and immune response.The biggest surprise was that the genes linked to skin pigmentation reflected African rather than modern European variations. That indicates that the man had dark skin, \”although we cannot know the exact shade,\” Carles Lalueza-Fox, a member of the research team from the Spanish National Research Council, said in a news release. At the same time, the man possessed the genetic variations that produce blue eyes in current Europeans.

via Dark skin, blue eyes: Genes paint a picture of 7,000-year-old European – NBC News.com.

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The White House State Of The Union: What if every president did this?

Thank you for sharing this. I am so grateful to be alive in this the second American camelot with a President who isn’t afraid to tell the truth and speak for the people. His use of technology to inspire and include the younger generation is wonderful. The entitled old fuddies have tried everything from redistricting to bother suppression to keep them uninvolved but luckily our President is smarter than the entitled old fuddies club:-)

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Surrender – TLO through Andrew Martin

Thank you so much for posting this! I know for many of us this message cannot be repeated too often because it is a bit difficult to grasp fully. It can also be quite complicated to hold the feeling of being powerful when facing unrelenting violence, abuse, stalking, racism, poverty, disability, and other common day to day experiences that many of us have.
Even though we know in our hearts, in our spiritual study and quiet contemplation that it is true, it can be tricky to keep that awareness in the moment when the moment is really rough.
I haven’t found a secret key to overcome this except the magic of the Universe providing these beautiful reminders thru posts on friends blogs or in unexpected email or signs in nature.
So if any of you resonate with the experience I describe-keep your eyes and ears open to signs that will raise your spirits!

Oracles and Healers


Greetings Dear Ones!

We come to you today with a message centered around the idea of surrender. So often in your world you have been taught that surrender is equal to weakness. We speak not of surrender as it relates to competition or the wars that spring from the ego. We speak of surrender to the flow of unconditional love and compassion that is yours in each and every moment. We speak of surrender to knowing that all that you desire is but the tip of the iceberg! If you could truly see the spectacular things that await you in your lives then you would not resist for one single second more!

Read more…

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