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In name of “conservation”, Kenyan forces torch homes of indigenous Sengwer people

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Thank you for posting this. It boggles the mind and heart that the colonizers utterly destroy and pave every bit of land they control and then belatedly realizing that non-destroyed nature actually IS a requirement for life they go and evict those who have cared for the land properly from time out of mind.

Why not tear down tbe estates and mansions of the wealthy? Raze and burn the golf courses and return THEM to their natural state as habitat for the wild beings?
The Earth is our Mother without whom we would not be alive. No frail human who lives at most 120 cycles around the sun can seriously claim to OWN any part of Her.

We must all live gently upon this land so that every living being has an equal chance at a good life.

Those people need their homes but do WE *need* 27 flavors of toothpaste and hundreds of shopping malls? Do we *NEED* golf courses, amusement parks, cruise ships and safari lodges?

It is long past time to examine what we truly need and what we could really let go in order to balance our lives as part of the larger systems of which we are undeniably only parts.

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