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Truthout Daily Digest January 29, 2014

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The Stealth Privatization of Pennsylvania’s Bridges

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: Pennsylvania is signing a 40-year contract to privatize the state’s bridges. But residents and their representatives should be asking tough questions about the hidden costs of such a deal and how it will affect their rights.

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Problems of Eurozone, European Integration Stem From Deeply Unpopular Elite Economic, Social Policy

Mark Weisbrot, Truthout: The imposition of deeply anti-democratic neoliberal austerity policies – not the Eurozone per se – undermines the political legitimacy of the European Union.

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When J. Edgar Hoover Lost and Freedom Won

Mark Karlin, Truthout: Author Betty Medsger speaks with Truthout about how a small group of determined, otherwise law-abiding Americans brought down powerful FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, which she describes in The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI.

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Pete Seeger: Beating Flagpoles Into Ploughshares

Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: “Not only was it sad to hear the news … of Pete Seeger’s passing but startling to realize that it was 45 long years ago that we first met.”

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The Dutch Weed Burger: Vegan Fast Super Food

Geneviève Lavoie-Mathieu, Truthout: In-vitro meat has been hyped as being a solution to fast-depleting resources and a growing population, but the real solution lies in plant-based food. Take, for example, the Dutch Weed Burger.

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State of the Union: Obama’s Underwhelming Plan to Tackle Inequality

Lynn Parramore, AlterNet: Instead of tapping into the full power of the federal government to tackle our most urgent problems, Obama meekly suggested that government might, in certain cases, be obligated to do something. A little something. At some point.

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The Republican Conspiracy Has Worked

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: In his fifth State of the Union address, the president essentially said that he is going to go it alone. His major policy plan for 2014 is to bypass Congress altogether and use targeted executive orders to get things done.

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Paul Krugman | Hollande Takes a Wrong Turn

By Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Many have pointed out that the euro system has ended up functioning like the gold standard – and in so doing has replicated the “gold fetters” that many economic historians say played a big role in the propagation of the Great Depression.

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Why George Lucas, Eric Schmidt (and, yes, Steve Jobs) Should Go to Jail: Conspiring To Reduce Wages of 100,000 Tech Pros

Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism: It’s surprising to see the Obama administration, which has failed to pursue criminal charges against major financial firms or their top executives for nearly destroying the global economy, make a frontal assault on some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: President Obama Delivered His State of the Union Address, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: Last night, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address; the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has reached a deal on the farm bill; Senate Democrats are standing up for women; and more.

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How Thousands of Chemicals Can Hide in Your Drinking Water

Kevin Mathews, Care2: Most drinking water is perfectly safe. However, this vulnerability in the testing system does indicate that Americans should rethink how we handle and test water that potentially has been compromised.

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Forty-one Years After Roe, Women’s Rights Are Still at Risk

Andrea Flynn, Next New Deal: As we mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we should acknowledge the right’s battle to eliminate a woman’s right to choose as well as the proactive measures coming from the pro-choice movement.

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Pursuing Excessive Wall Street Bonuses Is Akin to a Drug Addiction

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: In a New York Timescommentary, a former Wall Street trader compares avaricious pursuit of money to being a junkie. He was able to kick the habit, but can others?

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Who Needs the Gestapo When You Have “Angry Birds”?

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Republicans Just Won the Food Stamp War: House Passes Farm Bill With $9 Billion Cut From Food Stamps

Read the Article at Mother Jones

Edward Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Read the Article at The Guardian

Dinesh D’Souza Indicted for Violating Campaign Finance Laws

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Seattle Socialist Kshama Sawant’s SOTU Response: “We Need a Break From Capitalism”

Watch the Video at The Raw Story

Head of GCHQ, Britain’s Electronic Intelligence Agency, to Step Down by Year’s End Following Snowden Leaks

Read the Article at RT News

Paul Krugman | Money and Class

Read the Article at The New York Times

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