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An Open Letter to a Privileged White Girl


Thank you for sharing this! As a mixed race person raised within a different cultural perspective than the dominant one in my country I often perceive things differently. I felt very grateful for the classes in college and the books and personal conversations that taught me about privilege and intersectionality. Being an Aspie I often have difficulty explaining ordinary stuff to neurotypical people-my experience trying to share things like this and explain white privilege to people who thought because I look more like them I must think like them was pretty

I’m in awe of those who, like this writer, are capable of clearly and briefly conveying these ideas.

At the roots its about Respect. Would any of us want others to treat us that way?

Not sure if anyone else noticed or cares but Yoga came from India-where lots of people have very dark skin. Imho it is no more odd or remarkable for an African American of any size or shape to be doing yoga than it is for a European-American.

Kudos to everyone who gets out to increase their health and spiritual growth thru such practices.

I know conversations like this are uncomfortable for a lot of people. Some in the new age say any discussion of others behavior is “judging” and to be avoided. I feel that it is important to discuss, to share and to be uncomfortable rather than just leave rot covered up to fester.

The golden age is for everyone so we need to open ourselves to experiences and perspectives beyond our own. “Disclosure” isn’t just about ET life, or governments, corporations and religions hidden malfeasance. We have to face societal and personal things that have not been right too.

We can learn to be respectful and loving to all thru patience and listening to one another.

Author: ohnwentsya

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3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to a Privileged White Girl

  1. You bring together a wonderful collection of great reads. Thanks.

    • Thank you! I wasn’t at all sure when I began this that my rather eclectic perspective would make a blog anyone would like but I’ve been very grateful to find so many like minded people with interesting blogs sharing things I might never have discovered otherwise. 🙂 utterly ruins the whole neo-luddite idea for me!;-)

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