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Common Dreams Weekly Digest February 1, 2014

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With Review in Hand, Obama Must Now Reject Dirty Pipeline: Groups
by Jacob Chamberlain
“The State Department has given Obama all the room he needs to do what he promised in both campaigns: to take serious steps against global warming.”
Rest in Peace Pete Seeger, A True Progressive Hero
by Matthew Rothschild
His advice for activists: “The key issues are those that are close to you, geographically as well as spiritually. If someone says, ‘I want to change the world. Where do I go?’ I answer: ‘Stay right where you are. Don’t run away. Dig in.’”
‘Insane, Disgusting’ and ‘Epic Treachery’: NSA Spied on Climate Talks
by Jon Queally
“While climate activists from around the world gathered outside the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009, the U.S. delegation inside the talks was busy listening to something else: a steady stream of surveillance intelligence on other nations provided by the NSA.”
The State of Phony Populism
by Norman Solomon
“With trills of empathy, the president’s voice soared to hit the high notes. He easily carried a tune of economic populism. But after five years of Obama in the White House, Americans should know by now that he was lip-syncing the words.”
Seattle’s Socialist City Councilor Offers Radical Response to Obama Speech
by Jon Queally
“The political system is completely dysfunctional and broken. It is drowning in corporate cash.”
Failing the Future: On Obama’s Climate Legacy
by Janet Redman
“Obama must either ditch his all-of-the-above energy strategy or forget about leaving a climate-healing legacy.”
Woo-Hoo! Shell Ditches Its Arctic Drilling Plans
by Andrea Germanos
“Let us celebrate the victory for sure, but keep in mind that Shell will try to be back and we will have to stop them, year, after year, after year.”
Why There’s No Outcry
by by Robert Reich
“Middle incomes are sinking, the ranks of the poor are swelling, almost all the economic gains are going to the top, and big money is corrupting our democracy. So why isn’t there more of a ruckus?”
Pete Seeger (1919-2014): Peace Activist and Folk Legend Passes
by Jon Queally
“Seeger was a giant of the folk music revival of the 20th Century, playing for audiences and children all over the world. As well known for his political activism and consistent voice against war, environmental destruction, and oppression, Seeger was often shunned by the powerful but never wavered in his commitment to justice, beauty, and the power of music to bring people together.
Approving Keystone XL Could Be the Biggest Mistake of Obama’s Presidency
by Michael Mann
“A State Department report fails to take into account the full climate impacts of Keystone XL. Who is Obama protecting?”

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