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Keystone XL video and ESRA from Tikkun

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I received this in email from Tikkun and thought some of you might also find it useful.

I have a page here on spirit in action about ESRA as well but it has not been updated in a while.

The astrology seems to be saying this month is the start of a sea change in awareness and perspective-a time when the people say no more to the abusers and begin to work in Unity for a better world for all.

I hope so!

We at the Network of Spiritual Progressives have been working to spread information about the dangerous environmental impact of the Keystone/XL plan to build a pipeline to send oil from Canada down to refineries on the Gulf Coast of the southern United States. Environmentalists have raised powerful objections, but the Obama administration lately showed signs of being willing to give permission for this project. And the Keystone advocates in Congress promise that this will provide new jobs at a time when unemployment remains a major problem for the U.S. economy. Please watch this short and hilariously accurate video, and then take action to stop Keystone.

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Truthout Daily Digest February 5, 2014

Noam Chomsky | Prerogatives of Power

Noam Chomsky, Truthout: Recently the BBC reported on the results of the WIN/Gallup International poll on the question: “Which country do you think is the greatest threat to peace in the world today?” The United States was the champion by a substantial margin, winning three times the votes of second-place Pakistan.

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How Eviction Resisters Are Using Stand-Your-Ground Laws To Challenge Fannie Mae

Anna Simonton, Truthout: Stand Your Ground laws and the national foreclosure crisis have sparked intense debate and nationwide grass-roots mobilization in the past few years. Thus far, the two issues have not overlapped, but that’s about to change.

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Whose Radical Jesus? The Story of a Literary Success

Paul Buhle, Truthout: Reza Aslan’s Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth looks at issues of class and colonialism, oppression and rebellion in first-century Judea in a way that resonates for 21st-century readers.

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Job Creationism: The Myth of the Entrepreneur as God

David Gespass, Truthout: The joint emphasis on owners of capitalist enterprises as the source of jobs reflects both political parties’ dependence on contributions from rich donors and turns the relationship of employees and employers on its head.

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Is the TPP Dead? Have We Won?

Dennis Trainor Jr., Popular Resistance: Given that NAFTA has contributed to a world that is a negative image of what was sold to us, it is no surprise that the global elite and the Obama administration have been negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership in secret.

Read the Article and Watch the Video

CVS Shows That Big Government Is Working

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: Big government is working! Today, CVS Caremark, the second-largest drugstore chain in the country, announced that it will stop selling all tobacco products – cigarettes and chewing tobacco – by October 1.

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Residents and Fishermen Fight Cove Point LNG Export Plans That Threaten Area’s Future

Caroline Selle, DeSmogBlog: The entire LNG export process, the coalition says, would release more greenhouse gases than Maryland’s seven coal-fired power plants combined, and local government officials have not been receptive to homeowners’ concerns.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Living Close to Nature Improves Our Mental Health, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: The mortgage industry is still breaking the law; we’ve already had two rivers destroyed by the fossil fuel industry; the state of Washington thinks that everyone should have the right to a vacation; and more.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Paul Krugman | Economic Exaggerations in Europe

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Allies of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s government are now taunting French President François Hollande for having run the French economy “into the sand,” according to The Financial Times – presumably in contrast with Britain’s triumph.

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As Trans-Pacific Partnership Falters, Opponents Go After Fence-Sitting Pols

James Trimarco, Yes! Magazine: Opponents say the TPP would roll back the gains of almost every people’s movement, especially those concerned with labor and the environment. As many frequently point out, the deal isn’t just about trade.

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The Health Care Doctors Forgot: Why Ordinary Food Will Be the Future of Medicine

T. Colin Campbell and Jacob Gould Schurman, Independent Science News: Few issues have become so intensely debated and politically charged as the need to reform the health care system. This has resulted in the Affordable Care Act, which aims to expand and improve health care and reduce health care costs.

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Taking the Mic: Why Structural and Environmental Racism Matter

Staff, Peaceful Uprising: We at Peaceful Uprising threw our support behind the Clean Air, No Excuses rally, because air quality in the Salt Lake valley is the worst in the nation – and has at times this year surpassed pollution in Beijing.

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Take Roots Action:

A State Department report has just declared that the environmental impact of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would be acceptable. This clears a path for Secretary of State John Kerry to give his approval to the pipeline.

Tell Kerry and President Obama we will not stand for this project moving forward


Elizabeth Warren: End Usurious Payday Loan Exploitation by Making Post Offices Mini-Banks

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Once again, Elizabeth Warren makes an innovative win-win proposal. Both working poor consumers and the Postal Service would benefit from her idea.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

An Enlightened US Drug Policy Would Reduce Heroin Deaths

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

House GOP Abandons Plans to Tie Debt Ceiling to Obamacare, Keystone

Read the Article at The Hill

Making Iowa Into a War Zone: National Guard Poised To Attack From Des Moines Airport

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

First Congressman to Battle NSA Is Dead; No One Noticed, No One Cares

Read the Article at PandoDaily

UN: Vatican “Must Immediately Remove” Child Abusers

Read the Article at BBC

Farm Bill Promotes Hemp as Legal Crop; Obama Expected to Sign

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America

Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference – Read It Here

Read the Article at Mother Jones

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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus – Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

There are two main things in operation today. One current involves themes of loyalty and guardianship. This energy drives us toward protecting people, places, things, ideas, and principles that are meaningful to us. Our actions today demonstrate where our loyalties lie and what is truly valuable to us.

The other current involves making a connection with something before Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow. This connection is also with people, places, things, ideas, and principles. The universe is conspiring to make this connection, so we need only to follow along with our day. There is a lot of “congestion” in the energy, so the universe will be cutting through a lot to make the connection.

Everyone should note today and tomorrow’s events, as these things will be revisited when Mercury stations direct at the end of the month. Mercury will turn direct at the point in the sky where the Sun is now. Whatever is in place today and tomorrow will be re-activated and will come back around. It will be more refined and developed by then.

This month, each of us is “standing guard” on the “vast staircase” (see Archives of the past week’s reports for reference). We are in place and in position. This means that when we are emotionally triggered by events that are happening in our lives and in our world (or things that we fear may happen in our lives and in our world), we hold our ground. We remain centered. We keep it together. We build our power. We do this by understanding that we are connected, via the staircase, to everyone else who is engaged in the same mindset. We are united by our love for the planet and her vision for humanity. Each of has our own stair, our own place to be and space to hold. We stand for freedom of the human mind and the expression of beauty.

It goes without saying but should be said that we have the support of our own fiercely loyal guardians.

If you start to struggle or get frustrated, it’s the sign that you need to slow down and be patient. Become still and let the universe make some connections for you.


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Stop Keystone XL-350.org


I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like last night.

The call to organize rallies against Keystone XL went out on Friday afternoon as the State Department released their report on the pipeline. By Monday morning, over 250 actions were planned and thousands of people were ready to take to the streets in the cold, rain and snow.

In New York, people gathered after a heavy snow and spelled out a giant #noKXL message in lights. In DC, a crowd stood outside the White House and asked a simple question to President Obama: “Will you be a climate champion or the pipeline president?” In Nebraska, folks gathered in the solar-powered barn that stands in the path of the pipeline were it to move forward.

I could say more, but in this case it really is true that the pictures are worth a thousand words. Could you share this image with photos from last night on Facebook to help show the world that this movement is mobilized like never before?

Click here to share this image:

Turn on images to see photos from last night!

(Photo credits: Oakland – Brooke Anderson, Atkinson – Diane Steskal, NYC – Terry Allen)

If that’s what we can do in one weekend, imagine what we’re capable of in the weeks and months to come, as President Obama makes his final decision about the pipeline.

Tonight we’ll be bringing together a video chat to talk about some ideas for what comes next. Now is the time to start making plans — the video chat will start at 9 PM Eastern/ 6 Pacific, and we’ll have a message from 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben, hear from Idle No More organizer Clayton Thomas-Muller, and lay out some ideas for a full court-press to stop the pipeline.

Click here to get a reminder email for the video chat: act.350.org/sign/feis-video-chat/

President Obama has the evidence he needs to reject the pipeline — the question is whether he wants to be remembered as a climate champion or the pipeline president.

That means that Washington bureaucrats won’t decide this fight — we will. If we can make enough noise in enough creative, unavoidable ways, we can drown out the voice of big oil.

This won’t be our last fight — there are still many tar sands projects to stop, and a whole fossil fuel economy to turn around — but it is a crucial one, and one that I’m so, so excited to continue alongside you.

Let’s do this.



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British government whitewashes Colombian human rights violations

Thank you for sharing this.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Britain says about itself:

17 Dec 2013

Justice for Colombia is a trade union backed human rights organisation focused on supporting local movements in their search for peace and social justice in Colombia.

After earlier British governmental (then Gordon Brown‘s ‘New’ Labour government) support for the bloody oppression in Colombia (where about half the world’s murders of trade unionists are perpetrated, though Colombia has only 0,6% of the world’s people) …

By Richard Bagley in Britain:

Clegg criticised as he wines and dines Colombian regime

Tuesday 4th February 2014

Nick Clegg turns a blind eye to rampant human rights abuses

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will turn a blind eye to rampant human rights abuses today when he touches down in Colombia on a mission to sell British goods to its blood-drenched regime.

The Lib Dem leader is to schmooze President Juan Manuel Santos –…

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Love Is Always The Answer

Thank you for sharing this. Interesting and a bit curious.

Illuminations Now!!


Re-blogged from

Higher Density Blog

NOTE:   This is going to be a year of many surprises.  I do not know who this person is or whether it merits our attention.  Let’s all keep our antennas up and use discernment.  Just remember, the Good Guys above are watching over us.


AngelicView: This is a follow-up to my last post “An Announcement from Courtney Brown“, which contained a Poll, on the Courtney Brown announcement that is supposed to happen sometime this month. This summary below was written by Laron, at Transients.info:

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Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast February 2014 – Feeling the Momentum

Thank you!

Higher Density Blog


By Emmanuel Dagher, February 4, 2014 – http://www.emmanueldagher.com/energy-forecast


Hi My Friend,

There’s a momentum building now that is feeling quite palpable to many people around the world. Momentum builds when change is about to happen.

If you’ve been feeling more anxious, scattered or emotionally charged than usual, know that it’s part of this wave of momentum.

A New State of Balance

The past 11-year cycle has been quite a roller coaster ride, filled with extremes of both highs and lows.

As we enter the next era of our personal and collective journey, we will have the opportunity to experience a more balanced existence. This kind of balanced existence will no longer need to be achieved through extreme measures, but rather through a more gentle, peaceful and refined way.

Humans have undergone millennia of conditioning, on both conscious and subconscious levels. During that time, we internalized the collective belief that…

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