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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus – Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

There are two main things in operation today. One current involves themes of loyalty and guardianship. This energy drives us toward protecting people, places, things, ideas, and principles that are meaningful to us. Our actions today demonstrate where our loyalties lie and what is truly valuable to us.

The other current involves making a connection with something before Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow. This connection is also with people, places, things, ideas, and principles. The universe is conspiring to make this connection, so we need only to follow along with our day. There is a lot of “congestion” in the energy, so the universe will be cutting through a lot to make the connection.

Everyone should note today and tomorrow’s events, as these things will be revisited when Mercury stations direct at the end of the month. Mercury will turn direct at the point in the sky where the Sun is now. Whatever is in place today and tomorrow will be re-activated and will come back around. It will be more refined and developed by then.

This month, each of us is “standing guard” on the “vast staircase” (see Archives of the past week’s reports for reference). We are in place and in position. This means that when we are emotionally triggered by events that are happening in our lives and in our world (or things that we fear may happen in our lives and in our world), we hold our ground. We remain centered. We keep it together. We build our power. We do this by understanding that we are connected, via the staircase, to everyone else who is engaged in the same mindset. We are united by our love for the planet and her vision for humanity. Each of has our own stair, our own place to be and space to hold. We stand for freedom of the human mind and the expression of beauty.

It goes without saying but should be said that we have the support of our own fiercely loyal guardians.

If you start to struggle or get frustrated, it’s the sign that you need to slow down and be patient. Become still and let the universe make some connections for you.


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