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Karen Bishop Sleeping Our Way to Heaven February 8, 2014


This site does not allow copying or republishing even a brief quote as an introduction so I just want to say this post goes along with Denise le Fey and Aisha North’s posts today.

It gives a bit more background and explanation of where we are currently in the ascension process and why things feel so odd right now for so many of us.


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Lauren Gorgo | Breaking Free The Call of Destiny

Holy crap..things are powerfully pressurized at the moment. And interestingly, I am hearing that this intensity is firing in two clear directions where some of you are experiencing enormous expansion and feelings of betterment, while others are still pretty pummelled by these new frequencies and feeling down in the dumps. Most of us I imagine, are somewhere in between on the blissed-out to bottoming-out spectrum.

Because of this, the Pleiadian High Council has asked that I address this pressure first and foremost to help alleviate any extra tension, depression, fear or anxiety that many are picking up on as these collective energies freely float around the ethers from all the explosions of new (solar) light.

First and foremost, because we are ever-so-slowly moving out of the transformation process, we are (for the most part) beginning to adopt a new detached mental outlook that is so much more helpful than in the past…that much should be clear. Yet, there are still those days/hours/minutes that are supremely challenging even if they are growing to be more sporadic.

The pressure from this compounding change is also evident in our physical bodies, mostly in uncomfortable ways, tho it should be obvious that we are grounding deeper and deeper into our vessels and getting closer and closer to emergence.

What I am hearing over and again is that the reason that some of us (read: super sensitive souls) are having such a difficult time since the solstice cycle commenced is directly related to the new (higher) level of photonic frequencies…compliments of the solar maximum cycle/pole shift. This radiation of new light that we are absorbing is literally unlike any other encodement that has preceded it, and is therefore affecting us all in a myriad of fortunate, but challenging ways.

The council tells me that up until now there have been those who have achieved embodied enlightenment, certainly….however, what they want us to understand is that the level to which we are able to attain biological & spiritual mastery now, is unparallelled…that in some cases, we are even moving beyond the level of mastery that many of us have attained during the time of Atlantis…which indeed was a very enlightened time.

We are entering a cycle of evolution where everything becomes possible, some of which will be possible for the first time in the history of humanity, and all this via the sun which acts as a transmitter of the pure, LOVE energy from the HEART of the galaxy… from Home.

So the Pleiadians are pleading with us to hang on while we adjust to these new frequencies, insisting that we cut ourselves some slack…that we give our body, mind and soul permission to make this transition in its own time and in its own way, without judgement, expectation or attachment…

Certainly we understand what we are asking of you, we know what this requires…yet, we also know exactly what each of you are capable of.

With that, we assure you as always that what’s to come will far outweigh the challenges to arrive here…and though in some ways you are still incubating, you are closer than ever to emergence.


Most important is that we understand that the body is taking on a radiance never before attained in the physical flesh…which is also why it has been speaking so loudly lately in response to all the solar activity. So much rest has been required recently it’s just plain ridiculous…and while it has been such a struggle to stay awake at times, at others its been a struggle to get to sleep. And then of course there are those maniacal periods of exaggerated vitality, in almost mocking ways.

We know by now that these extreme highs and the lows can be quite turbulent and cumbersome to manage, integrate and balance, but the PHC is really urging each of us to stay as centered, grounded and detached as possible while we welcome in the new robust and very powerful (wood horse) energy of 2014…which is already beckoning us to buck wildly for our freedom, in sometimes exaggerated ways.

No doubt we are beginning to feel the outer edges of what’s truly possible…what our hearts are really pining for…and this is inspiring within us brand new desires, some which include radical life changes.

We are literally bumping noses with the possibilities of our future and beginning to entertain ideas never before considered. And this is exciting and invigorating, but also challenging based on our still morphing form.

This new energy is starkly contrasting the last (water snake) year of immobility, hibernation and metamorphosis while we painstakingly shed our outworn skins…seemingly cell by cell…so it can feel infuriating/disheartening to sense the immensity of the new, while still (physically and/or emotionally) trapped in the old.

Add to that the fact that there is no real certainty or clarity available to us yet with regard to how these new bubbling desires will manifest, but thats mostly because “the how” doesn’t come about until we are fully invested in our heart’s call.

Once committed, it is the desire itself that will magnetize the routes to our destiny, so right now it’s super important that we allow ourselves to really accept & feel the possibilities contained within our desires…and without fear.

That’s exactly what they are here for, tho some of what’s being revealed is BIG stuff…changes that we knew would one day call to us, but it can be a little intimidating from where are now to truly allow those desires to take root in our hearts.

Ignore that impulse (read: bad habit). This is our job right now…not be overwhelmed at what it would take to make those visions a reality, but to simply allow ourselves to have them, to imagine what they would be like, and ultimately to watch the “the how” rise up to meet us.

Besides, we have the horse on our side this year and even tho our inner-bronco will need some taming and direction, it will also afford us the strength, stamina and mobility to bust out of any self created ruts and make those changes in our lives that are necessary to honor the spirited call of our recalibrated hearts.

And this building pressure to DO, to change, to move on to something more aligned with our LOVE is palpable, but we definitely need to hold our horses for a minute (the second to the last horse pun) and get clear about our directions while we acknowledge any discomfort that arises in contrast to the emerging freedoms trying to break into the manifest world.
These seeming roadblocks are showing up for a last look at how our thoughts can keep us small, trapped in limitation, and are offering us the chance to realign with those thoughts that are based in the expansiveness of our LOVE.

This will prove to be a very healing time in retrospect but because we are preparing to go the distance, we really need this month to settle into our new grooves and make a concerted effort to break free from the past, sever ties with our old programs and release with finality, any and ALL things that are preventing us from living a divine life…an authentic life, where our LOVE leads.

And this is the gift of February…
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  • why things are suddenly so intense
  • the purpose of Febuary
  • the call of the heart
  • the year of the horse
  • pining for change
  • the birth of new desire
  • radical life change
  • coming unstuck
  • opening to greater vision
  • from lower mind to high heart
  • letting LOVE lead
  • moving beyond the mundane
  • new opportunities opening
  • more purpose puzzle pieces
  • accepting what’s “too good to be true”
  • recalibration, resurrection, rejuvination
  • our upcoming renewal process
  • emanciapation from biological bondage
  • physical body changes
  • the release point
  • and SO MUCH more…



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The Oracle Report | Saturday, February 8 – Sunday, February 9, 2013


First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, break away, grow

Moon: Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Saturday’s energy favors reception of important messages and information. These messages are designed to heal. Situations that are under stress come into better resolution by spreading a blanket of gentleness over them. While standing in place, it is easier to notice our blessings.

Sunday’s energy brings a look at the reality of things and tempts us to spiral into disappointment. Things are being unmasked and illusions are being broken. There is a tendency to exaggerate perceived failures. This may be hard to see, but ultimately it frees us.

Overall, the weekend’s energy serves to rectify and revise situations. Remember the keywords of revelation, reparation, and resilience. All of these things are happening to put things in place.

(Note: A group meditation for all wise owls who wish to participate is scheduled for 6:13 pm EST/ 11:13 UTC on Sunday. Meditations are most effective when they are personalized, so put your personal touch on visualizing this month’s grand spiral staircase reaching into the cosmos [see this week’s posts in the Archives]. Picture your place on it, connected with everyone else. If the time is inconvenient based on your place in the world, do the meditation whenever and intend your energy to link up with the others in space-time. Intention is all that is required. Light a candle or even just a match. Visualize a shaft of white light enveloping you. Vocalize: “We stand together, upholding the free expression of humanity.” It’s a powerful stand.)


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The manuscript of survival – part 395

Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

You have all been put on the fast forward track by now dear ones, and as everything continues to speed up, your perception of the reality that surrounds you will also start to change at an ever increasing speed. You see, the veils have started to dim down now in all aspects, so what you see, will continue to magnify in all sorts of ways.

Let us explain. It will not come as news to any of you that the world you see around you is not the world you have taken it to be, and now that will become obvious to every last one of you. That is, to every one that have made the same choice as you, namely to truly open your hearts to the light and through that, allowing yourself to start to see what has been here all along but that you have turned away…

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Greenwald’s Balls

Thank you for sharing this. It is profoundly disheartening to me that not only is my country doing a disgustingly good impression of the country in George Orwell’s famous novel-it is doing so under the administration of a brilliant man who I worked to elect. Either my suspicions about the true nature of power and control in the global oligarchy as it relates to our democracy/republic are correct or my beliefs about our current President are in error. I have done enough research to believe that both suspicions and beliefs are correct. The oligarchs love nothing better than pinning their nastiness on a good hearted person who is trying to alleviate the harm they cause.
Perhaps I am a clueless idealist but I doubt it. Barack Obama is far too intelligent and well educated to believe that the panopticon society is a solution rather than a problem. He has little wiggle room tho as the figurehead for the country if he openly challenges the systems in place it would cause chaos:-(