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The Oracle Report | Monday, February 10, 2014

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Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, process
Moon: Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Good news for our dear Cancers and Capricorns and Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn: the Moon is moving through Cancer for the last time while the Black Moon is in Cancer. A process of rebirth that began on June 9, 2013, is coming to completion. The Black Moon will enter Leo on March 4, 2014, beginning this process for Leos and Aquarius and those with the Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius. Whereas the Black Moon in Cancer relates to issues of support, the Black Moon in Leo relates to issues related to change and order. These themes touch everyone in some way, not just those with these signs.

Today’s energy brings the need to integrate our emotions with our will, heart, spirit, and body. To do this, stand in place and bring these things together. Call them back to you if they are far away. We are in command of ourselves, not demanding of ourselves. Think of this like the mountains in today’s photo calling in the clouds in the background. (Special thanks to Anya for sending this sunrise photo from Guatemala and special thanks to everyone who sent photos this past weekend. What a joy to receive them! Watch as they are featured in the future for everyone to enjoy.)

So today there is a lot swirling around emotionally and we will let it flow in and out while we stand firmly in place. This isn’t about controlling; it’s about receiving and releasing. We have our feet on the ground, but we are not locked in place emotionally or mentally. We are fluid. Experience things as they come up, but don’t hold onto them. This energy will move up and down, in and out, back and forth very quickly. Don’t get “stuck” or “settle” on anything too tightly because it will most likely morph again before the day is complete.

It is difficult to stand in place if we view it as being in idle. Standing in place means maintaining sure and stable footing, but it does not mean not moving. We are moving about in consciousness. We are taking great leaps in consciousness, in fact. Sometimes when we move our consciousness out of the bounds of what we previously thought or believed, a physical relocation is necessary. But this is still done from the stance of inner, personal grounding and centeredness.

Allow space for things to rearrange and integrate today. Watch it swirl.

(Thanks to everyone who joined in yesterday’s meditation. It’s a pleasure to stand alongside.)


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