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The problems of positive thinking

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Indeed even many channeled sources are adding in the caveat that they are not saying to martyr yourself, that loving  yourself and setting healthy boundaries are essential to progress on a spiritual journey. 

I really appreciate this post and am glad you made it. I hope it will be found by many who might otherwise be sidetracked by the “its all good” crowd.

I tried following the advice of a spiritual discussion group I read when dealing with a dangerous situation once. Had  I realized sooner that unconditional love may be spiritually beneficial but is not exactly a panacea for interpersonal conflict in all cases I might have avoided a great deal of unfortunate difficulty and injury. 

It sounds ridiculous written down here but it is all too easy to believe a dangerous and horrifying situation might really be something we are personally responsible for-and thus have some actual power to change thru changing ourselves.

It is seductive to think our reality creation can include both attracting and repelling  nightmares in real life as part of our own spiritual journey. 

That perspective conveniently ignores the free will of complete asshats to BE complete asshats until such time as they personally choose to change. 

Sometimes as my cousin likes to say “hands on magic” is required. 

Whether that means a carefully wielded weapon or simply physically removing yourself from a negative situation;  taking physical action is not an “unspiritual” or unloving response to a physical threat.

I believe that the “its all good” perspective may be a misinterpretation of a real spiritual truth. 

At a certain level of enlightenment, acceptance of all that is with love is natural. It doesn’t as far as I know change what IS tho- only the awareness of the arhat that it is but a fragment of the mind of God in which all that exists is made of love.

Imho acceptance of what is does not in any way preclude common sense actions to deal with what is.

Ie awareness that the Nile floods feed the soil and are thus “good” never prevented any sane person from walking to higher ground instead of drowning.;-)

Druid Life

I see a lot of pieces online about how we can improve our lives with more positive thinking. Practice gratitude. When you are angry with someone, look at how you are projecting your negativity onto them. Minimise your problems. Love everybody. Now, if the only problems in your life exist because you’re a miserable, negative sort of person who projects this onto others, feels no gratitude and has no love in their heart, this may in fact work. In some situations, it can get you killed.

The trouble with glib positive thinking prompts, is that they do not have any nuance, or any capacity for detail. They also make you wholly responsible for your life experience. Yes, you can change any experience by changing how you feel about it. If you are being bullied at work, or beaten at home, you can make this easier to bear by feeling grateful…

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