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A Message from the Raven

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Thank for sharing this. I think perhaps that muchn of this has long been true. Humans have been destroying birds habitat and causing mass death to them and other species for quite some time. Birds and other beings, including elemental beings and devas have long been cooperative and friendly toward those in tune with and seeking to care for Gaia and all living beings. I feel that it is becoming noticeable to more people because more people are now awake and paying attention. More people are trying to help the Earth, one another and all living beings so the connections that have always been there are coming into their awareness. I look forward to the time when birds can fly wherever they want without encountering radiation, HARP, chemtrails or other pollution, unshielded windmills etc.

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This came through as a blog comment from “Raven,” whom I know and who has powerful spiritual and shamanic gifts. The message seems important enough to bump up to its own post:

“Laura, I have received a bit of insight related to the bird sightings brought up here and elsewhere. I spoke with raven during a shamanic journey today and asked if he had a message for the people. He said the family of birds is somewhat confused and struggling. They can feel pockets of radiation and many other environmental assaults, and they attempt to avoid it by flying to places where they might not normally be seen. They are also affected by unusual weather modifications, HAARP and similar microwave technologies. This is not surprising at all, but what is a bit of a surprise is that the reason they seem “friendlier” and more engaging with humans now is that…

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