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Truthout Daily Digest February 21, 2014

Secret Plans and Clever Tricks: How Information About Public Contracting Is Hidden From the Public

Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout: Evidence abounds that when private companies take over formerly public roles, the public’s right to know gets contracted away as well. The consequences can be significant.

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Complaint at World Court Alleges NATO Members Complicit in War Crimes

Candice Bernd, Truthout: British human rights lawyers’ complaint at the International Criminal Court documents Pakistani civilian drone victims’ accounts and accuses NATO member-states of war crimes by helping to facilitate the US covert drone program.

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Why Drone Strikes Harm America

L. Michael Hager, Truthout: Despite global outrage, the Obama administration is debating whether to expand the drone program to target American citizens living abroad, proof that the termination of the CIA’s drone program is long overdue.

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Local Resistance to the NDAA Amps Up, Spans Political Spectrum

Britney Schultz, Truthout: A recent decision by the Obama administration to consider a drone strike against a US citizen and perceived “terrorist” brings the conflict of executive authority and civil and constitutional rights back in the spotlight as local resistance to the NDAA is spreading across the country.

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The Shadow Lobbying Complex

Lee Fang, The Nation: On paper, the lobbying industry is quickly disappearing. In January, records indicated that for a third straight year, overall spending on lobbying decreased. Lobbyists themselves continue to deregister. But experts say that lobbying isn’t dying; instead, it’s simply going underground.

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Our Vision Is More Than a DREAM: What’s Next for Immigrant Youth?

Neidi Dominguez, Truthout: “Immigrant youth have been the engine behind immigrant rights organizing in recent years. We’ve been lifted up and saddled with the title of dreamers, but we’ve always been so much more. Where we go next is something we must define for ourselves.”

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UIC Faculty Rekindle Fight for Public Education With Historic Strike

Rebecca Burns, In These Times: Tuesday marked the start of an unprecedented two-day walkout staged by University of Illinois at Chicago United Faculty, the union that represents more than 1,100 tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty members at the state university. Strikes by university professors are a rare occurrence.

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“Sky Raper”: Drones Are Tools of the Patriarchy

Allison Kilkenny, Unreported: “Here we have a bunch of joystick jockeys not only responsible for killing nameless, faceless brown people thousands of miles away, but as if that wasn’t enough of a violation, they decided to sprinkle a dash of rape culture onto their acts of horrific violence,” says Kilkenny.

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ALEC’s Fracking Chemical Disclosure Bill Moving Through Florida Legislature

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog: The American Legislative Exchange Council’s model bill for disclosure of chemicals injected into the ground during the controversial hydraulic fracturing process is back for a sequel in the Sunshine State’s legislature.

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Biblical Medicine: How Religious Authorities Can Have Power Over Your Life and Death Decisions

Valerie Tarico, AlterNet: Religious belief is on the decline in the US, and medical knowledge is on the increase. This makes it particularly ironic that so much of our health care system is accountable at the highest levels, not to science or patient preference, but to the dictates of faith and theology.

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A New Cold War? Ukraine Violence Escalates, Leaked Tape Suggests US Was Plotting Coup

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now!: While President Obama has vowed to “continue to engage all sides,” a recently leaked audio recording between two top US officials reveals the Obama administration has been secretly plotting with the opposition.

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Rick “Man-on-Dog” Santorum Plans 2016 Run on “Save the Unborn, Damn the Living Poor” Platform

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Rick Santorum doesn’t just want to control women’s bodies; he wants to dictate how we live. He doesn’t just believe in Jesus Christ; he thinks that he is Jesus Christ.

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In Parched States, Fracking’s Thirst Grows

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Obama’s Nuke-Powered Drone Strike

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Bush-Appointed Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against NYPD Spying, Argues Associated Press Caused Muslims to Suffer

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With 2015 Budget Request, Obama Will Call for an End to Era of Austerity

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“Son of God” Coming to a Theater Near You

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This Utah Lawmaker Might Be the Most Delusional Climate Skeptic Ever

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My Life Behind Kiev’s Barricades

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The Oracle Report | Friday, February 21, 2014


Disseminating Moon Phase: messages, communication, sharing

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

The two sisters, Venus and Eris, come together today, attempting to bring peace, balance, harmony, and grace to situations. They are a unified force. In a month where we have been standing in place, building power and resilience, and re-evaluating and revising matters, their presence on the scene is a blessing today, one that will continue through the weekend.

Also continuing today and through the weekend is the window of time when the Sun is in conjunction with Neptune. This is “stellar communication.” The Sun is optimizing the highest spiritual octaves of Neptune to deliver insight and awareness that is about as “high” as you can get.

Things may start to get frustrating, congested, and noisy. If and when you experience this, call in the peaceful energy of the sisters and harmonize this inside of yourself. We are standing in place but we feel like running because Mars, which usually makes us run, is almost at a standstill and pounding us with pressure. Mars will station retrograde on March 2, 2014, so we only have a little more than a week left of it. Instead of seeing it as something to withstand, see it as something to absorb. Remember that it is happening to build power.


Arctic Heart Beat and Disappearing Old Ice

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Thank you for sharing this!

Icy Seas

Have a look at this beautiful movie that shows how the Arctic Ocean moves its oldest and thickest ice around from 1987 through 2013:

[Credits: Dr. Mark Tschudi, University of Colorado and NOAA’s climate.gov.]

The Beaufort Gyre moves ice off western Canada and Alaska clockwise while the Fram Strait outflow between eastern Greenland and Spitsbergen exports much of the ice into the North Atlantic Ocean with the East Greenland Slope Current. The dividing line between the westward flux (into the Beaufort Gyre) and the eastward flux (into Fram Strait) stretch out to the north of the Canadian Archipelago and Greenland.

My only quibble is that, according to the movie, no old ice exits via Nares Strait or the Canadian Archipelago which is not true. During our field work in Nares Strait from 2003 through 2012 we always met rather heavy, thick, and old ice streaming south:

A graduate student…

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Managing Expectations for QEG Distribution: Important Information

Thank you for doing and sharing this. This is absolutely inspiring!

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015

manufacturing From myself and my family, we would like to thank you for your support around the development and distribution of the QEG. Over the course of the last few weeks we have received many inquiries and wanted to take this opportunity to answer some questions and manage expectations.

First we would like to highlight that the method in which we have developed and plan to distribute the QEG has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. For this reason it is important to clarify some of the key differences between the QEG and any other product on the market.

A Consumers First Glimpse Behind the Scenes

The average consumer is not exposed to the research and development stages of a new product and only knows about the product when it is on the shelf and ready for purchase. The competitive business environment we have lived in for decades fosters secrecy and requires that…

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Dr. Cats Knoke: The Feral Cat Herder~

Thank you Cindy! You are a beautiful soul to see and bring out the beauty of these amazing creatures instead of the pathos. I love seeing humanity awakening to compassion and love. Choosing to help and care for feral cats instead of extermination is one particularly joyful sign of that for me. Cats are wise beings. They truly do sense good and bad humans right away. The great thing about TNR programs is that over time it solves a sad problem as well as bringing a lot of love and spiritual growth to those who choose to engage in it. The feral cats I “rescued” have given me so much more than I can ever give thethem-tho I do try to keep regular with my catnip payments;-)

Jim speaks CAT big time. Cats are naturally attracted to him. They must know how much he likes them. For some people, herding feral cats might be problematic, not Jim, and the old city of San Juan is loaded with feral cats.

Check out Jim herding San Juan’s feral cats! There was no food of any sort involved here. Just Jim, AKA, Dr. Cats Knoke~~

He meows at them and they come running, even the wild Fishing Cat at The San Diego Zoo does this.
Sweethearts aren’t they?

Jim’s pretty sweet too, at least the cats, and I think so.

Before you become profoundly depressed at the prospect of all these cats without homes, take heart. You know I couldn’t leave you (or Jim for that matter) hanging. I had to find out. What is the story about all of these homeless kitty-cats? They are being cared for by a…

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SaLuSa Friday February 21, 2014 Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa 21 February 2014

You are present on Earth at a most important time, and as Lightworkers many of you have specific roles to play to help manifest the changes. Each of you volunteered to serve the Light at such an important time, and be assured that every contribution is essential to the whole. Providing you can stay focused on your task, you will be doing your bit to help bring about the changes that are essential to manifest the Light. It is a fact that because so many individuals are helping in this way, that the dark Ones are losing their battle to maintain their rule. Although they concentrate on the larger picture, we have them under total observation and are fully aware of their plans. Our combined efforts will eventually result in a bloodless coup that will force the dark Ones to accept their defeat. They will be totally overwhelmed by the progress made by us, and we know exactly when to play our hand.

The situation upon Earth is demanding a lot from you, but bear in mind that there are immense changes taking place. You may rest assured that the outcome is known by us and indeed often set up with our help. So do not be distracted by what is happening around you, knowing that a successful outcome has already been planned. We are obviously aware that the dark Ones will fight to the bitter end, but we have matters under control and we will not allow them to get out of hand. For karmic reasons we cannot interfere in some matters that have to play themselves out to clear outstanding responsibilities.

As the vibrations begin to lift upon Earth some of you will find that your psychic powers increase, and that generally you are becoming more intuitive. It will help you to decide what to do when faced with a number of choices, and you will be able to go forward with confidence. Remember that we are also on hand and never far away if you require some help. However, do not try to anticipate exactly how it would be given or when, simply accept that we will do what is best for you. We have the advantage of being able to see the larger picture and act accordingly. Sometimes for example we need to introduce changes in your life, and getting them into place can be difficult. Humans seem to have a strong mindset and do not always welcome change.

Time is still speeding up but you are now getting used to coping with it. It means being better organized and making full use of it. In the future you will live in an entirely different time, where the day to day chores that you now experience will no longer be necessary. Most of your needs will simply be provided by pure thought and it will be instantaneous. Even now you often unknowingly project powerful ones that do bring you the results you desire. That is why we already advise you to carefully watch your thoughts, as you have more power than you presently realise. In time you will be able to control them, and at a certain high level of vibration nothing less that positive ones would enter your mind. Already those souls on the path of Light are subconsciously or consciously working towards a condition which excludes anything of a negative nature.

If what is expected of you sounds difficult or demanding, be assured that all changes will manifest when you are ready. No one will rush you into phases of upliftment until you are, and much help is always available to you. The fact that you are here at this most important time, is in itself a sufficient indication of your ability to make adequate progress Needless to say, every contribution is helping the Light to manifest and spread the knowledge that will establish the truth of your history and the future that awaits you. We have told you many times that nothing happens by chance that impacts upon your life. All happens for a reason and is intended to further your progress towards the Light.

We will confirm once again that President Obama is playing a major role in bringing the Light to Earth, and in a holding position that will ensure the truth comes out. More importantly he is also playing a balancing game between the dark and Light, until the time is right for the next great step to be taken. As you must realise from past experience, we have inexhaustible patience and no move is made until the outcome can be assured. After such a long time working to turn the tide, we are not going to make any errors now that the finishing line is in sight. Your patience has worn thin at times, but we have been overjoyed at the rising levels of understanding that you have achieved.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to tell you that we have tight control over the activities of the dark Ones. If you get the impression that we do not, be aware that by seemingly allowing them to proceed with their plan, we are setting them a trap. By the time they realise how they have been fooled, it will be too late for them to recover. Then at last we shall have the stage to ourselves and rapidly proceed with the changes that have been long awaited. It will be a most exhilarating time with great happiness and joy.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey