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Things ARE Happening… People ARE Awaking… from D (RTS)… “The World Stands and Says: ‘NO MORE!'”

Thank you! This list is a fine balance for the revelation and exposure of the fake protests and insurrections being engineered by the 1% thru their usual minions. Ukraine has been exposed as one just as Libya was, and so many in the past and present (Syria of course! ). I hope that the awakening will be heart based with compassion for all. This so called awakening where people are hate filled calling for violence and saying the idea that everyone deserves to have their basic needs met is some sort of satanic socialist plot has been really crushing my spirit to encounter. Especially when some espousing it are calling themselves spiritual teachers. If it isnt rooted in compassion it isnt ascension imho. We can call for an end to wrongs without descending to the same level of hate at which those wrongs were created.

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Venezuela: The Real Significance of the Student Protests

Upside Down World
Saturday, 22 February 2014
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Venezuela: The Real Significance of the Student Protests PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Julia Buxton
Thursday, 20 February 2014 10:17

Protesting studentsSource: Latin America Bureau (LAB)

As the March 5thanniversary of Hugo Chávez’s death approaches, there is turmoil in Venezuela. Students have been protesting against the government in nation-wide demonstrations characterised by disorder and violence that have led to the death of three people. Initially organised to protest against economic shortages and insecurity, these demonstrations have been calling for ‘la salida’ – the exit of President Nicolás Maduro. They have been supported by sections of the opposition alliance, Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), led by Leopoldo López and Maria Corina Machado.

For many commentators – and for the government itself – these events mark a rerun of earlier events, when the opposition pushed for the removal of Chávez through a failed coup in 2002, a private sector lock-out in 2002-3 and a recall referendum against Chávez in 2004. Maria Corina Machado, a signatory to the 2002 ‘Carmona Decree’ that temporarily dissolved the Chávez government, was a key protagonist of the recall referendum. Her ‘civil society’ organisation, Súmate, received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington, where she was feted by President George Bush in May 2005.

Lessons All Round

The Chavistas learned a number of lessons from the events of 2002-2004: the importance of consolidating grassroots support (hence, the launch of the social policy initiative, the Missions); the need to build regional solidarity (hence, the acceleration of regional integration initiatives such as the ALBA); the capacity of the private sector to paralyse economic activity (hence, the deepening of the state’s role in the economy); and the urgency of countering false reporting on the country (hence, the funding of community and public media and new regulatory codes for broadcasting). It was this period that was the catalyst for the transformation of an initially centrist Third Way project into Socialism of the Twenty First Century.

The opposition similarly absorbed lessons, after anti-government unions, business associations and the local Roman Catholic Church failed to galvanise public opinion behind regime change in 2002. It adopted an electoral path as the balance of power swung to moderate factions, and radicals associated with unconstitutional tactics were pushed to the margins. This reaped dividends in national and regional elections after 2008 as the MUD focused on bread-and-butter voter concerns and wooedChavistas alienated by the government’s statist lurch with soothing language of reconciliation and promises to improve, rather than remove, the benefits delivered by the Missions. At the same time, the protagonist role of the private sector media was gradually tempered by introduction of European-style broadcast regulations.

US-based lobbies antagonistic toward the advance of Chávez’s socialism (and sympathetic to marginalised radicals) no longer saw these elements of ‘civil society’ as an effective oppositional vehicle and jettisoned them, deciding that a new tool for regime displacement had to be nurtured. Students in private sector universities became the new vanguard of ‘democracy promotion’.

Rise of the Student Opposition

In 2008, the US-based Cato Institute awarded the US$500,000 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty to student leader Yon Goicoechea for his role in mobilising protests against the suspension of private broadcaster RCTV’s licence. At the same time, a sizeable amount of the US$45 million in funding provided annually by US institutions to Venezuelan opposition groups was channelled to ‘youth outreach’ programmes.

With financial support and media training, Venezuela’s student and opposition-aligned Juventud Activa Venezuela Unida (JAVU) became vociferous and mobilised, focusing after 2010 on the alleged censorship by the state of private sector broadcasters[1] and on government legislation intended to democratise the administration of the universities. The latter was portrayed as a threat to university autonomy and some public institutions, such as the Universidad Central de Venezuela, were driven into the opposition camp.[2]

In 2011 JAVU activists staged a hunger strike in support of ‘political prisoners’[3] and demanded that the Organisation of American States should intervene. Protests in 2012 focused on underfunding in the higher education sector and in 2013 demonstrations were organised outside the Cuban Embassy, first to demand the return of Chávez from chemotherapy in Havana and then to challenge the result of the April presidential election.[4]

Given this history of protest, why have the current protests gained such significance?

Venezuela%20students%205.jpgA Problematic Turn

The current protests are important on two counts. First, they mark a coming together of the student movement and radical elements of the MUD. López and Machado have been organising with the student leadership,[5] in particular in relation to the February 12th demonstrations on Venezuela’s Day of the Youth, which commemorates the role of young people in the 1814 independence battle of la Victoria.

Frustrated by the slow dividends of the electoral route, López and Machado are challenging the position of Henrique Capriles as MUD leader, even though he defeated them both in the MUD’s 2012 primaries. As Capriles in recent weeks has nudged closer toward dialogue with President Maduro on the issue of public security, following January’s murder of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear, the uncompromising López and Machado have sought to open a chasm between Capriles and grassroots anti-government sentiment.

In turn, the student movement has embraced the ‘salida’ demand of López and Machado, threatening to stay on the streets until Maduro leaves office. This is against a backdrop of growing tension, with ongoing raids by security forces on private sector warehouse facilities, where food and goods are allegedly being hoarded to create artificial shortages, and with the interception of a recorded conversation between a former Venezuelan ambassador and a vice-admiral where plans for violence and ‘something similar to April 11th’ were being discussed.[6]

The second distinctive aspect relates to the role of social media. Although mobilisations and related violence have been on-going, with two student deaths in 2010, they have not received the same level of attention as the protests earlier this month. One indication of an orchestrated campaign has been the frenzied activity by opposition youth on Twitter, which seems to be substituting for the once vociferous but now calmer private sector media[7] that could traditionally be relied upon to galvanise international attention.

Despite claims that social media ‘democratises’ the media, it is clear that in Venezuela it has had the opposite effect, exacerbating the trend towards disinformation and misrepresentation, with overseas media groups and bloggers reproducing – without verification – opposition claims and images of student injuries allegedly caused by police brutality and attacks by government supporters. In its reporting, the Guardian newspaper[8] cited tweets by opposition activists claiming pro-government gangs had been let loose on protestors. No evidence to substantiate this extremely serious allegation was provided. It also reported on the arrest of 30 students on 12thFebruary, following serious disorder, including barricade building, tire burning and Molotov cocktail attacks, as if it were an egregious assault on human rights. The report was subsequently tweeted by Machado. By way of context, 153 students were arrested in the UK during the 2010 protests against tuition fees.

The images disseminated, for example, to a Green Movement activist in Iran and then circulated to her thousands of followers with the tag line ‘pray for Venezuela’s students’, and to other democracy movements around the world show Egyptian and not Venezuelan police beating demonstrators. This same image was carried by the Spanish newspaper ABC.[9]Photographs and video clips of Chilean, Argentinian and Bulgarian police suppressing demonstrators and carrying out arrests (in their home countries) have been circulated and published as of they were assaults in Venezuela,[10] and one widely reproduced image shows Venezuela’s Policia Metropolitana corralling student protestors. The Policia Metropolitana was disbanded in 2011. Twitter has additionally been used to harangue commentators, including this author, who checked the accounts of her abusive critics to find most had only been tweeting for a day and in that space of time had accumulated around 40,000 followers.[11]

Lessons Not Learned

Capriles has been steering the opposition down the electoral path in recognition of the fact that ordinary voters are alienated by violent protest and disorder. It has been widely acknowledged that such a strategy will take time to produce results, but it allows the MUD to build an electoral base and credibility as a political alternative. This hard work will be undone by a return to unconstitutional activities. The students and MUD radicals offer no governance plan, with ‘salida’ serving as a hash tag, not a strategy, according to one opposition blogger.

Just as in 2002, radicals have forgotten that the people they must convince are Venezuelan voters, not international opinion. There can be no short cut to replacing a movement and government that is genuinely popular. Attempting to induce regime overthrow is unnecessary when the option of a recall referendum is available, and it is irresponsible when the outcome of violent change will only be a cycle of violent revenge. Finally, journalists have yet to learn that authoritative reporting requires fact-based accounts, not recycled and unchecked tweets from Twitter – a mechanism that can be used to promote delusion as well as democracy.

Dr Julia Buxton is currrently Professor of Comparative Politics in the School of Public Policy, CEU, Budapest.

[1] http://www.csmonitor.com/World/terrorism-security/2010/0126/Venezuelan-students-protest-Chavez-s-TV-censorship; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/05/venezuelan-police-break-u_n_450824.html; http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5104

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[10] http://drdawgsblawg.ca/2014/02/constructing-venezuela-protests-a-photo-gallery.shtml#disqus_thread and http://www.tumblr.com/search/venezuela

[11] http://www.keywebdata.com/?p=525; http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/1-10-twitter-accounts-fake-say-researchers-2D11655362

“If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn’t we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?” -Eduardo Galeano
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The manuscript of survival – part 399

Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

We want to return to a topic that has been mentioned before, but that bears repeating as we usually say, and this time, it is the subject of time. Time is a subject that will keep popping up in our missives, and rightly so, as the whole concept of time and indeed the limitation you seem to think it has is indeed a subject that lies at the very core of this whole operation. You see, mankind’s idea of time as this linear stretch of events that slowly unfolds at a designated pace will also help to limit your ideas as to how and when a certain event may come about. For to you, things can only happen at the level of consciousness that you are able to witness. And so, you see strict limitations to everything as you seem to think that everything must adhere to these limitations that…

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You Can Live in Both Worlds – Message from SaLuSa and my guides 22 Feb 2014 – Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Thank you Laura!

Multidimensional Ocean

1970439_10152023877074023_467519914_n Dear ones, we come again to salute your work and courage on Mother Earth. As we said in the previous message, many of you feel weak, tired, uncertain of the future, fearful. Many also have their life in danger, because of living in combat zomes, or for not having enough to fulfil your necessary needs.

We do all that we can to support you emotionally in many cases, and to have you with us as much as possible. For many of you, this is the life path that was agreed upon, or simply the consequences of karmic law. We have no right to interfere in your ordinary life and decisions for this life. You must experience what was agreed by your life planning.

We can offer you emotional and spiritual support to lighten your burden in many cases, but our duty is not to interfere with free, karma or life…

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The Oracle Report | Saturday, February 22 – Sunday, February 23, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, re-align, re-evaluate, take responsibility

Moon: Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Technically, we come to the last Moon phase of the astrological/natural year with today’s opening of the Third Quarter Moon phase. This phase lasts until Tuesday, February 25, when the Balsamic Moon phase begins, effectively beginning preparation for the next astrological/natural new year. So we have the next few days to clean up and close out anything from this past year (or longer) that we want to energetically leave behind.

I am sure it feels like I’ve been writing this same thing over and over. In fact, I have for the last two months, as these have been the “Third Quarter time of year.” It’s a process and it takes time because we have to work within it as the Moon ticks through each of our charts throughout the months. It resonates differently on different days for different people. This is the explanation for why, with oracles, the message you get is the message you need. It also explains why messages delivered by oracles often seem disjointed. Multiple layers of answers are found in them.

This weekend’s energy signatures are listed below (but they are generalized through the weekend, so the days’ energies are not static or limited to the day):

Saturday – patience and compromise (give and take) are required; clashing of worlds and viewpoints between parties; too much information; exchanges of information and goods; group efforts; issues with balancing time with others versus time to oneself; being graceful in situations of loss or being a bad loser; people operating at different “speeds” can be annoying.

Sunday – The Sun and Neptune make the exact conjunction, bringing light to situations and issues so that we can understand them or see through any denial. RECOGNITION is the keyword with the day’s energy. What do we need to recognize? Who do we need to recognize? Do you recognize yourself?

The phrase written above the arches of many mystery schools was “know yourself, know the universe.” This is what the parliament of wise owls here does. The universe is giving us a prime opportunity to SEE this weekend.


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Brazil land disputes spread as indigenous warriors take on wildcat miners

Thank you for sharing this. It seems insane to me that people think they can show up and take land that belongs to people whose ancestors have lived there for thousands of years. Im happily amazed that the Brazilian government is now actually saying the indigenous have rights. I wish that sort of thing were more than lip service in all countries so far:-/

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From The Blog…. It Is What It Is, Dr. Rex: UGANDA Signs The Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Thank you Jueseppi for taking extra effort to share this. It is sickening that the same political tricks keep working to keep corrupt monsters in power. All people deserve equal rights and protection under the law no matter what country. I know devout Christian people in America that still fight to deny equal marriage rights because despite Jesus own repeated exhortations to love everyone and judge more one-they feel judging gays is morally superior to actually following Jesus teachings. Its ridiculous to designate any group as undeserving of fair treatment. Its always a lie. I hope President Obama opens America and other countries do the same for those no longer safe in Uganda. Colonization is ignoring your ancestors in favor of imported stupid. I think this qualifies!

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Ukraine: Bloodied human faces in undeclared geopolitical wars

Thank you for sharing this. I hope my readers will click thru and read the comments on this as well. I really wish the 1% could be forced to stop using innocent people as pawns. Or at the least that the majority would become aware of the games between rival 1% factions that are destroying ordinary people’s lives and communities from Ukraine and Syria to Libya, Columbia, Venezuela and many countries in Africa as well as the obvious Iraq and Afghanistan.
We are ALL worth more than their damn bottom line externality horseshit.

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Those whom the gods most love

Thank you for writing this. I think this also explains why my so many “lightworkers” are in poverty, illness and all sorts of tests and difficulty.

I laughed out loud when I read the part about praying for the suffering of the world instead a new car. I loathe poverty but I resemble that remark:-)

I feel like I would be a lot more use to the rest of the world if I didn’t live in a bed tho so I’ve been trying to learn to work that attracting healing and positive stuff thing.

I always thought we got the mournful miserable myths more because of who wrote them down. I assumed there used to be other sets that were lost but your interpretation makes good sense as well. Druids are heavily known for putting everything in code with multiple layers of meaning.

Druid Life

Heather left a powerful comment on my Downtrodden blog, about spiritual attitudes to poverty. I’ve been reflecting on that, and wanted to follow on from there. I’ve never been one for the New Age theories of like attracts like, or that misfortune is the paying off of karmic debts for some awfulness we did in a past life. Equally I have never seen wealth and affluence as proof of being in a deity’s good books. Until recently I hadn’t examined why I hold such beliefs, but on reflection I think it has everything to do with the Celtic element of my Druidry.

Skipping over how truly ancient any of the Celtic myths are, I would say it’s fair to describe them all as a bit mournful. Very few Celtic myths end happily ever after. Many end with the death of the ‘hero’. Tragedy is a pervasive theme. I think about…

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