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Raven Moss ~ Chosen By Fate — Loved By The Fae

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Thank you for posting this. I have literally been waiting all of my current lifetime for this to begin. I had at one time nearly given up, fallen into a pit of despair that humans-at least the colonized portion of humanity-were just dead set (pun intended) on isolating themselves from the rest of life and utterly destroying as much of it as they could manage before they extinct themselves.
I never completely gave up because miracles and magic are after all nature in action;-)
Please read and share this-even if-no especially if- you think it is silly, crazy or unrealistic. Because if you think those things you are most in need of the magic this blessed being is offering you.

Laura Bruno's Blog

This post will appeal to skeptics, as well as Friends of the Fae. I’m so pleased to see that Raven Moss has, as she calls it, “come out of the Faery cupboard” with another fabulous article about faeries, shamanism and planetary healing.

Her discussion of the Tooth Fairy also reminds me that a couple weeks ago multiple people emailed or texted me about the existence of the Tooth Fairy, so I asked my Otherworld friends to comment. They shared that the tradition of leaving a tooth in exchange for money stemmed from long ago when poor farmers and serfs who kept the Faery Faith could not afford any sort of dental care.

I have no way of verifying this, but they assure me they wouldn’t lie: adults would leave rotten, broken or removed teeth as an offering to the Fae, and in return, the faeries would leave them gold. Since…

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