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Why Venezuela Matters to the Indigenous Movement

Thank you for posting this! I’ve been discussing this issue with some friends online trying to convey some of what you’ve posted but being told we can’t know what is going on there if we don’t live there.

I feel that the strength of the Bolivarian revolution in South America is not only for the liberation of the majority of people in South America but also in the philosophical and practical leadership the South American activists and writers have been providing and interacting with the anti-oligarchy movement globally.

How many realize that the powerful idea and use of horizontalism in Occupy, Indignados and the Arab Spring came from people’s movements in Argentina?

Divide and conquer has been the strategy of colonizers since Rome and probably before.

I hope everyone will read and share this widely. We must stand together in solidarity across borders if we want to avoid human extinction-it really is that simple and that important.

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Activating a Future Self that can Time Travel in Consciousness | D L Zeta


When we align ourselves with our highest visions, we begin manifesting these potentials. This opens the door to a new and powerful source of guidance and assistance: our future self.

When we are taking steps to create the causes of a future empowered with intuitive knowing, spiritual awareness and a finely-tuned sense of perception, we are linking ourselves with a self that can reach back and entrain our present moment to new vibrational frequencies. These frequencies transform our life here on earth and transport us to timelines where our highest visions manifest quickly and with ease.

Creating the Causes of a Highly Intuitive and Aware Future Self

Our intuitive knowing comes directly from our soul and is a direct reflection of the wisdom our soul has acquired throughout lifetimes. When we take actions in our present moment with the intention to access soul knowledge we have accessed throughout time, we create the causes, so to speak, of a future self empowered with this wisdom and insight. This self knows how to step free of limiting beliefs and enter inner spaces beyond time and place. This self knows how to time travel in consciousness to assist past selves, including your present-moment focus self.

This is one way you’re able to enter a quantum phase of spiritual growth and awareness expansion. The further you move along the path of quantum growth, the more your consciousness becomes entrained to higher frequencies.

Indecision keeps Future Timelines from Crystalizing

Receiving guidance and assistance from future timelines is related to our clarity of perception and our willingness to believe in the future potentials we perceive. When we’re experiencing doubt or indecision about our intentions and about the course we’re moving on, we’re putting energy toward several different timelines without fully activating one. This keeps future timelines from crystalizing. When we’re undecided about what we want to create, it’s difficult for a future self to become solid enough to reach back and help us.

It is only when your focus and feeling states are strongly aligned with a future timeline that you activate a new timeline and begin to experience it. This enables you to “tune into” the self that exists along that timeline. This future self lives along the timelines you are now activating with your thoughts, beliefs, actions, emotions and choices. Once you tune into the frequency of that self, you can ask for guidance and assistance. This future self can help you to heal both past and present. The assistance this self can provide helps clear anything that stands in the way of experiencing this timeline more fully.

Becoming Telepathic to your Future Self

Once you wholeheartedly choose a future timeline with all aspects of your being in agreement, the connection between your present moment and the self that exists along this future timeline becomes more solid. In time you will become telepathic to this self which will enable you to simultaneously ask for guidance and receive it. It’s this kind of conscious communication with your future self that allows you to merge seamlessly with a new timeline.

Becoming telepathic with your future self means you are able to perceive and connect with the thoughts, feeling states, beliefs and spiritual understandings of an empowered and vibrationally evolved future self. As you connect with this self in consciousness, you’re able to download the “memory chip” that reveals the steps between your present moment and the self that exists along this future timeline. These steps often appear to you as images or feeling states as you enter the timeframe when a particular step is needed.

Downloading the Feeling States of your Future Self

Just as you can download a soundtrack from the Internet that contains the frequencies of certain brain wave states, you can download frequencies into consciousness that contain emotional feeling states that help you to align with a future time. These frequencies are tied to locations in consciousness where the issues you are working with are healed and resolved. Integrating these frequencies allows you to heal emotional and psychological wounds. These wounds may also have to do with times when you are existing in the transition state of the void. These frequencies hold the power to pull you out of stuck emotional states and can help you gain traction in new and empowering directions.

Accessing Healing Frequencies during Times of Transition and Loss

Being able to access healing frequencies is especially helpful during times of transition and loss. Receiving healing and guidance from your future self allows you to let go of old ways of being. This frees you to move in the direction of a new timeline. In all likelihood, this is a timeline you’ve been seeing for yourself and have acknowledged as the new direction for your life but may be having difficulty moving toward this new timeline because you can’t yet allow yourself to believe in it. You can begin merging with this new timeline by allowing yourself to exist there in consciousness. Enter a meditative state and allow images of your life along this timeline to flow into your mind. These images play on the movie screen of your mind, offering an experience of the sensory and feeling states your self of that timeline is experiencing.

Allow yourself to believe in this timeline and choose it regardless of whether you know any of the steps you would follow to get there. It’s enough to perceive the new timeline and choose it wholeheartedly with every aspect of your being without reservation. Once you do this, you can set your intentions to move in this direction. Ask your future self that already exists along that timeline to assist and guide you. With this synergistic connection in place, you can begin working from both directions, so to speak; communicating, sharing, assisting, and uniting past, present and future.

You can Move Toward but never Away from a Timeline

It’s important to keep in mind quantum growth is not a tool for moving away from an existing timeline, changing an existing timeline, or putting distance between your past and present. This constitutes running from the past which prevents you from embracing and benefitting from the lessons you learned there. Trying to escape an unwanted timeline also makes it difficult to feel genuine gratitude for the past. This can keep you from activating a truly new and empowered future self.

Conscious creating is always about moving toward the timeline that holds the power to carry you toward your highest potentials. Regardless of the past or the situation where you currently find yourself, you are able to move toward a future that excites you at every level and offers the strongest potential for passion and joy. Choosing the path of your highest potentials allows you to connect telepathically with your wise and empowered self that exists along that timeline. Once you begin moving in the direction of quantum growth, the emotional wounds and problems of the past are healed and transformed into the fuel that powers the rocket ship of your dreams and visions.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation
For more on accessing the fifth dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta

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Truthout Daily Digest February 26, 2014

Lofgren, Giroux, Cole, Bacevich, Wu, Bogosian and Brian: The “Deep State” – How Much Does It Explain?

Mike Lofgren, Moyers & Company: Everyone knows about the military-industrial complex, which, in his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned had the potential to “endanger our liberties or democratic process.” But have you heard of the “Deep State”?

Read the Article and Watch the Video

Spying on Activists: New Document Shows Army Targeted Olympia Anarchists, War Protesters

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: According to documents, a criminal intelligence analyst on the Army payroll infiltrated the anti-war activists in Olympia to gather intelligence, which he shared with police departments, the FBI and a fusion center in Washington. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the Army and law enforcement agencies can be sued for damages.

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Richard Wolff: Enterprise Structure Is Key to the Shape of a Post-Capitalist Future

Leslie Thatcher, Truthout: Richard Wolff talks about “The Shape of a Post-Capitalist Future,” his entry in the new anthology Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA, and his conviction that making the transition from capitalism to socialism requires a deliberate critique of capitalist workplace organization.

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Thailand and Shinawatra: Errors, Omissions From the Left

Michael Pirsch, Truthout: People in the Western world are being fed lie upon lie, omission upon omission – including from alternative and left media – about the demonstrations in Thailand. The reasons for the protests are being inaccurately reduced to defending the “Bangkok elite” from poor northeastern farmers.

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Big Oil, Bad Air: Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas

Jim Morris, Lisa Song and David Hasemyer, The Center for Public Integrity: Oil money is so thoroughly ingrained in the Texas culture and economy that there is little interest in or sympathy for those who have become collateral damage in the drive for riches. This in-depth report looks at the effects of drilling in Eagle Ford Shale.

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Zen Over Zinn: Avoiding Unpleasant Truths With David Brooks

Steve Breyman, Truthout: The New York Times columnist David Brooks is a pseudo-intellectual, soft right, victim-blaming reality dodger. His latest target? The American “precariat.” Let’s cut through Brooks’ truth avoidance about the death for many Americans of the American Dream.

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The Mainstream Media’s Criminal Climate Coverage

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: The mainstream media is failing us when it comes to covering the story of the century – made climate change. And there’s no better example of this failure than the decline of climate coverage at Reuters since that news organization hired Paul Ingrassia as deputy editor-in-chief.

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Keystone PipeLIES Exposed: New Film Refutes Jobs, Security, Gas Price, Tax, Safety and Climate Claims

By Staff, Center for Media Democracy: The Center for Media and Democracy released a new short film, Keystone PipeLIES Exposed, and major investigative report debunking key claims of proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline as the State Department solicits comments from the public on its controversial environmental impact assessment.

Watch the Video and Read the Article

Incremental Raises to Minimum Wage Will Not Increase Unemployment

Jessica Desvarieux, The Real News Network: A recent Congressional Budget Office report claims that up to half a million jobs could be lost because of a minimum-wage increase, but its claims are based on weak analysis and ignores the potential gains for workers’ standard of living.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript


Swiss Banking Giant Helped US 1% Evade Taxes on Billions of Dollars, but Justice Department Hasn’t Prosecuted

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Big banks who help defraud the US Treasury are not a Department of Justice prosecution priority, according to a new Senate report. That’s exactly what Credit Suisse bank did without criminal repercussions, the analysis charges.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

If Money Is Speech, Chevron Just Bought a Megaphone

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Supreme Court Could Soon Open the Floodgates for More Anti-Gay Laws

Read the Article at Talking Points Memo

Prosecution in Terrorism Case Relied Partly on Surveillance Done Without a Warrant

Read the Article at The Washington Post

Putin Puts Troops in Western Russia on Alert in Military Drill

Read the Article at Reuters

The Legacy of Chokwe Lumumba: The Mayor Who Brought an Economic Democracy Vision to Mississippi

Read the Article at The Nation

Hillary Clinton Revs Up the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Not a Threat, but Threatened: On the Second Anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s Death, Can Young Black Men Feel Safe?

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America

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The manuscript of survival – part 400

Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

As many of you have already noticed, these incoming energetic fluctuations have started to affect you in so many ways, and even if you at times will feel at loss to describe just what you are experiencing, we can only say that you are going through something that has not been previously experienced by any living being before. For you are pioneers in every sense of the word, and as such, you are already treading on virgin territory, and the remainder of your journey will take you even further into these uncharted waters. We know that this may sound unsettling to some of you, but again, you are not sent out on a wild and reckless chase for something that is elusive, rather you are being sent out on a journey that is taking you back to you, in every sense of the word.

We are aware that these words…

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Three Face Charges in Alleged Georgia Militia Plot | #Hatewatch

Thank you for sharing this. Imho using violence against a system based on violence is futile and stupid as it only perpetuates the paradigm that created the problems you seek to correct. As MLK once said “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

The plan called for a coordinated terror campaign that would cause mass hysteria and force the declaration of martial law, “therefore triggering other militias to join the fight.”During one online chat in late January, Peace, 45, spoke about an attack that was set for February. In preparation for the mission, the complaint said, “Peace encouraged members of the militia to review guerilla warfare tactics, small unit tactics, accumulate supplies, and prepare family.”Peace said that the “primary targets” in their “guerilla warfare” included the Transportation Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.Not only were their online chats being monitored by federal authorities, the FBI had at least two confidential human sources – CHS-1 and CHS-2 – on the inside of what the complaint calls a “militia.”Cannon, 37, according to the complaint, had a conversation with one of the informants and “stated that ‘the…

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10 Reactions To Arizona’s Anti-Gay Law

Thank you for posting this. Mocking the stupid is a sacred duty of my religion (its how some of my ancestors kept their societies a bit more functional than our current one;-) perhaps their nastiness toward gay people will draw some attention to their consistently horrifying treatment of indigenous people. Arizona might be the one bright point in climate change-all those self absorbed jerks will soon be climate refugees with no water. It would be better if the other people who live there could be exempt tho:-/

List of X

Jess Jesus tells the apostles that they will have to find another restaurant for the Last Supper, because the tavern owner (originally from Arizona) is refusing to serve a bunch of dudes going out for dinner together. (Image from eborg2 . com)

Last week, Arizona’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow business owners to deny service to gays and lesbians as long as the business owner professes sincere belief that gays should burn in Hell. The bill has been sent to Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer to be signed, and as the law’s creators explain it, it only seeks to protects business owners’ freedom to live according to their faith, and to make their customers live according to the same faith. Here are 10 reactions to the proposed law.

1)  James Grady, used car salesman from Flagstaff, AZ: “No matter what the law says, I’m not going to discriminate…

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Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits

Thank you for posting this. That is horrible. Even though I already knew and tried to warn others about our corporate owned government I am still shocked that they can blatantly announce thst drug corporations are worth more to America than American PEOPLE.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Does anyone else recognize what’s happening in the US? First, vaccine makers could not be held liable for vaccine injury or side effects, including death. Then they invent drugs that can track whether or not you’re taking them as prescribed, along with mandatory insurance. In the City of Chicago, one of the pilot areas for this sort of “health” care, if your doctor prescribes a drug that you refuse to take due to side effects, opting instead for a natural remedy, then you can be fined each month per incident of non-compliance. And now … the “Supreme” “Court” rules that drug companies get a free pass on law suits from 80% of all drugs. BigPharma and Traditional Medicine kill 225,000 Americans each year (106,000 deaths from FDA-approved, correctly prescribed medicines).

Boiling frogs, people. BigPharma and the prospect of mandatory vaccines were the final push for me acquiring a magic…

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