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10 Reactions To Arizona’s Anti-Gay Law

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Thank you for posting this. Mocking the stupid is a sacred duty of my religion (its how some of my ancestors kept their societies a bit more functional than our current one;-) perhaps their nastiness toward gay people will draw some attention to their consistently horrifying treatment of indigenous people. Arizona might be the one bright point in climate change-all those self absorbed jerks will soon be climate refugees with no water. It would be better if the other people who live there could be exempt tho:-/

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Jess Jesus tells the apostles that they will have to find another restaurant for the Last Supper, because the tavern owner (originally from Arizona) is refusing to serve a bunch of dudes going out for dinner together. (Image from eborg2 . com)

Last week, Arizona’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow business owners to deny service to gays and lesbians as long as the business owner professes sincere belief that gays should burn in Hell. The bill has been sent to Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer to be signed, and as the law’s creators explain it, it only seeks to protects business owners’ freedom to live according to their faith, and to make their customers live according to the same faith. Here are 10 reactions to the proposed law.

1)  James Grady, used car salesman from Flagstaff, AZ: “No matter what the law says, I’m not going to discriminate…

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