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Why Venezuela Matters to the Indigenous Movement

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Thank you for posting this! I’ve been discussing this issue with some friends online trying to convey some of what you’ve posted but being told we can’t know what is going on there if we don’t live there.

I feel that the strength of the Bolivarian revolution in South America is not only for the liberation of the majority of people in South America but also in the philosophical and practical leadership the South American activists and writers have been providing and interacting with the anti-oligarchy movement globally.

How many realize that the powerful idea and use of horizontalism in Occupy, Indignados and the Arab Spring came from people’s movements in Argentina?

Divide and conquer has been the strategy of colonizers since Rome and probably before.

I hope everyone will read and share this widely. We must stand together in solidarity across borders if we want to avoid human extinction-it really is that simple and that important.

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