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The Need To Be

Thank you! This is beautiful!

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

www.bealtainecottage.comThere is a growing consciousness of need in humanity today.

The standing stone at Bealtaine Cottage February 2013There is an urgent need to be close to the Earth.

An early bee in April 2013 at bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensMany of you feel this most powerfully.

April 2011 Earth Day at bealtaine cottage permaculture gardensMany of you are seeing the world for the first time…with eyes wide open, almost startled by the immense beauty of it all.

April 2011 Bealtaine 018The vibration of the planet is rising and has been doing so for several decades now.

April 2011 Bealtaine Cottage Laurel arch023With this rise in vibrational energy comes the Awakening of Humanity.

April 2011 bealtaine Cottage 033Do you feel the joy of being in Nature? 

April Bealtaine Cottage 2011 013Invocation
you who cradle uranium and the rose
in your arms–
in this vast mysterious universe,
my very bones belong to you.

You witness my love affair
with the tall grass, wind, fox:
my senses–your holy communion.

I stand on your soil
in sunlight, starlight, moonlight,
rain, eclipse and earthquake,
offering a timeless prayer.

I walk in the spirit of you.

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The manuscript of survival – part 407

Thank you Aisha! I so appreciate these explanations that go beyond the so iften seen “everything is so much better, everyone is feeling all grand”. So many of us are experiencing a rather more complex transition; -) and your words so often bring comfort when it seems as though I’ve somehow stalled out or taken an unexpected side road!

aisha north

You have by now passed over a threshold that will lead you all into brand new halls of energetic information, and for many, this information has already started to seep through in the form of images, sounds or even more tangible effects. In other words, the thinning veil is already letting much of what has been hidden start to come into view, and as it does, you will find yourself stepping further and further away from what the majority of mankind still look upon as the reality. For as the veils continue to diminish, you will also see how your grasp of what constitutes reality and fiction will start to blur. This may sound confusing, and for a period, that will indeed be the case, but as your senses and indeed your “everyday consciousness” to call it that starts to readjust to all of these new layers of information, you…

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The Oracle Report | Monday, March 31, 2014


lion3 22

New Moon Phase: intend, begin, seed, initiate
Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Negative Imprint: distortion

Positive Imprint: balance

Activity: move your body while mentally reinforcing your New Moon intentions and visions for the next year

Complex and intense energies continue today. The prevailing pattern leans toward distortions – things getting out of proportion and toward extremes. Our aim is to remain balanced and see what becomes distorted.

When thinking about how to bring balance to the situation, give considerable thought to how you really want to use your energy. Is it worth it? Is it best just to let it be? Will engaging in the fray truly accomplish anything? Mars is retrograde, so we are learning how we want to better use our energy. The Mars/Aries energy is notorious for over-doing. This leads to quick burn-out. We are only in the second day of this new cycle in Aries. It’s necessary to pace ourselves. The instinct to push out or push forward is natural, but needs to be tempered with the wisdom of an old owl.

The New Moon in Aries is conjunct Uranus. In preparation, I’ve been talking about how Uranus feels in the body. Now that the New Moon in Aries has begun, you may be feeling the effects. If you had trouble sleeping last night, that was Uranus. Uranus is strong. It “rules” the systems and cycles of the body, so when we have a major aspect with Uranus, we feel it. Other effects include nervousness, jitteriness, anxiety, and an overall desire to run (and run away). This energy must be moved through the body and the best way to do this is through physical activity. If you are feeling “jacked up” or “amped up,” move your body. Stretch, take a walk, practice yoga, go for a run, dance, or do anything to move. Stretching before bed helps sleep difficulties. I often tout the miracle of the Rumble Roller. Rumble rolling before bed is pretty heavenly.

For all of the conflict, aggression, and “false flag-ness” that is present with the energy this month, at its core the energy is about personal mastery. We dare to take on more personal power. Discipline and willpower are favored. Engaging in anything you want to become proficient at goes a long way this month. Begin your practice. This may involve just being diligent about something. You know what it is. It’s one of your heart’s desires. Consistency will yield wonderful results.

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between commanding power and demanding power. Commanding power comes from an inner place of assurance that you are in line with the universe. Demanding power comes from an outer place of fear that you will not get what you need.

The energy is fiery and electric. Double check that appliances are turned off. Drive defensively and wish peace to those who are road raging. Accidents abound under these astrological influences.

We’re planting seeds of freedom, wisdom, beauty, and expression this month. Infuse the energy with visions of the world in natural order. Freedom of the BALANCED mind rings!

(Note: I’ve added a header for “Activity” at the top of the post. I will put extra information here to focus our efforts. This is part of the disciplined practice for any readers who are engaging in the group effort to align with the Earth (Sophia) and the Sun (Sabaoth) as the new world order dissolves and natural world order overtakes. I discuss this more in the new audio posted above. Also, information on this month’s ruling Mahavidya, Chinnamasta and Kali is forthcoming.)


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UFO-Disclosure.net, 3-27-14… “Free Energy Devices For March 2014”

Thank you K! I was scolded for sharing the QEG news and told the plans were completely useless but I still feel that this movement toward accessing the inherent energy of natural functions at a subatomic level is truly an extension of capturing the energy of natural processes at the macro level as in solar panels, geothermal, tidal generators and river dams-except that when this reaches full functionality it will make invasive and destructive practices like dams, nuclear power, geothermal and fossil fuels obsolete. I believe solar is the only one that will remain competitive because in areas where competition with trees is not an issue, the side effects of solar are benign or unnoticed where the side effects of all the others are downright irksome.

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Chiapas Human Rights Center Celebrates 25 Years

Thank you for sharing this! As much as the people of Chiapas are taking action to help themselves and correct intolerable local/Mexican problems, they are also creating an opening; forging the mental, organizational and structural methods for change that can be emulated and adapted to local needs all over the world.
In the US especially we have been so conditioned to obey to follow the cattle chutes known as accepted life paths here, that for most Resistance is laughable-an idea beyond imagining much less acting upon.
And yet, Resistance exists! It grows from local conditions ss well as from national and international coalitions created to fight things like TPP or Keystone XL.
By keeping up with and observing one another’s issues and resistance efforts across borders we can both learn from and support one another.
Transnational corporations have endless money powerful organizations like the TWO,World Bank and many national governments but we the people have something stronger than all of that together. We have solidarity, love and community. We have one another, our ancestors and our deep dedication to the generations yet to come.

Chiapas Support Committee


 Ethno-sociologist Andrés Aubry and Bishop Samuel Ruiz García, during the presentation of a Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center report, in April 2006. Ethno-sociologist Andrés Aubry and Bishop Samuel Ruiz García, during the presentation of a Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center report, in April 2006.

** The NGO’s director recognizes the role of Bishop Samuel Ruiz, the center’s founder

** The largest number of denunciations it receives now are from women “hooked” by usurers

By: Hermann Bellinghausen, Envoy

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, March 28, 2014

“The Frayba is one more actor inside a liberating process,” points out Víctor Hugo López, director of the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center. He makes it clear that the defense of guarantees is an action of commitment, and as much their violation as the denunciation and action in search of justice is essentially political. After a quarter of a century in non-stop activity at the state level…

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal March 31 to April 6, 2014 Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo: Auroras over Iceland (photo by Þorvarður Árnason, Astronomy Picture of the Day, March 24, 2014)

“ENGAGE.” This week we begin the month of April. That means we also start our most direct work with the energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014, building to the exact cross and strongest effects during the week of April 20.

A grand cross is a configuration in the sky created by planets in four corners of the zodiac. In this case, those planets are in the four cardinal signs: Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars in Libra.

CARDINAL SIGNS are the ones most concerned with initiating action. This creative energy can either come forth as a response to internal inspiration, or as a response to pressure and events from outside of us.

With a grand cross, all four planets involved are either square or opposite each other, so there is a great deal of pressure that can manifest when we’re working with this formation. How this pressure moves through each of our lives — whether mostly from the inside out or from the outside in — will depend a lot on where these planets are transiting through our natal charts, and whether (and how) they are interacting with our natal planets.

BECAUSE we’re working with cardinal signs, we may be tempted throughout this month to take action, perhaps not always supported by reason or concern for consequences. For some, this can be a very positive effect, if we have been “on the fence” in some area of our lives, wanting to make a change or a decision, but feeling tentative or fearful up until now.

For others, we will want to be sure we’ve thought through all the ramifications of taking action before we leap off the bridge. The impulse of CHANGE is great during this time, and can feel urgent in its calling to us. If we feel this urgency, no doubt there is need for change in our lives — but we may want to breathe deeply and tap into the wisdom of our divine Self for guidance before taking that Grand Leap.

IN OTHER WORDS, there is no one right answer for everyone who is asking, “Is this the right time, the best time, to make this change?” What we know for sure is that each of us is being pushed and prodded to make shifts in some areas of our lives — and each of us will come to our own personal awareness of when and how completely to make those changes.

For guidance and direction, we can study the intentions of each of the planets in the grand cross:

Uranus wants to liberate us from the “shoulds” of our lives, so that we live more authentically and more in tune with what is right for us, even if it looks crazy or selfish to others. Uranus is often called the “wild card” planet, because under its influence we may act suddenly and in unexpected ways.

Pluto wants to empower us, to help us move beyond the internal and external limitations that have held us in fear or resistance. As part of this process, Pluto helps us see very clearly the emotional patterns and life structures that have kept us feeling disempowered. This is not always a pleasant awareness, but it helps us see what needs to be dismantled or purged, as the first step in renovation.

Jupiter wants us to connect with our joy, with what has meaning for us, and with what we really believe in. Jupiter tends to exaggerate whatever it touches, and so while it is in Cancer, we are REALLY aware of what feels good and life-giving vs. what no longer nourishes us, no matter how well it used to fill our plates.

Last, but not least, Mars wants us to have the courage and energy to go after our desires. It gets a bit complicated when we start talking about Mars, however, because this planet is currently retrograde (moving backward). When a planet is retrograde, its energies are said to be focused more internally than externally. But if Mars is about taking action, how do we interpret Mars retrograde, especially as part of a cardinal grand cross that is inspiring us to take action and make changes?

ONE WAY to interpret this Mars retrograde is to understand that we are under a LOT of internal pressure right now. We may be holding in the frustrations we feel, especially if we don’t know what to do with them. If this is true, we need to find outlets for that energy, preferably through physical activity, and especially anything that involves swinging our arms (which is where anger and frustration are primarily held in the body).

The other interpretation of Mars retrograde is that this may be a very positive influence as a part of the grand cross. With Mars retrograde, we are inclined to be more deliberate, less impulsive. Since we’re dealing with Uranus and Pluto, two very impulsive planets, having Mars retrograde can be helpful if we are trying to stay in balance during this time.

THE SUN, now in Aries, interacts with three of the four grand cross planets this week. The exact aspects are the square to Jupiter (Tuesday), the alignment with Uranus (Wednesday) and the square to Pluto (Thursday). The opposition to Mars will occur next week (April 8).

The Sun represents our personal identity and sense of purpose, so these aspects this week and next may call forward issues of “who am I” and “what do I REALLY want.” Based on our answers to those questions, we may initiate some of our changes now.

Venus also interacts with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto this week, but with less impact than the Sun. Still, including Venus in the mix means our relationships, values, and material/financial worlds are woven into the tapestry of change now.

AS A WELCOME ASSIST, Saturn is trine Mercury this week (exact on Wednesday). This aspect should be very helpful in stabilizing our thinking processes. Saturn in Scorpio is dedicated to seeing truth, and Mercury in Pisces is a direct line to our spiritual perspective.

When these two are working in harmony, we can expect our thinking to be inspired, but not unrealistic. And, we can expect that whatever fears arise, we have the ability to access a level of mental calm that will help us transcend the drama.



NorthPoint Astrology Blog: To read recent blog posts, please visit http://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/. I look forward to your comments!

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Truthout Daily Digest March 30, 2014

Of Budgets, Values and Visions

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Truthout: A government budget expresses a deep vision accompanied by a corresponding scheme of ethical values. In America today, three visions rooted in different views about human nature and the good society offer distinct slants on budget priorities: the conservative, the liberal and the progressive.

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Suffragettes No More – The Long Struggle for Women’s Equality

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: Honoring women’s history in March each year is a bad joke as long as those who struggled for women’s equality are called “suffragettes” – the name the enemies of women’s rights used to belittle their struggle.

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Racializing Lung Function

Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout: Lundy Braun’s Breathing Race into the Machine: The Surprising Career of the Spirometer from Plantation to Genetics traces the peculiar history of how 19th century research on lung capacity laid the foundation for a “scientific” framing of racial difference in lung – and other – capacities.

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The Republican Plan To Invalidate Scientific Research

Kevin Mathews, Care2: Republicans are funding and generating alternative research that backs up their own claims. More than a dozen conservative senators are currently calling for an end to disclosure rules so that biased scientific studies can be presented as fact.

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NAFTA at 20: “A Vehicle To Increase Profits at the Expense of Democracy”

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future: On Thursday, the AFL-CIO released a new report, “NAFTA at 20.” The report makes the point that, “On the whole, NAFTA-style agreements have proved to be primarily a vehicle to increase corporate profits at the expense of workers, consumers, farmers, communities, the environment and even democracy itself.”

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Truthout Interviews Featuring Sheila D. Collins on Drought and Social Conflict

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: The drought in the West threatens that region’s economic viability and the US food supply. A regional water policy could draw on the prescient 19th century recommendations of John Wesley Powell or those of Franklin Delano Roosevelt some 60 years later.

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Drugmakers Agree to US Ban on Livestock Antibiotics

Carey L. Biron, Inter Press Service: Pharmaceutical companies have overwhelmingly agreed to new US government guidelines aimed at decreasing the use of antibiotics in the raising of livestock, new data shows.

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Chile Derails “Monsanto Law” That Would Privatize Seeds

Asha DuMonthier, New America Media: This month, rural women, indigenous communities, and farmers in Chile found themselves on the winning end of a long-fought battle against a bill that had come to be known by many in the country as simply the “Monsanto Law.”

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Meet the Plush GMO Mascot, Frank N. Foode

Rebekah Wilce, PR Watch: Frank N. Foode is “your friendly neighborhood genetically modified organism,” who helps “make the science of biotechnology fun and approachable.” This ear of corn sprouted eyes, white hair, and spectacles. The “cutest corn plush” is the mascot of Biology Fortified, Inc.

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Changing Israel From Without

Dennis J. Bernstein, Consortium News: For decades, one-sided support for Israel distorted US perceptions and policies in the Middle East. Only recently has the pro-Zionist narrative faced significant challenge, including protests against the abuse of Palestinians from Israeli dissidents like Ilan Pappe, who spoke with Dennis J. Bernstein.

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Venezuela: When Some of the Most Important News Comes in the Form of Corrections

Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Policy Research: It says something about overall media coverage of a subject when some of the most important news appears in the form of corrections. On February 26, The New York Times corrected a false statement in a news report that had incorrectly referred to Globovision as “[t]he only television station that regularly broadcast voices critical of the government.”

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This Week in SpeakOut:

Maunica Sthanki discusses Obama’s not-so-humane “humane” deportation policy; Addi Svarogic criticizes American media’s depiction of the Greek economic crisis; Dennis Trainor asks where we go after capitalism; Jennifer Pacanowski describes how the Iraq war is far from over for veterans and Iraqi civilians; David Swanson runs down the upcoming season of activist activity; David Krieger considers the Air Force nuclear launch cheating scandal – in poetry; the Woodchip Gazette questions why the CIA’s theft of documents from an oversight committee isn’t “Watergate II”; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return Monday, March 31.

Anti-Fracking Activist Wins Round Against Major Driller in PA

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Beware the Surveillance Reform Trojan Horse: What’s Not in the New NSA Laws?

Read the Article at The Guardian

How a Government Computer Glitch Forced Thousands of Families To Go Hungry

Read the Article at The Huffington Post

New GOP Bid To Limit Voting in Swing States

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Der Spiegel: NSA Put Germany’s Angela Merkel on List of 122 Targeted Leaders

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A Legacy of Pain and Pride: The Profound Effects of War on the 2.6 Million Who Have Served

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Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Secret Oil Spill

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Wilderness Gardens~

Thank you Cindy! It looks like the land out there is just glowing with life from finally getting a bit of rain. I hope it continues!

Cindy Knoke

The Holler is surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine, reserved-riparian backcountry habitat. One such nearby preserve is the 737 acre Wilderness Gardens that we visit often for hiking and picnicking.
(Please click to enlarge).
The area was home to Luiseno Indians for thousands of years and grinding stones can be found with a careful eye. Today the preserve is located between the present day Pala and Pauma Indian Reservations.
Settlers moved into the area in the 1800’s, and a grist mill was built in 1881.
In the 1950’s, the publisher of the Los Angeles Daily News bought the property and filled it with flowers and gardens, including 1000 Camellia trees, his wife’s favorite flower.
The ponds were created by damming the creek to provide irrigation for his gardens.
The preserve has returned mostly to it’s natural state, but the ponds remain and are filled with beautiful, nesting, aquatic birds…

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The Oracle Report | Sunday, March 30, 2014


lion3 3

New Moon Phase (2:44 pm ET/ 6:44 pm UT): seed, set intention, begin, initiate

Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta

NEGATIVE IMPRINT: mastery through control

POSITIVE IMPRINT: mastery through freedom

The New Moon and New Year begins today.

Sabaoth (the Gnostic name for the being known as the Sun) is active, launching an X1-class flare yesterday at 5:52 pm UT/ 1:52 pm ET. This flare was different in that it produced a rare “magnetic crochet,” meaning the effects on Earth were felt while the flare was in progress. So this was a simultaneous event between Sabaoth and Gaia Sophia.

When solar flares are disseminated, they reinforce the prevailing energy. Yesterday’s report discussed the overall energy. But we can look at the degree of the Moon at the exact minute the flare was released to gain more specific information. The Moon moves relatively quickly, in astrological terms, so it is the best way to pinpoint energy.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at the minute of the X flare is A NEW MOON REVEALS THAT IT IS TIME FOR PEOPLE TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS.

In other words, Sabaoth and Sophia are telling us they are right there with us at the New Moon. We are allied.

They are also giving us the go, as in it’s time to roll out. Our work to help keep the fabric of humanity in place as the old world order dissolves begins in earnest.

To do this we must maintain a sober, grounded mindset. Depending on how things develop this month, it may be necessary to put your own feelings aside to hold a higher perspective. Our ability to maintain faith that all is working toward bringing a more natural world order is the key. Can you look above the illusions – the results of a world dominated by Archons? The way society is now is not the way we are. We’ve been infiltrated. Can we stop being carried away with sadness and hopelessness about the actions of humans who hurt other humans (especially children), animals, and the planet? People are under Archontic control, virtually defenseless against the power to sway their minds and actions. We all have been.

But today is a new day. Despite anything that comes, we are on our way to a new world. Be a part of it.

The complete meditation for today’s New Moon at 2:44 pm ET/ 11:44 am PT/ 6:44 pm UT:

Situate yourself outdoors if possible. Face the East.
Breathe in and exhale deeply. Release the old air and embrace the new air.
In your mind’s eye, picture your protective shaft of light, field around you, or whatever practice you use for sovereignty.
With closed eyes, picture points of light blinking on all over the globe. See lines begin to connect the dots and bring the grid to life. Take note of any images you might see coming up on the horizon.
Build up a wave of love in your body. Bring it from the depth of your being. Engage the planet by feeling your connection to her. When you can hold the wave no longer, release it from your heart area.
State the mantra: “I align with the Earth and the Sun.” Or you can say “Sophia and Sabaoth” or whatever your names are for these beings. What could be more natural than aligning with the Earth and the Sun?

Happy new year, everyone!

(P.S. I have it on good authority that Kali will be working right alongside Chinnamasta this month. More on the New Moon and the Mahavidyas in tomorrow’s post.)


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Money and the Seductive Voice of the Self-Important Ego

Thank you for sharing this. I have been looking forward to a moneyless society for many years. I don’t see it as banning monetary exchanges but like in many tribal societies where there were money-like materials used in exchange for say long distance trade goods, but where no one **needs** money to live well, comfortably and joyfully.
I don’t think that will take as long to create as it might simply because so many people all over the world have already been working toward it’s creation for over a century.

When the garbage man picks up tg he garbage for free was such a perfect illustration!! I don’t put out garbage nearly ever-maybe once every month or two. I grew up on a farm where we used a burn barrel-and at the age of 9 I designed a garbage fuel source for cars that burned it under pressure into fine dust.
Recycles are valuable in making new things, compost is intensely useful in making more food. Permaculture design expanded from homes to cities to biomes will rapidly eliminate many parts of society that run on money.

It’s a choice to live like we do so we can stop anytime. Like alcoholics tho we have to be determined to let go of the crutch of money- determined enough to suffer the dt’s and get all the way clean:-)