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The Oracle Report | Saturday, March 1 – Sunday, March 2, 2014

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New Moon Phase (Saturday 2:59 am EST/ 7:59 am UTC): begin, initiate, wish, intend

Moon in Pisces

(The Diamond Sky Dakini Nairatmaya is on duty this month, not a Mahavidya)

The Sabian symbol for the month of the New Moon in Pisces is “men traveling a narrow path seeking illumination.” It is quintessential Piscean energy for the Balsamic time of year. This means that all month is energetically like a long Balsamic Moon phase.

Balsamic Moon phases are the time when we dream. It is the ultimate energy for inspiration and creativity. Beautiful things come from Balsamic months. The veils between the worlds are thinner all month long and we reach heightened states of awareness and intuition. We are “tuned in.”

Piscean energy definitely prefers the inner over the outer. This month will bring dualities between the two in many ways, but particularly the notions of inner worth and outer worth. Piscean energy is exalted when what is created on the inside is made manifest on the outside.

Since the Balsamic phases are not exactly part of the last cycle and not exactly part of the next, what is “loaded” into consciousness has unlimited potential. So it is very important to keep the field of your mind free of weeds.

The New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Chiron. Over the month, weeds of unworthiness will come up to be pulled because of this astrological influence.

The energy over the next four days is exceptionally intense, especially for the Balsamic time of year. On Sunday, Mars will station retrograde at 11:24 am EST/4:24 pm UTC. Remember that the day a planet stations retrograde or direct is characterized by strong forces. Events are likely to be dramatic on the personal and global stage. The degree of Mars’ retrograde tells us higher forces (guides, angels, higher self, however you view it) are close by and assisting. If this energy starts to pull you into a downward spiral, go OUTDOORS and give the problem over to other forces. The load does not need to be borne completely by us in this instance.

As if this wasn’t enough, Saturn will station retrograde on Monday at 11:19 am EST/4:19 pm UTC. Saturn likes to lord over us and is quick to make us feel like we aren’t good enough, aren’t doing enough, and so on. The combination of strong Chiron and Saturn energy Monday may be a lot to handle, especially if it is significantly aspecting your chart. Chiron’s themes of wounding and healing are pronounced all month. (Those who are Chiron-dominant – have the degree of the Chiron point in their natal charts – will be called upon to help others this month.)

At high noon EST/ 5:00 pm UTC Tuesday, the Black Moon will leave the sign of Cancer and enter the sign of Leo (more about this in my book on the Black Moon available for free download on the Books tab). Just be aware that this shift is also pending.

I could go on and on about this new lunar month, but it will have to be via audio because it is too much to pack into a daily post, so be on the look out for that late Sunday.

Wise owls will manage to dream and envision what they most want to experience in the world while the world seems on the brink of chaos. See through and beyond this. The world stage changes, but we remain grounded with nature


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