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Interview: Coup in Ukraine

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Thank you for posting this. So many are still unaware of how the geopolitical games are played-and thus far too easily made into pawns. I hope everyone realizes who really benefits from all this disruption and violence and why they keep pushing it. In a world based on love instead of greed no one has to die for others to be free, or fed, sheltered etc.

For peace, against war: literary selections

Taylor Report
February 24, 2014

Coup in Ukraine
“Weimar Triangle” emerges
February 24th, 2014
Featured Guest: RICK ROZOFF


Rick Rozoff returns to the program to follow-up on his previous interview about the possibility of a coup in Ukraine.

Rozoff’s most dire predictions have come to fruition. The events in Ukraine “have been long in the making” and “methodically planned out.”

The only thing that isn’t materializing is EU aid to Ukraine. “If you’ve pledged yourself unconditionally, why would they buy you?”

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