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Between Revolution and Tyranny: A Fluid and Highly Permeable Line

Between Revolution and Tyranny: A Fluid and Highly Permeable Line.

This is an excellent explanation of how we are being manipulated and how these protest movements are often not what they seem-and even when they are, they are often screwed over by those who “help” them.

Between Revolution and Tyranny: A Fluid and Highly Permeable Line

Musa al-Gharbi, Truthout: Being anti-revolution isn’t sexy – but then again, neither is watching the intentions, efforts and sacrifices of activists be manipulated in such a way as to give rise to even greater injustice, oppression and misery, as is often the ultimate fate of revolutions.

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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: expand, grow, struggle, challenge, question

Moon in Aries/Taurus

Wise owls, the stars align today to imprint a harmonic of sheer beauty that is almost a fantasy. This energy happens apart from us, so we will benefit no matter where we are on the spectrum of disharmony/harmony. But the effects will be greater if we can suspend, if only for a few hours, feelings in the disharmony range. If we can take our minds high enough above situations, we can see the horizon clearly. Break free from where you are and come to a whole new level with whatever is happening. This may require us to walk away from something (break free from where you are) and come back to it later with a better understanding (whole new level). In a magical way, the energy will transform our consciousness and in turn the reality of the situation. This is how good it is.

Today’s fantasy alignment is courtesy of a Grand Cross between the Moon, the Black Moon, Mars, and Venus just as the Black Moon leaves the last degree of Cancer. It is quite a farewell for her and quite a boon for us. The imprint that can be made is unparalleled. I don’t really know what could be better than the universe giving us a big handful of raw loveliness and saying make it lovelier. But by all means, it is our job today, if only for a short time, to be in love with life. Find something, feel something, see something beautiful about life and living. Step outdoors and connect and mission complete.

While I would prefer to wax poetic about all of the things that can be created and transformed today, the Chiron element that is present all month long needs to be addressed regularly. Recall that the New Moon in Pisces, the generator of this month’s energy, was conjunct Chiron. Chiron was a centaur – half human, half horse. His human half is his upper body; his equine half is his base level. There is a struggle here. Chiron endeavored to overcome his base level. He was locked in a struggle with himself, you could say, and so this theme plays out for us this month. But today’s energy lifts us and takes us over and above, so if you are struggling today, surrendering is required.

Today’s energy could be called “masterful.” Things happen rather effortlessly. We are in the Balsamic time of year all month long and Balsamic is the time when Spirit pours in to prepare the field for change. Wise owls know to step aside a bit and let this force work. It really is the time when we let go of the reins and take a breather. While we are on break, we let our imagination soar and envision beyond our wildest dreams. Today is a wildest dreams sort of day, so don’t hold back. We are preparing the field of the future during the Balsamic time.

The planet responds to those who continue to dream in the midst of chaos.

(Note: Welcome to the Oracle Report’s new home. It is still being tweaked, but it should serve us better and we will have our daily photographs back! I lost the audio I recorded about the Pisces New Moon and the overview of the upcoming year, but I will re-do it today. I created this site in about three hours on Squarespace.com and everyone knows I am not tech-y. Highly recommended.)


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Julian Rose ~ Constructing the New Society

Thank you Laura!

Laura Bruno's Blog

This essay by Julian Rose discusses many of the things we’re working towards in Goshen. Many of the suggestions dovetail with Transition Town ideas, but I love how Julian leaves things open for any community to begin asking these questions, brainstorming solutions and taking action steps towards change. As Julian says, “To bring a dream into reality is hard work.” In order to transform our world, we must dream and act.

Constructing the New Society
‘Eight Steps’

By Julian Rose

We who engage in postulating solutions to the dominant issues of this time, use much energy speculating on unknown outcomes. But how much energy do we use in laying the ground for a future of our own making?

How much time do we give to devising the template for the new society we must create?

To bring a dream into reality is hard work; it’s a lifetime’s work at the…

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Mahala | Planet Alert March 2014


Planet Alert Newsletter
March 2014

I woke up the morning of February 11 with the words of a song running through my head called ‘Let It Go’. It kept running through my head and I didn’t know where it came from until I saw the movie a few days later called Frozen. I realized ‘Let It Go’ must be a popular song when I heard many people singing along with that song in the movie. I looked up the words to that song because it left such an impression on me. That song also won an Oscar in the Academy Awards last night. Check out this link: (search youtube for “Frozen let it go” or click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moSFlvxnbgk&feature=player_detailpage)

Here are a couple of verses to that song.

“It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small and the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all. It’s time to see what I can do to test the limits and break through. No right, no wrong, no rules for me, I’m free. Let it go, let it go I am one with the wind and sky. Let it go, let it go. My power flurries through the air into the ground, my soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around, and one thought crystalizes like an icy blast. I’m never going back; the past is in the past. Let it go, let it go, let it go”.

Isn’t that what we are all doing right now? The past is gone; it is no more-let it go. The new is here and all we have to do is connect to the new energy, which is the energy of love and unity consciousness. I know that sometimes that is hard to do. We are all human Beings doing the best we can, although with the energy that is coming in right now we need to let go of our past. Live in the now and become an observer to everything that is going on around you. Don’t get caught in the drama. There needs to be a lot of people holding the energy right now and living in joy and happiness. Life is supposed to be happy. Did anyone say that life had to be so serious and painful? Now let’s go on to more thoughts about events that are going on in the world right now.

Welcome to the emotional water energy of the new moon in Pisces that happened on March 1, 2014. One of the results of that energy was the rain southern California just received. I hope they get more rain to help with the drought they are experiencing. They produce a large amount of food that is needed all over the United States. If they can’t produce the food, the price of food will go up. Besides that, it is nice to have enough water to take a bath every now and then.

Along with the storms in California, we have major storms going on in the Midwest and East Coast. The water energy can be either rain, snow, or ice. Remember I have been saying that Jupiter is in Cancer (water sign) and is activating the area from the Mississippi River to the East Coast which includes the Southeastern part of the USA. This energy will continue in those areas until the end of July. Then Jupiter will move into the fire sign Leo where it will stay for one year.

Along with the water energy of Pisces, we have the fiery, angry energy of the Sun conjunct Mars (by declination) for the first week of March. This means it is a good idea to control your temper. Mars also rules sports, and was over the area of Sochi when the Olympics were taking place. However there was also a revolution going on in Kiev at the same time. Mars energy is still over the Ukraine and Crimea, which was just taken over by the Russians. This is a pretty major event. We will see how it all works out. I had a dream about the bear (Russia) getting aggressive on February 25, 2013. Then I had two other dreams on April 7 and 10, 2013 about the bear.

Mars was just conjunct the North Node in Libra a few days ago. This means the node is activating Mars. The lower frequency Earth still seems to vibrate to the war energy of Mars. Other people are working toward the peace energy of Libra. Libra rules justice and people will tend to want their own way if they think things are unjust.

Valdimir Putin has four planets in Libra, with Scorpio rising and his moon is in Gemini. His Sun is on 13 degrees Libra and that is being activated by the cardinal cross right now. Mars is conjunct his Mercury, and Mars turned retrograde right on top of his Mercury. This gives him the energy to think that what he is doing is right. Pluto is exactly square his Sun right now which gives him the desire for power, or to become involved in power struggles and aggressive behavior.

With the high frequency energy that is happening right now things can get a little chaotic. This was a very interesting new moon because we had the Sun and Moon on 10 degrees Pisces, Jupiter 10 degrees Cancer, Uranus 10 degrees Aries, and Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn. This means the fast-acting cardinal cross is being activated and we can look for surprising and unexpected events to happen. These events can be either positive or negative, depending on what we have created.

Right now it looks like Russia is creating a negative event. Russian troops took over Crimea as the parliament in Moscow gave Valdimir Putin a green light to use the military to protect Russian interests in the Ukraine. Russia has a lot of natural gas which Putin sells to other countries, including Europe. Russia sells 25 percent of their gas to the European market, and 80 percent of that gas passes through the Ukraine. It sounds to me like there is a dispute about gas right now. Russia also has a Navy Base in Crimea on the Black Sea and Russia now controls that base.

March will be a very interesting month. Mars and Saturn turned retrograde at about the same time at the beginning of March. Those two planets in aspect rule police or military action. Mars is very dominant in its retrograde aspect. With Mars activating the Ukraine right now, it’s not surprising what is occurring there.

I also just heard there is an Ultra-Orthodox Jews mass-protest going on in Jerusalem right now (March 3, 2014) over the Army Service Draft Law. They are saying-No More War… The North Node just finished moving over Jerusalem.

Other parts of the world are also being activated as the Sun moves through the sign of Pisces. We will also probably hear news about Japan or the South Sea Islands. When the Sun moves into the fire sign Aries on the Spring Equinox at 9:57 AM PST on March 20, we will start experiencing the energy of fire. Mars rules Aries.

With the Sun and Uranus conjunct on April 2, we will be in the time of many unexpected changes. Then the cardinal cross will be exact on 13 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn on April 20-21-22. Easter just happens to be on April 20 this year. Palm Sunday is April 13 and the beginning of Passover is on April 15th. Easter is the celebration of the risen Christ consciousness that is within everyone.

The best thing we can do to help the Earth transition into the New Earth is to be happy, enjoy life, be grateful for everything we have, count your blessings, and develop an Attitude of Gratitude. And don’t forget to let go of the past and stand in your power of love. So Be It!

Blessings to everyone! ***** Mahala Gayle *****

I can be reached at planetalert If you wish to donate you can go to Paypal and look forplanetalert. Donations are always appreciated. Thank you!

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A short update on the energies

Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

As many of you have already noted, the lingering sensations from the get together you were all a part of a few days ago are still rather difficult to correctly identify, for what you did take part in, was of such a magnitude, nothing like it has ever been staged before anywhere in Creation. And so, we would like to take this opportunity to first of all thank you all on behalf of All of creation for what you have accomplished, for it is nothing short of miraculous. For during that period of time, and this is indeed still going on now, you managed to hook up to so many new lines of transformation, and when we say transformation, we mean as in a merging together of old and new, in a very new way. And old in this context simply means those parts of you that you have been…

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Tikkun weighs in on Ukraine Monday March 3, 2014

Editor’s Note from Rabbi Michael Lerner:

One thing I’m sure of is that media accounts available in the United States are so tainted by anti-Russia and U.S. nationalist and capitalist interests that we have no idea of what is really happening in Ukraine.

It is clear that the U.S. involvement is not “out of the blue,” but part of an ongoing campaign to increase NATO power and Western economic penetration of the countries surrounding Russia, stimulating for some Russians reminders of the previous trauma of being attacked by the Nazis and others through the Ukraine, where pro-fascist, anti-communist and anti-Semitic sentiments ran strong and welcomed foreign interventions. While we at “Tikkun” have some doubts about parts of the analyses by Robert Parry and Norman Solomon presented below, I am sharing them because they have the advantage of momentarily challenging the dominant discourse, though in ways that represent its own peculiar perspective. And they do have some plausibility-we know that much of the neo-con perspective on the world is based on an amalgam to two somewhat different commitments that have been welded together:

a. the neo-cons whose primary goal is to maintain and expand the U.S. economic and political empire and

b. the neo-cons whose primary goal is to protect Israel and destroy all of its potential enemies–a list that grows longer and longer as long as Israel retains its dominance over the Palestinian people and denies them fundamental human rights.

These two goals come together as long as the United States is perceived by the neo-cons as the primary and sole reliable ally of Israel, and all others are suspected of being willing to see Israel destroyed. Russia’s backing of Iran and Syria are seen as threatening to Israel and threatening to the domination-interests of American political and economic interests, so renewing the Cold War with Russia is from the neo-con standpoint an important goal.

Ironically, however, the neocons seem all too willing to ignore the fascistic and proto-Nazi elements in the coalition that last week overthrew the democratically elected and pro-Russian government. But for those of us Jews who have not drunk the neo-con cool-aid, it’s not hard to see that the one thing that might reunite all elements of both sides is anti-Semitism, which has a long and disgusting history in both Russian and Ukrainian nationalism, and very little has been done in either society to root out the teachings and the aspects of popular culture that retain that undercurrent of hatred against Jews.

For us, neither side looks particularly appealing, and a U.S. crusade on one or the other side of this conflict seems deeply misguided. So it is particularly distressing to watch the U.S. news media frame this whole issue as one in which President Obama is being called upon to prove his “toughness” (read: manliness) by standing up to the Russians.

We’d prefer if he would stand up to Israel’s Netanyahu and do the one thing that would best help the Jewish people, namely using American economic and political power to push Israel toward an accommodation with the Palestinian people, thereby actually enhancing Israel’s long-term survivability. But that, of course, would be portrayed by the neo-con dominated media as capitulation to Arabs and lack of backbone. Yet even a much smaller gesture-articulating to Israelis a vision of what a fair-minded and sustainable agreement would contain, such as I outline in the Winter 2014 issue [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/what-terms-for-middle-east-peace-would-actually-work ] of “Tikkun”, could make a huge impact in moving the whole discourse toward peace. Well, I’m not holding my breath, because Obama is in fact without backbone to stand up to the neo-cons and their powerful media friends, and that means without the backbone to do this one thing an American president could do to create the preconditions for a lasting Middle East peace. That will not be facilitated by a renewed Cold War. It remains to be seen if Obama has the backbone to stand up to those who are cheerleading for this new Cold War with Russia.