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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Crescent Moon Phase: expand, grow, struggle, challenge, question

Moon in Taurus

As Jupiter prepares to station direct (appear to move forward once again), emotional energy floods us. Jupiter is in Cancer, a water sign that is “ruled” by the Moon. In astrology, the Moon “rules” the emotions. Our emotions tend to rule us over the next couple of days. But the Moon also points us to the solution or antidote for overwhelm by its transit today and tomorrow through the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign. It rules the ground. Grounding with the Earth is the salve for wounds being washed over by the tide of emotions.

Before proceeding into a short discussion on what grounding with the earth means, let’s divert with something to deal with Chiron’s themes of self-struggle that are present all month long because the New Moon in Pisces was conjunct Chiron. My hope is that it helps everyone give themselves a break. First let’s be clear that everyone must take responsibility for their own actions, feelings, and beliefs. We are powerful, sovereign beings. But we aren’t exactly completely responsible for our experience because we are under considerable interference. The designers of our genome (the Aeons Sophia and Thelete in Gnostic terms) intended a Sun, Moon, planet system for us. That means we would “grow” or learn and evolve within an energetic system of three planetary bodies – not what we have. We have a multi-planet system because the Archons created it this way. So we are not under the influence of three energetic signatures, we are under at least eleven more (plus a lot of asteroids). Let that sink in for a bit.

When Chiron and all of the retrograding planets and the Black Moon bring a tidal wave of overwhelm, maybe think about how you are doing pretty good considering what we were designed to handle and what we are truly handling.

And then take it a step further and consider what the beautiful gem of your soul is becoming under the pressure cuts of multiple facets. Just because the Archons produced the planets doesn’t mean their mechanics are not celestial. They use the same principles of the universe, but toward different ends. We, however, are being chiseled and chipped into brilliance. Sophia never saw this coming, but it is indeed the way it is.

If that explanation doesn’t pull you through to a better place, go outside and take a deep breath and start observing something natural. It may be only one tree if you are in a concrete jungle. Divert your focus to nature in whatever way you can.

Today’s energy is powerful but it is trying to open us to receive wisdom. The more we can let go and follow along, the better.


(Note-the beautiful tree in the image above was posted on the Oracle Report Facebook group by Robyn German. I like to add an image if Laura hasn’t posted one with the Report and this was so beautiful I had to share it:-)

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Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of March

The Energies of March: Jennifer Hoffman. March 3, 2014. http://enlighteninglife.com/energies-march-2014/

As the saying goes ‘March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.’ That may hold true for the weather, as March typically begins with winter weather and ends with warmer, spring-like temperatures. But for everything else, I think that March is going to enter like a semi-toothless lion and end like a hungry one, with a new set of teeth, looking for its next meal.
We have endured many months of inaction and we’re now ready for some changes, nearly anything will do at this point. Those will come in April – as for March, big, life changing outcomes aren’t quite supported, but the decisions and choices behind them are.
Mercury is now direct but Mars and Saturn are both retrograde. This means that communications may pick up but action won’t. Mars retrogrades approximately once every two years and it’s the planet of action, so when it’s retro it’s a little like trying to drive a car with a foot on the gas and on the brake, you get a lot of noise and smoke but not much action or forward movement.
It doesn’t mean that action is impossible, just that it’s time to take conscious, considered action and ask questions like ‘do I want to do this,’ or ‘why am I doing this’, instead of taking ill-considered action. You may need to rest more and not feel like doing anything at times, that’s all part of Mars retro, which ends on July 20 (including the shadow period).
This isn’t a bad thing though because if you look at the energy movements we have been experiencing since 2012, everything has brought us back to ourselves, to our core and center. How do we make choices and decisions, what criteria do we use and where do we put ourselves, in the beginning, middle or the end of the process?
Or are we an afterthought, where our needs come after everyone and everything else is taken care of? How does this impact our ability to manifest what we want and maybe we’re not manifesting what we want because we’re asking on behalf of everyone else?
This month we’ll get a good look at where our energy is centered and have time to do some course corrections. If a situation is not moving forward, do a clarity and direction check – are you doing what you want to do and are you clear about what that is? If not, retros encourage time outs, re-thinks, re-assessments and very often, release.
If you don’t always make choices in a thoughtful, considered way, you’ll have time to do that now. So instead of rushing out the door and getting to your destination to find that you left your wallet or important papers at home, or you’re still wearing your slippers because you forgot to put your shoes on, March’s energies will slow you down enough to help you plan more carefully.
Maybe you’re doing too much and you need to take some things off of your plate. Perhaps you have been putting some things off because you didn’t have time before and now they are staring you in the face, demanding your attention. If this is your ‘old’ normal, you get to create a new normal now.
I had noticed that my car battery was starting to fail last week but didn’t have time to go buy a new one. Then I was stuck at the airport with a dead car battery (in frigid temperatures), so I got a jump start and stopped by the auto shop to buy a new one on the way home. My car now has a new battery, so that problem is taken care of. If the old one hadn’t died at the airport, I would have put it off again but I had to take care of it then because I knew it was dead and wouldn’t start again.
Look at whatever situations come up for you this month as a chance to resolve an issue that has probably been around for a while, you just haven’t taken care of it. Maybe there are things you ignore because you think they’re too hard, maybe you are just tired of taking care of things and wish they would go away or resolve themselves, or maybe you’re just tired of trying so hard.
We need to sit back and relax sometimes, to re-prioritize our priorities and give ourselves a break. Now you have the chance to do that and you can make the process effortless, you just have to make it – and you – a priority. It’s OK to stop and smell the roses, and the world won’t end if you do.
The three personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, have been in retro phases since early December 2013, which is very rare. Their energy impacts everything we do, communication, movement and travel, all emotional connections, action, desire, anger and joy.
Do you feel like you have been missing in action in your life? This month you can start thinking about the action you would like to take, beginning with what you want and then look at what stands in your way or limits your progress. This is a great month to take twice as long to think things through, to give every outcome a chance to percolate,
Saturn goes retro about 6 months a year so we’re used to that and it’s adding energy to the suggestion that we re-create ourselves in new ways. It encourages us to deeply within and get in touch with those aspects of ourselves that we often ignore because other things and people are either more important or more insistent.
Because forward movement is a little blocked, you may take time to think things through more carefully, to expand your plans to integrate new ideas or possibilities. It’s a time to be flexible and open to new ideas, just in time to prepare for April’s energies, which are a powerful catalyst for change. And we can all celebrate now that Mercury is direct and February is over.
Have a wonderful month.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited. http://enlighteninglife.com/energies-march-2014/#sthash.s0bLSrwt.dpuf

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Emmanuel Dagher | March 4, 2014

By Emmanuel Dagher, March 4 2014 –


It’s such a blessing for me to connect with you again in this way. Over the past few months, a great shift has taken place that has set the tone for a powerful yet unexpected revolution to make its way into the mainstream.
In the summer of 2013, a fun animated movie titled Despicable Me 2 premiered, and instantly became a hit with children of all ages around the world. But like the lifespan of most movies, it quickly came and went.
While the movie was in theaters, there was no real attention given to its soundtrack, which included a song that was little-known at the time, called “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.
To listen to the song, please visit http://youtu.be/y6Sxv-sUYtM
The Revolution Begins
Then towards the end of 2013, something quite interesting started happening.
This little song known as “Happy” started to take on a life of its own. All of a sudden, people started to pay attention to how they were feeling after listening to the song. Due to its positive, empowering and uplifting melody, words and beat, the song started spreading like wildfire.
All of a sudden, hundreds of YouTube videos from countries around the world started to pop up left and right, with the song “Happy” taking center stage as people danced in flash-mob-style gatherings.
In these videos, thousands of people gather in song and dance to broadcast to the world that they are choosing to be “Happy.” Many of these videos open by letting the viewer know immediately that whatever country the video was filmed in, its people are choosing to be happy.
Now, at first this may seem trivial. However, when thousands of people from many different countries are moved to come together in a harmonious way to declare to the world that they are choosing to be happy (in this case through song)—that is something important to take notice of!
How Did It Happen?
Why did the song stay under the radar when the movie original debuted back in the summer of 2013?
And why are millions of people around the world just now starting to discover the song?
The simplest answer to these questions is that we were not ready before—but now we are.
See, the song “Happy” is a symbol that represents the shift in the collective consciousness that has taken place in just these last few months. People have had enough of things that promote separation and fear.
That’s why “Happy” is now sitting at the top of the music charts all over the world.
Citizens of the world are awakening to who they really are. They have strongly chosen to reclaim their power. This song is an exclamation point for how people all around the world are feeling.
It’s all about supply and demand. People are realizing that what they were conditioned to demand as their supply for so long is just no longer fulfilling them.
The Demand for Joy
People want something real, and now they are demanding it. “Happy” is one of many recent confirmations that is showing us proof that the demand is changing.
There are many songs, books, websites, concepts and works of art that are now empowering and inspiring people all around the world to create more joy in their lives.

Here are some helpful, easy ways to connect with the Happiness Revolution:
• Understanding that happiness is a choice, and is not determined by people, places, things or circumstances
• Making peace with the mind/being gentle with ourselves
• Laughing daily • Moving the body through exercise, dance or sports activities at least 3 to 4 times per week for at least 15 to 30 minutes at a time
• Meditation
• Performing random acts of service and kindness
• Spending time in nature
• Connecting with a heart-centered community/friends
• Being creative/artistic
• Playing
• Creating an environment that inspires and awakens joy (using beautiful fragrances, colors, textures)
• Clearing out clutter
• Releasing the unrealistic expectations we’ve placed on ourselves and others
• Focusing on making ourselves and our well-being an ultimate priority
• Expressing ourselves freely in a healthy and positive way (no longer holding things in)
The Vanishing Gates
For many years, people seemed to only be able to reach a certain level of success when it came to manifesting their hearts’ desires.
Even though great strides would be made from time to time, it seemed as if there were invisible gates that prevented us from going all the way to where we really wanted to be.
All of that is now changing, and the invisible gates are vanishing. The limitations that we had placed on ourselves and on humanity as a whole are dissolving.
This is allowing us to go all the way when it comes to experiencing the greatest desires of our hearts. We no longer have to settle.
For those of us who may have invested many hours into relationships, projects or businesses that just didn’t seem to go anywhere, things have or will soon begin to turn around.
Sometimes when we put so much time and effort into something that really doesn’t go anywhere, it leaves us feeling completely exhausted and disheartened. The idea of even trying again can feel daunting and out of the question.
Know that it’s completely normal to feel this way. It can be alleviated with some good rest and relaxation.
Manifesting Our Desires
With the gates vanishing, this is the time make ourselves available to manifesting our hearts’ desires. Making ourselves more available requires a few simple things:
The first step is to get clear on what our truest desires are.
The second step is to ask for what we want. For example, we could ask something like “Dear Universe, what would it take for me to be more open and available to experiencing my deepest and truest heart’s desires with ease? Show me.”
And the final step is simply to take inspired action when the opportunities to experiencing our hearts’ desires begin presenting themselves to us. People all around the world are now realizing that they have the right to live out their hearts’ desires. Time to celebrate!
Till next time, Miraculously yours,