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Ukraine blueprint for a Syria 2.0 ? Evidence would point to the US and EU as the root of the destabilization that has taken place.

Thank you for posting this! The exact same false flag killing has been used to defame the government of Venezuela. It appears that the corruption and manipulation are finally coming to light on all sides. In the end it is the ordinary working people who are being harmed most by all these extremist elements. There has to be a way to get beyond forced polarization and cocreate the better world we all know is possible.

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UKRAINE CRISIS: What You Need to Know About the Sniper Leak


Published on Mar 7, 2014

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Ukraine sniper leak.


Ukraine Beyond Politics

Who Was in Kiev’s Independence Square?


Now that Viktor Yanukovych has gone, and new elections are promised, we need to assess the political and popular forces that succeeded in overturning Ukraine’s political system. Who were the protesters and what were their goals? At the barricades in central Kiev there were Ukrainian and EU flags, as well as portraits of the poet Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), considered as a spiritual father of Ukrainian identity, and of Stepan Bandera (1909-1959) who was, depending on your point of view, either a great patriot or a Nazi collaborator. And there were pictures of five Ukrainian activists, treated as martyrs after they were…

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Thank you for posting this. I wish I could share this with every religious person I know. God is LOVE so how can anyone use God to justify hate ir cruelty? It makes no sense.

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Israel Cuts Off Water Supply to 45,000 Palestinians


Israeli Jews and Palestinians are caught in a frightening, often violent scenario that given a choice, I believe could be solved by the people themselves with love.  Sadly, decades ago, both groups became pawns in the hands of those powerful elites who wanted only to control that part of the world.

American Christians and Jews have been taught the Old Testament story of the Promised Land.  To believe this story literally is one more example of how skewed our concept of God is.   God’s children demonstrate much more love than the God of religion we are taught. The true story below took place in the early 1990s, but remains heartbreakingly relevant in 2014.

In January 1993, our seminary tour group arrived in Jerusalem.  We spent one…

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“Democratization” and Anti-Semitism in #Ukraine: When Neo-Nazi Symbols become “The New Normal” | Global Research

Thank you for posting this. How do these nutters gain so much power? How can people espouse such views and live with themselves?

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

One of the “Big Three” political parties behind the protests is the ultra-nationalist Svoboda, whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” After the 2010 conviction of the Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk for his supporting role in the death of nearly 30,000 people at the Sobibor camp, Tyahnybok rushed to Germany to declare him a hero who was “fighting for truth.” In the Ukrainian parliament, where Svoboda holds an unprecedented 37 seats, Tyahnybok’s deputy Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn is fond of quoting Joseph Goebbels – he has even founded a think tank originally called “the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Center.” According to Per Anders Rudling, a leading academic expert on European neo-fascism, the self-described “socialist nationalist” Mykhalchyshyn is the main link between Svoboda’s official wing and neo-Nazi militias like Right Sector. Max Blumenthal, Is the US backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?, Alternet, February…

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The Oracle Report | Saturday, March 8 – Sunday, March 9, 2014


First Quarter Moon Phase (8:26 am EST / 1:26 pm UTC Saturday): step forward, action, break away, expression

Moon in Gemini

The sublime Sophia is so close we can almost feel her. Of course, we can always “feel” her around us, but sometimes it’s so strong that it penetrates deeply into the matrix and is easier to access. This isstupendous Balsamic energy (we are in the Balsamic time of the year all month long) that happens when the Sun and Moon are in a certain place in the sky and a certain place in the cycle of nature. The effects are enhanced by the Moon’s transit through Gemini – an air sign. All we have to do is breathe and we are taking in frequencies of light that basically are giving us an oxygen transfusion. The cells in our blood, in particular, are being scrubbed up and revitalized. Anything we do to get our hearts pumping will magnify the effects.

As this is happening, deep internal wisdom is being accessed. You can think of it like computer programs (software) that are being clicked open to start running. Sophia is the wisdom goddess, meaning this is the pre-dominant nature of her energetic signature. Wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge plus experience. From the two we gain wisdom. The key here for us is the “experience” part because experience has been seriously degraded with the Archon’s interference with humanity. This weekend, Sophia will try to awaken something inside you that wants to be experienced – something that will be developed over the next year. Remember we are preparing the field (of consciousness) to plant something new during the month of April (beginning with the New Moon in Aries on March 30, 2014) that will evolve through the cycles of the year. Right now is the time when divine inspiration, messages of the soul, creative dreams, visions of happiness, and overwhelming love and guidance come to us. The wisdom goddess sends this to us over the weekend by energetically touching our hearts. I do not mean this in a cutesy way. I mean an actual activation. You could say the sublime Sophia raises her hand and touches our hearts with her index finger and something comes alight.

At the same time, her touch brings a deep level of healing.

An open, receptive mind is the proper mission this weekend. “Mission” isn’t the best word because mission implies action, and we aren’t supposed to be very active during the Balsamic time of the year. We do feel the urge to create, and this is an active thing, but it is also a receptive thing because creativity operates on receptivity. To have an idea about something means we take time out for it to come to us. So this is a really good excuse to let your mind wander and be somewhat lazy. (Just remember to take some time to get your heart pumping a bit, too, to enhance the energetic “transfusion.”)

Focusing on any of the other energetic signatures this weekend is insignificant because whatever answers we seek lie inside of ourselves with our inner wisdom. This is where we turn.

Happy weekend, wise owls!

(P.S. – I am building the site, as you can see, and have added some of the beautiful pictures that you all send when you are out finding beauty. I have credited them from memory because these were in email from the old site. I do not have the name of the wise owl photographer of the algae composition on the “Contact” page, so if it is you, please email me atlaura – my email account is all in order now.)


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Message from Ann and the Angels March 8,2014

There’s time for everything that matters…

…even a trip to work amidst the butterflies!


Photo taken in Phoenix, AZ
©Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved
Visit Ann’s Photo Site for more 


My dear friends, we love you so very much. 

There is more than enough time dear ones, to do all that is important to your soul. There is more than enough energy, money, and resources for each and every one of you to live a happy and beautifully expressed life. However it is such a dis-ease in the human condition to focus upon dis-ease and such a misunderstanding of God’s love to focus upon, and therefore create, lack. 

When you get up in the morning, tell God and your angels what you want help with each day. Give us your “to-do” list and let us assist with your list! Stop worrying about whether you have the time, the money, the resources, the energy, etc. If what you hope to accomplish is a desire planted by God within your beautiful heart, then dear ones, God will support is manifestation.

If however, you find you are not getting what you want at the moment, stop. Breathe. Tantrums, while so very human, do not serve your greater joy. Giving up and guaranteeing disappointment does not serve your joy. Instead faith serves your joy. Trust. Believe that your creator wants more for you than you would even dream to ask.

Say you want some money to pay a bill and the money does not come. You find yourself having to swallow your pride, to ask someone else for assistance. You find this distasteful until you understand you are asking God for assistance through the other. And if the other person is listening to their guidance and their heart, they will give you an honest “yes” or an honest “no.” If they are not listening honestly, then they will learn a lesson in listening.

If each one of you simply proceeded with life, as guided in each moment, there would be a beautiful divine dance between all of humanity, much like the divine dance between healthy cells in the human body. There would be recognition that serving self serves others, and serving others serves self. There would be an understanding that a “yes” is no better than a “no” as long as both are honest.

So before you sink into focusing on lack, remember you are connected now and forevermore to the source of ALL abundance, all well-being, all answers, indeed… all-that-is. Put your faith there dear ones. God loves you. We love you. There is plenty for all of you and for all you could ever dream of imagine. 

God Bless You! We love you so very much. 
— The Angels


Hi Everyone, 

I’ve been in a huge lesson on focus as of late. Some of you read this on Facebook. I had a big computer problem with my new website. The menus suddenly stopped working. I called customer service 1 who referred me to customer service 2 who referred me back to customer service 1. Tired of getting the run-around, I quit focusing on the problem and gave it to God. I proceeded to work on other aspects of the site that worked. Two days later I got the sudden urge to call customer service 2. The man who answered the phone couldn’t solve my problem but suddenly I felt motivated to tell him what I did for a living. There was silence on the other side of the line and then he explained quietly that his father had passed away just a month ago. Suddenly everything made sense. I was able to communicate with his dad and have a very healing conversation. I felt wonderful, abundant, and joyous in my soul after seeing God’s perfection once again. And my problem? I was guided how to edit the php.ini file as suggested by customer service 1 (don’t ask me to explain what it does!) and suddenly my menus worked.

Likewise, last night I had no clue how I would achieve all I needed to do today. I asked the angels to help me want to exercise since my body needs it but I was not inspired. I asked for help answering emails, doing my newsletter, working on the upcoming show, getting some website work accomplished, cooking, etc. The “honey do” list was rather long. To my complete amazement, I woke up at 3:30 wide awake, craving a workout! I was at the gym before dawn, joyfully walking on the treadmill to crazy fun country music. Its 8pm as I write this. I’ve answered 130+ emails so far today, done my accounting, paid the bills, organized the office, juiced a sinkful of grapefruit, cooked for the next two days, and even got work done on the show at one of my favorite places – the local butterfly garden! In the midst of soaring music and tiny soaring miracles of nature, my soul soared, and the topics for the first 12 episode poured forth effortlessly. I think I’ve just found a new “satellite office!” I work best when surrounded by nature. Its still early enough to work on the website too. The most amazing part is that today has felt so unhurried and graceful. I have been present and focused in the moment, and the moments are flowing with grace.

So although I joke that I need 72 hours a day, the regular 24 does just fine when I stop focusing on what I can’t do and get going on what I am inspired to do. I tell God when I need money for projects that are on the drawing board, but in truth when they pop to the top of my priority list, the money is always there. I have massive faith and trust in God’s love. I feel it daily, not just coming into me, but flowing from me. Energy breeds more energy, and the more I do with love, the more energy is available to love.

I catch myself from time to time doing things without passion and I must adjust. Had I tried to work on the show at home, I would not have felt so wonderful. Instead, sitting in a misty bamboo glen with giant Costa Rican blue butterflies skimming my forehead, somehow made work seem like a treat. Had I forced myself to exercise it would have been a chore, but asking for inspiration made it seem like play. 

So try, try, try to avoid focusing on what can’t be done, and instead ask for help with what you wish for. God does care. The angels are there. And you are loved beyond any human ability to comprehend 🙂

Love you all!
Have a blessed week

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The Extinct Coyote

Thank you for posting this. I pray every day for an end to colonization and more importantly the mindset of colonization that is so rooted in trauma and fear that it sees mass murder as “sport”. A people so wounded and cut off from life that they literally do not feel the lives around them. Is it surprising that they destroy everything they see?

Sadly now “they” are nearly all of “us” because colonization isn’t a genetic disease, its highly contagious.

The cure is found in returning to our connection with all life; in relearning how to feel and to care, in knowing that each breath
we breathe in is the exhalation of other living beings who give us life by living.

When I think of the extinctions, of the fact that globally far less than 2% of forests remain and even those so badly fragmented, every single body of water on Earth polluted with toxics-it’s overwhelming.

But then I think of a thousand starlings turning suddenly all at once and I know it is possible for us to change course because we too even in our degraded destructive form as a species are still functional cells in the body of Gaia.

Healing is possible. Miracles happen.

Creek Cat

Most of us know the sad story of the Passenger Pigeon.  While details may be missing in your knowledge, you are sure to know they are extinct. Probably, you’ve heard the story of Martha, the last surviving member of her species that lived in the Cincinnati Zoo. Some zoo patrons threw dirt at her because she simply sat perched; doing nothing to entertain them, her coos subdued. She succumbed to death on September 1, 1909, leaving us with only pictures, preserved bodies stored in a drawer in a natural museum, and the stories of this beautiful bird with the hazel colored eye, iridescent wings, and orange breast.


The Passenger Pigeon was believed to be the most abundant bird species in the world, with population estimates at 3-5 billion when Europeans first immigrated to the North American continent.  They were once so numerous that a flock was witnessed to be 1…

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Zero Point, Gravity, Dark Energy and Choice Points!

Thank you for posting this. So much to take in lately I think perhaps this radical trust is going to be default position for many of us.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I wonder if there is ever going to come a time when the days before us are anywhere near predictable, even a little predictable.  I doubt it, but it is nice to hope so!!  Ahhh the human within!!  I woke up yesterday ready to share all the wonderful news and insights from the day prior and my mind went on strike and became a lazy butt.  It was the weirdest feeling really.  Ya know when your body just doesn’t feel like doing anything, that was exactly how my mind felt.  Very different from just being down or in the void.  I started to understand the bigger picture when I had my first connection out in the field of Light.

I could see this huge hammer like thing coming down and connecting with the ground, just outside the south (left) side of my precious lady’s magnetosphere.  The energy of the hammer…

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Show Me the Excitement!

Thank you Denise,  and Alex for asking!  

I’ve been experiencing this in a cyclic way for years as well. I thought it was just the periods of relapse when I am simply too exhausted to do or even care about doing anything. 

But lately the cycles have been so much faster (higher frequency) and I’m always too exhausted so that I can no longer tell what is the physical illness/disability and what is ascension related-and lately reached a point where I just don’t care about that either! 

I do still become frustrated about being unable to do required things-like get food or do house maintenance but that is now more an in the moment experience rather than an all the time worry issue.

 (Like I feel awful from not eating or overwhelmed by the amount of rain inside the house right in the moment-but if I get some food or it stops raining I’m still cognitively aware of those problems/needs but no longer so emotionally agitated by them until they are in another moment an active difficulty). 

 I was just thinking  about this weird split experience where part of me sees my current limitations as part of a process of initiation and growth with an attendant need to go inward and forget the outer emotions and difficulty while another part of me is concerned with getting things done, solving physical problems like lack of food, roof leaks etc before they cause more problems-and consequently feeling rather confused and kind of stuck. 

I decided to let it be for a while longer and check email when I found notice of this post.

It’s interesting that my experience is not unique.


My intuition appears to be saying, after reading this that by letting go and following the need to go inward I will consequently discover the key or path to solving the outer problems. 

I hope so!;-) I would love to read comments of others experiences with this. It certainly is as Denise has pointed out NEW it’s not just a rehash or retooling of old issues.

I mean when we actually die physically we no longer have physical responsibilities, so there hasn’t been much call for the navigational skill we are now developing:-)