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Thank you Denise,  and Alex for asking!  

I’ve been experiencing this in a cyclic way for years as well. I thought it was just the periods of relapse when I am simply too exhausted to do or even care about doing anything. 

But lately the cycles have been so much faster (higher frequency) and I’m always too exhausted so that I can no longer tell what is the physical illness/disability and what is ascension related-and lately reached a point where I just don’t care about that either! 

I do still become frustrated about being unable to do required things-like get food or do house maintenance but that is now more an in the moment experience rather than an all the time worry issue.

 (Like I feel awful from not eating or overwhelmed by the amount of rain inside the house right in the moment-but if I get some food or it stops raining I’m still cognitively aware of those problems/needs but no longer so emotionally agitated by them until they are in another moment an active difficulty). 

 I was just thinking  about this weird split experience where part of me sees my current limitations as part of a process of initiation and growth with an attendant need to go inward and forget the outer emotions and difficulty while another part of me is concerned with getting things done, solving physical problems like lack of food, roof leaks etc before they cause more problems-and consequently feeling rather confused and kind of stuck. 

I decided to let it be for a while longer and check email when I found notice of this post.

It’s interesting that my experience is not unique.


My intuition appears to be saying, after reading this that by letting go and following the need to go inward I will consequently discover the key or path to solving the outer problems. 

I hope so!;-) I would love to read comments of others experiences with this. It certainly is as Denise has pointed out NEW it’s not just a rehash or retooling of old issues.

I mean when we actually die physically we no longer have physical responsibilities, so there hasn’t been much call for the navigational skill we are now developing:-)

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