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The Extinct Coyote

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Thank you for posting this. I pray every day for an end to colonization and more importantly the mindset of colonization that is so rooted in trauma and fear that it sees mass murder as “sport”. A people so wounded and cut off from life that they literally do not feel the lives around them. Is it surprising that they destroy everything they see?

Sadly now “they” are nearly all of “us” because colonization isn’t a genetic disease, its highly contagious.

The cure is found in returning to our connection with all life; in relearning how to feel and to care, in knowing that each breath
we breathe in is the exhalation of other living beings who give us life by living.

When I think of the extinctions, of the fact that globally far less than 2% of forests remain and even those so badly fragmented, every single body of water on Earth polluted with toxics-it’s overwhelming.

But then I think of a thousand starlings turning suddenly all at once and I know it is possible for us to change course because we too even in our degraded destructive form as a species are still functional cells in the body of Gaia.

Healing is possible. Miracles happen.

Creek Cat

Most of us know the sad story of the Passenger Pigeon.  While details may be missing in your knowledge, you are sure to know they are extinct. Probably, you’ve heard the story of Martha, the last surviving member of her species that lived in the Cincinnati Zoo. Some zoo patrons threw dirt at her because she simply sat perched; doing nothing to entertain them, her coos subdued. She succumbed to death on September 1, 1909, leaving us with only pictures, preserved bodies stored in a drawer in a natural museum, and the stories of this beautiful bird with the hazel colored eye, iridescent wings, and orange breast.


The Passenger Pigeon was believed to be the most abundant bird species in the world, with population estimates at 3-5 billion when Europeans first immigrated to the North American continent.  They were once so numerous that a flock was witnessed to be 1…

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