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The Oracle Report | Saturday, March 8 – Sunday, March 9, 2014

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First Quarter Moon Phase (8:26 am EST / 1:26 pm UTC Saturday): step forward, action, break away, expression

Moon in Gemini

The sublime Sophia is so close we can almost feel her. Of course, we can always “feel” her around us, but sometimes it’s so strong that it penetrates deeply into the matrix and is easier to access. This isstupendous Balsamic energy (we are in the Balsamic time of the year all month long) that happens when the Sun and Moon are in a certain place in the sky and a certain place in the cycle of nature. The effects are enhanced by the Moon’s transit through Gemini – an air sign. All we have to do is breathe and we are taking in frequencies of light that basically are giving us an oxygen transfusion. The cells in our blood, in particular, are being scrubbed up and revitalized. Anything we do to get our hearts pumping will magnify the effects.

As this is happening, deep internal wisdom is being accessed. You can think of it like computer programs (software) that are being clicked open to start running. Sophia is the wisdom goddess, meaning this is the pre-dominant nature of her energetic signature. Wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge plus experience. From the two we gain wisdom. The key here for us is the “experience” part because experience has been seriously degraded with the Archon’s interference with humanity. This weekend, Sophia will try to awaken something inside you that wants to be experienced – something that will be developed over the next year. Remember we are preparing the field (of consciousness) to plant something new during the month of April (beginning with the New Moon in Aries on March 30, 2014) that will evolve through the cycles of the year. Right now is the time when divine inspiration, messages of the soul, creative dreams, visions of happiness, and overwhelming love and guidance come to us. The wisdom goddess sends this to us over the weekend by energetically touching our hearts. I do not mean this in a cutesy way. I mean an actual activation. You could say the sublime Sophia raises her hand and touches our hearts with her index finger and something comes alight.

At the same time, her touch brings a deep level of healing.

An open, receptive mind is the proper mission this weekend. “Mission” isn’t the best word because mission implies action, and we aren’t supposed to be very active during the Balsamic time of the year. We do feel the urge to create, and this is an active thing, but it is also a receptive thing because creativity operates on receptivity. To have an idea about something means we take time out for it to come to us. So this is a really good excuse to let your mind wander and be somewhat lazy. (Just remember to take some time to get your heart pumping a bit, too, to enhance the energetic “transfusion.”)

Focusing on any of the other energetic signatures this weekend is insignificant because whatever answers we seek lie inside of ourselves with our inner wisdom. This is where we turn.

Happy weekend, wise owls!

(P.S. – I am building the site, as you can see, and have added some of the beautiful pictures that you all send when you are out finding beauty. I have credited them from memory because these were in email from the old site. I do not have the name of the wise owl photographer of the algae composition on the “Contact” page, so if it is you, please email me atlaura – my email account is all in order now.)


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