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Ukraine blueprint for a Syria 2.0 ? Evidence would point to the US and EU as the root of the destabilization that has taken place.

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Thank you for posting this! The exact same false flag killing has been used to defame the government of Venezuela. It appears that the corruption and manipulation are finally coming to light on all sides. In the end it is the ordinary working people who are being harmed most by all these extremist elements. There has to be a way to get beyond forced polarization and cocreate the better world we all know is possible.

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UKRAINE CRISIS: What You Need to Know About the Sniper Leak


Published on Mar 7, 2014

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Ukraine sniper leak.


Ukraine Beyond Politics

Who Was in Kiev’s Independence Square?


Now that Viktor Yanukovych has gone, and new elections are promised, we need to assess the political and popular forces that succeeded in overturning Ukraine’s political system. Who were the protesters and what were their goals? At the barricades in central Kiev there were Ukrainian and EU flags, as well as portraits of the poet Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), considered as a spiritual father of Ukrainian identity, and of Stepan Bandera (1909-1959) who was, depending on your point of view, either a great patriot or a Nazi collaborator. And there were pictures of five Ukrainian activists, treated as martyrs after they were…

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One thought on “Ukraine blueprint for a Syria 2.0 ? Evidence would point to the US and EU as the root of the destabilization that has taken place.

  1. My pleasure.

    When a person is suffering from a cancerous tumor the process is usually the removal of the cancer. In this case as always I say that the cancer that is eating away at our worlds today is government as it exists. The corruption, the greed and the lack of empathy for the pain and suffering they are causing is at the heart of the problem the world faces today.
    Government must be approached as a cancerous tumor that must be removed so that healthy tissue can grow and take it’s place. However, for that to happen , people must snap out of the right/left paradigm and understand t hat corruption is rampant and must be eliminated on both sides of the aisle. It is not exclusive to just one political party.
    Until we stop fighting amongst ourselves for our party line we can never hope to fight the real enemy that are destroying countries from the inside. Until we as a people stand up and decry what our governments are doing both at home and abroad nothing will change.

    Thank you for the re-blog 🙂

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