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NorthPoint Astrology Journal March 10 to 16, 2014 Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo: Auroras over Tromso, Norway on March 4, 2014 (photo by Colin Palmer, posted on Spaceweather.com)

ALTHOUGH Mercury is now moving forward, we’re in the “shadow period,” when the planet is retracing steps it originally laid down in late January. In other words, we can benefit from continuing to be circumspect — especially now that both Saturn and Mars are retrograde (moving backward).

I mention this because Mercury appears a few times in our highlighted aspects list this week, starting on Monday with a Saturn-Mercury square. This would be a day to be cautious and observant, being aware of any tendencies to think we have all the knowledge we need (Mercury in Aquarius), when actually there may still be something just beneath the surface that we need to see more clearly before we act (Saturn in Scorpio).

MERCURY shows up again on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, through its interactions with the four planets in the Cardinal Grand Cross. These again are days to be mindful, to think before acting — even though the Mars-Mercury trine on Friday may tempt us to throw caution to the wind and take action on every inspiration that arises!

These are days to write down the ideas and inspirations that come forward from our other levels of consciousness, but it may be best to wait for action until a few days have passed and we’ve gotten more clear on potential outcomes.

Mercury emerges from its shadow phase on March 20 — just in time for us to take advantage of the new beginnings represented by the Aries Equinox on the 21st.

THE FULL MOON next Sunday is our energetic highlight of the week. With the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces, this lunation challenges us to find our balance between the polarities represented by the two signs – between practicality and spirituality, doing and being, controlling and allowing, analyzing every detail and trusting the unknown.

Saturn plays a helpful role in this Full Moon, through a trine to the Sun and a sextile to the Moon. With Saturn’s energetic assist, we can find more stable footing if we have been feeling out of balance. This stability will come primarily through a greater alignment with what we hold as truth, and through clearer understanding of our deeper motivations and intentions.

BOTH THE MOON and Mercury interact with the grand cross planets this week. As mentioned earlier, the days of Mercury’s aspects are Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The Moon aligns with Jupiter early Monday morning (3:37am PDT) and then moves on to square Uranus (5:04am) and oppose Pluto (9:16am). The Moon-Mars square occurs midday on Tuesday (12:50pm).

These are all times when we can gather more clues about the nature and potential of the upcoming grand cross, and how it may work with each of us individually in the weeks ahead.



NorthPoint Astrology Blog: To read my latest blog post, “Meditations for Saturn and Mars retrogrades,” please visit http://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/. I look forward to your comments!

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How Do You Spell Love? DOG!

So cute! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Of course I was in a hurry. Of course I ran into these dogs and their foster parents. Of course I spent an hour with these adorable canines and their remarkable rescuers. Of course I missed my appointment and drained my wallet. Of course I am so glad I did.
Meet this little guy. He was timid because he was abandoned in LA on the streets and rescued from a shelter. He needs a good home but until then he is living with a loving foster family who will keep him until he finds a good home.
Meet this gorgeous guy Marley. I loved all these adorable dogs, but Marley is the one I most want to bring home. He would love patroling The Holler acreage and he is the kind of big-bruiser dog that sits on your feet and leans his weight against you so you won’t leave. If…

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Murder of Loretta Saunders

Thank you for posting this! Everyone please read, sign and share everywhere! This has been going on far too long.


  • Petitioning Hon. Kellie Leitch, Minister for the Status of Women

Call a public inquiry into hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women like my cousin Loretta Saunders

Petition byHolly Jarrett

Cornwall, Canada

Multiply your impact

Turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign.


Last month, my cousin Loretta Saunders was murdered at age 26. She was a student at St. Mary’s University in Halifax and was writing her honours thesis on the hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.

Our family is Inuit, and Loretta has now become one of the over 800 missing or murdered Aboriginal women she was fighting for. It is time for our government to address this epidemic of violence against Aboriginal women.

Last week, we broke down when we…

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