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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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First Quarter Moon Phase: step forward, action, break away, expression

Moon in Cancer/Leo

All month long we are travelers on a narrow path seeking illumination. Illumination of truth, especially the truth behind any masks, is found on our pilgrimage today. So be aware, once again, that things may not be as they first seem.

The Moon creeps up on the Black Moon for their first conjunction of the Black Moon’s transit through Leo. The exact conjunction happens late tonight, but the energy will build all day. We will get our first glimpse of this energy’s nature and how it is affecting us. Remember that the Black Moon in Leo involves issues related to order, position, status, hierarchy, arrogance (and knowing it all), ego-centricity, and the fear of change. These sorts of themes play out today and we will get the first opportunity to practice flowing with changes. Changes to the existing order underlies the energy. With this, we are not inclined to appreciate being told what to do or being called out on something for which we are not responsible.

In my book on the Black Moon, I discuss how the Black Moon in Leo can assault one’s ego. Ego has become a bad word. But ego is a part of our nature. It is a natural thing. It directs us toward what makes us happy and what helps us actualize our potential as humans. It also helps us stand up and defend ourselves. Many believe we are supposed to “overcome” our egos, but I believe that the ego is a necessary for action in the world. Ego-centricity is the negative aspect. Being focused solely on oneself is unnatural because we are all one and no one is above another. That said, taking good care of yourself is not ego-centric unless it becomes the sole focus. We need to make friends with our ego, not try to banish it to the badlands.

Remember also that Mars is now moving retrograde (appearing to move backwards in the sky). Mars is fiery. Anytime the Moon, which is the catalyst for events, moves into the fire signs of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius (but especially Leo since the Black Moon is there), anger will rise to the surface. Mars retrograde is changing how we use our energy, so situations where our energy is out of balance will come forward for us to see the need to change. We are clued in to this based on what we dread, procrastinate doing, and are avoiding. Take in the data that comes from today’s events. What are you being shown?

The overarching mission this month is to load the field of dreams. We are connecting to higher callings, higher purposes, higher development and infusing our thoughts and wishes with them. We’re creating a “wish list” for the universe and putting in our two cents on how we want life to be. Our desires are powerful and they use the law of resonance to order our lives. If you find yourself becoming mired in the complexity of the energy, flip out of that stream of thought and back to the notion of loading what you want to manifest. Remember that the energy is about change, so envision what you want to change. Balsamic is the magical time of year when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. Don’t forget how strong your mind is and what it can do.

(Note: I have added a Paypal button for any readers who would like to support the Oracle Report with a recurring, monthly donation – a “subscription.” I am working to add the button from the old site that allows a single donation as opposed to a recurring one. In the interim, donations via Paypal can be sent to my email address:laura. Your support ensures the continuation of this work as we build a bridge to the future. I would not be able to do this without all of you, so please know how important your support is and how very much I appreciate it. We are all in this together!)


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