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SaLuSa | Mike Quinsey: March 14, 2014

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SaLuSa: March 14, 2014. Channelled by Mike Quinsey at

Dear Ones, you are being pulled this way and that way until you get quite
frustrated or confused. The reason is that so much is happening all at once,
and in your position you find it difficult to know where it is leading.

Stay focussed on your own position and path and keep spreading the Light, as
it is needed more than ever. So many people are confused and worried about
the future, and that is not surprising when so much is changing. These times
also give the dark Ones and their cohortÂs opportunities to add to the
confusion, as they will soon have to admit that their time is up.

Indeed, they will find that they are losing their power and influence. It is
all part of the changes that are taking place all over your planet, which
will continue until the New Age really takes hold.

Rest assured that we are present to ensure that confrontations do not get
out of hand and war is totally out of the question, and has been for quite
some time. We are also in readiness for something that we have been looking
forward to for many, many years and that is your return to the Light.
There will be worldwide celebrations at the realisation that the dark Ones
no longer have the power to interfere with your progress, or prevent the
establishment of World peace. You can feel privileged to have been given the
opportunity to be present through the changes that are occurring. You can
also give yourself a pat on the back, as you have earned the opportunity

All present on Earth that are working for the Light have an important role
to play, but do not worry if you do not seem to be doing anything
specifically. Every Lightworker will play a part in spreading the Light, and
it is already in ascendance. You will look back on this time with pride in
your contribution, and will be pleased to have been part of the team that
took on the challenge.

The Bankers, who have been revealed for what they really are, have little or
no shame of their greed and reckless gambling with the monies that are
entrusted to them. Their arrogance and recklessness with other peopleÂs
money knows no bounds, and whilst they feel safe the very structure of the
banks is breaking up. Before that happens many changes will take place that
shall make use of their expertise.

We talk of times that are far ahead, yet as you progress it will be apparent
that the monetary system will no longer be necessary. In the long run the
banks will eventually disappear with no role to play in a moneyless society.

As a Race you are already collectively lifting your consciousness levels
higher, and the incoming energies will quickly take you into the next
dimension. Those who choose a different path will naturally be moved to a
suitable level or place, to continue their evolutionary experiences. All
will find themselves exactly where they should be, appropriate to their
stage of evolution and the experiences they need.

We would mention that everyone without exception has a life plan, arranged
to give them the best benefits from their incarnation. It is normally
arranged with you and you are told which parts are non-negotiable because
they are essential to your progress, and often of a karmic nature.

Clearly lives would be wasted if they were randomly arranged and there must
be a life plan that carries you forward. If you fail to achieve the goals
that you have agreed to there are no recriminations against you, as you can
take up the challenge again in a subsequent life. So do not worry if you
realise that you have failed to achieve any aspect of your life plan.

For many Lightworkers this lifetime will be the last one in the lower
dimensions, and you may well intuitively realise this to be so. After
spending such a long time in them every soul is given as much help as
possible to raise themselves up.

Indeed, in all of your lives you have been assisted, but when the vibration
is exceptionally low, it is difficult for the Light to penetrate the
darkness. However, each soul will achieve some progress and it is built upon
until you are firmly living in the Light.

Some of those around you will seem to be trapped in the lower energies, and
live their lives hand in hand with the dark Ones. Do not be too hasty to
condemn them, as it is not given for other souls to know the precise nature
of their life plan. There are occasions when souls of Light perform a
service to the Light by taking on such a mantle. It is best to reserve
judgment  or better still to have none at all.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to be back after the trauma that
Michael has experienced. Bear in mind that what is seemingly a wasted
experience will always have value and there are inevitably lessons to be
learnt all round. In such circumstances we are pleased when your response to
such occasions, is to continue working in the Light and keeping a calm and
measured approach to your problems.

You are certainly not alone to face the more difficult times, but the
challenge is for you to deal with. We cannot do it for you otherwise the
opportunity to raise your vibrations will be lost. Stay focussed in the
Light and know that your journey in the lower vibrations is almost over. I
leave you all with my blessings and love.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey

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